Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 705: An unprecedented wedding!

Aincrad 47th Floor, Floria


Someone booked the area with the most flowers.


Known as the Garden of Flowers, it’s a hot venue for couples from all over SAO. It’s the perfect place to hold a wedding.


In this world of flowers, this garden became the most popular spot on the 47th floor.


Floria’s teleport plaza couldn’t stop flashing with players surging in. Almost half the entire player base of SAO turned out.


They all had the same objectives in mind, to witness the wedding that’s going to go down today.


It has been about 2 years since the servers were fired up. There were a lot of couples that met and got together after this death game started. Ignoring the players who wanted to abuse the marriage system in this world, there are genuine couples who tied the knot in this game, it’s quite common although it’s not on a daily basis that players got married.


However, there are no precedents to a nuptial ceremony like the one today.


Mainly, this is because no player had the money to throw a lavish ceremony like this. The money could be better utilized for equipment, items, and other life-saving items. Nobody in the right minds would throw an over-the-top event like this. Even top players would have to think twice if they saw the bills.


Moreover, this is just a game. When this game is cleared and the players returned to the real world, the events during the game will probably fade into everyone’s memory with time. It would be silly to spend a ton of money for something that might not even last in real life.


With those factors considered, no players ever threw a wedding ceremony in SAO. At most, the players would invite close friends for a private celebration, even that would be considered a luxury in this death game.


It’s not hard to imagine that a lot of players dropped their glasses in shock when they heard about the scale of this event. They were also a lot of players who secretly admired this event. They wanted to see the event for themselves, hence, the players who had nothing better to do came to this floor hoping for an event that would give them an unforgettable memory.


At least, they can look at the legendary players who are the VIPs today.


There are also a minority of players who wanted to stir up trouble as they are either envious or hateful of the bliss enjoyed by the players who are going to get married today. There are die-hard Asuna fans who couldn’t accept the notion of Asuna getting married. There are also players who couldn’t deal with their massive epeen inferiority complex, they wanted to compensate in the only way they know how, putting others down.


With the intention of wrecking this event in mind, they wanted to make their voices heard.


However, these haters can dream on…


There are elite players decked out with cutting-edge equipment keeping guard. With more than hundreds of these over-powered guards standing near the event venue, the players who wanted entry will have to be vetted before they are allowed entry.


These well-equipped guards were the Black Cats and the Fuurinkazan.


Random riff-raff couldn’t enter the venue. They are going to need an invitation if they wanted entry. Famous or known players are also allowed entry.


With a proven track record, these players are less likely to start trouble. This is due to the fact that they represented their respective guilds or factions. They risk being cut-off if they messed up a player’s wedding. Of course, there is always the risk that there is a rogue player who has an ax to grind with either the groom or the bride.


Average players are only allowed to watch outside the security perimeter, any would-be troublemakers has to gauge their ability against the security guards on-duty. The most they can do is to make a ruckus far away from the actual venue itself.


Wu Yan meticulously planned for this wedding to go smoothly.


There is a sea of players outside the wedding venue. The combined noise they made rumbled the air above the area. The dancing petals also made the whole place look like a rowdy festival is going on.


The ones who had the reputation to enter were initially shocked by the turnout, then, they entered with heightened pride. It felt like an honor to participate in a ceremony as grand as this one.


When the guests more or less arrived…




A random player pointed at the entry and he gasped.


“The Fae Swordsman, Wu Yan is here!”


The protagonist finally made his appearance.


Wu Yan looked around, he saw the crowd around the entry and he breathed in deep before he approached with renewed vigor. Behind him, Kirito, Souta, Klein, and Agil followed like professional bodyguards.


“Look! Even the leader of the Moonlit Black Cats and the Fuurinkazan are here!”


“Are you dumb or what? Look at the guards outside, those are members from the two guilds, this means they are on good terms with each other, why else did you think a guild leader would let their core members do tasks like this?”


“Core members from two prominent raid groups, the personal escort of their guild leaders, and that handsome-youth, I recognize him, that’s Kirito, right? No expenses were spared, huh…”


“That’s the famous merchant Agil, I didn’t think he would come for an event like this…”


“He’s got the HR, sourcing, admin nailed, how much did he spend on this affair?…”


“Tsk, he’s the Fae Swordsman, Cor is probably the only thing he’s not lacking…”


“Yeah, I guess you have a point…”


“If I can marry someone like Asuna-sama, even spending all my gold would be worthed it!”


“You? Please come back after you gather enough funds to buy a house, I don’t think you can even afford 1% of the money spent on this event…”




“Oh my gosh, I want to be Asuna-san right now, if only there’s a player who would break his back to host an event like this, I wouldn’t mind marrying a player like that…”


“You? Find yourself a man that would do that for you first, then we can talk about the budget, the ridiculous budget needed for an event like that…”




The above conversations are common around the security perimeter, with more players arriving, the mood shot through the roof. Everyone was looking forward to this so much that they forgot they were in a death game.


Accompanied by Kirito and the others, Wu Yan entered through the petal suffused path, he entered everyone’s line of sight and he slowed down a bit.


He rubbed away the cold sweat on his forehead and he grumbled.


“What is up with this turnout?…”


Kirito poked fun at him.


“What? Is the Fae Swordsman afraid of his own fame?”


“Look, I saw crowds like this before…”


Wu Yan mumbled.


“I just don’t know why I am so anxious…”


Kirito, Souta, Klein, and Agil exchanged a look and they giggled with schadenfreude. Wu Yan felt the urge to beat them up…

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