Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 707: A promise under the sunset and the kiss

When the groom and the bride got ready, the ceremony is finally ready to roll. Familiar faces, not-so-familiar faces, randoms, and slightly famous players came to greet and congratulate both Wu Yan and Asuna.

Wu Yan responded by clinking glasses and thanking the players for taking the time to come. Asuna was standing by Wu Yan's side, linking arms with him while thanking the players for their presence along with Wu Yan.

The two lost count of how many players they greeted. They are also numb to the experience. Just how many players turned out for this event?

They are tired and happy at the same time. With so much joviality around them, it's hard to get annoyed.

"So many people came..."

Kirito said. He's currently holding hands with Liz. He felt his hair standing on their ends when he once again saw the sheer number of players who came for this event.

"Who invited these players?"

"Souta and Klein did most of the invitations, I think Agil also invited quite a few comrades..."

Liz rolled her eyes at Kirito.

"Klein and Souta are both guild leaders of notable guilds, given their connections as leaders of guilds active in clearing raids, it's only natural that they got their PR done right. Moreover, Agil is a merchant who had connections on par if not better than Souta and Kirito. Did you think your friends were lone wolves like you?"

Kirito awkwardly laughed. He chose to keep his mouth shut from now on.

Klein, Souta, and Agil were busy handling the guests. Meanwhile, Sachi, Shion, and Silica were helping out with administrative tasks too. They made sure to eat their fill as they went around the ceremony, livening up the already joyous mood.

"Oh, my, these are good..."

Shion held a plate and ate with a fork.

"It's way better than the stuff we have back in HQ."

"Onii-san spared no expenses in hiring an army of professional cooks to pull off this stunt..."

Sachi said.

"I heard these cooks started grinding their skill the moment they got into the game. They are all top-notch cooks in their own rights."

"Too bad for them, I still think Wu Yan-nii's taste better..."

Silica commented as she demolished the slice of cheesecake on her plate. She looked around with a slightly disappointed look.

"More like, where is the food he made?"

Sachi giggled.

"I think he has his plate full being the groom for today, I don't think he has the time to enter the kitchen though?"

Silica blinked as she placed her fork to her lips in a longing manner.

"That's why I said it's a shame..."

"Oh, Silica..."

Shion's eyes lit up as she grinned in a cheeky manner.

"You're awfully suspicious, praising Yan whenever you can, do you have a crush on him or something?"

Silica's expression immediately flared red. Her awkward gaze aversion sold her out.

"N-no way, hahaha..."


Shion glomped Silica.

"I know, you came here with Yan once, to the Hill of Memories, I mean."

"Wh-, how did you know?"

Silica snapped, she realized almost immediately that she screwed up.


Shion rubbed her face against Silica like she found the school of the century.

"I know, I can help you steal Yan from Asuna!"

"D-don't mess around!"

"I like Wu Yan-nii the same way he likes me!"


Shion cast a doubtful look her way.

"Is that so?"

Silica pursed her lips, against a very wary Shion, she finally admitted it.

"I mean... I kinda have some feelings...I guess?..."

Silica immediately clarified herself.

"It's only goodwill though, don't go blabbing your mouth. If Asuna-nee finds out, what will I do if she hates me?"

Sachi who was patiently listening to both of them pulled the two by their hands.

"Alright, you two, stop fooling around, Onii-san has enough to deal with for now..."

Silica and Shion nodded as they resumed eating.

"Yan, you look a bit tired..."

Asuna carefully wiped Wu Yan's face for him, his lethargic eyes concerned her.

"I am okay..."

Wu Yan squeezed a smile out of his tired face. Wu Yan hates crowded events like this. He usually shunned balls and galas whenever he got invited. He can handle the social affairs during events like these but that didn't mean he enjoyed the experience. However, it's his wedding so he has no excuse for calling it a day when the ceremony is far from finished.

Asuna nodded and she suggested an idea with a gentle voice.

"I will handle the players who are not that famous, you just handle the leaders of top guilds..."

As the ex-vice-commander of the KoB, Asuna had her fair share of social events. She preferred diving into dungeons but her status required her to turn out for events. Considering that Wu Yan is the man of the house, Asuna decided to let him get some PR homework done while he can.

The two of them continued handling the guests when Heathcliff arrived with his distinctive armor. He also came with a bunch of high-ranking KoB members.


Asuna gasped, Wu Yan also flinched for a short span of time.

Heathcliff is some who eschewed important events like floor boss raid meetings. He only turned out for the fight when the fight actually happens, why did he show himself for this event?

Heathcliff gave both of them an amicable smile.

"You might have quit KoB but that doesn't erase your glorious record and how you helped me out greatly in the past. It's only fair that I come to congratulate you given this special occasion and your past achievements, right?"

Yeah, no, it's still weird as heck.

Wu Yan and Asuna thought about the same thing. Of course, they didn't retort.

"Well, better late than never..."

The guy came in peace so Wu Yan isn't going to be sour with Heathcliff.

"Remember to chug down a few jugs later!"

"Of course!"

Heathcliff guffawed.

"Well then, congratulations, you two!"


Wu Yan and Asuna beamed back.

Happy voices and well-wishing words rang throughout the wedding venue. The players who were barred entry also settled down as they lingered around, hoping to get a look inside the wedding event. Soon, the sunset reminded everyone of the passing of time.

Wu Yan and Asuna stood at the perfect spot where flowers formed a fantastic circle around the groom and the bride. They looked at each other with emotional looks. The setting sun lit them up like this was set in a fantasy story. Everyone could see the two VIPs of the days.

The audience waited for the bride and groom to do the deed.

Asuna's eyes started turning misty.

"This feels like a dream..."

"It's not, Asuna..."

Wu Yan lifted her hands up, he looked into her eyes.

"Look, can you feel the warmth between our hands?"

Asuna looked at their joined hands and she floated an impossibly beautiful smile for the ages.

"Yeah, I can feel the warmth, it's a very pleasant warmth..."


Wu Yan stepped closer.

"Thank you, I am so glad I met you..."

Tears rolled down Asuna's cheeks as she smiled back.

"Thank you, I am thankful that fate brought us together..."

"Wait for me, no matter where you are, I will definitely find you..."

"Nn, I will wait for you..."

They manifested a ring each as they signed up for marriage through the player interface, they pressed yes and they exchanged their rings. Then, their heads grew infinitesimally close as they...

Thunderous applause came...

At this moment, these two became the focus of this game world...

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