Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 704: The wedding that's about to begin

Aincrad, 22nd Floor…


It’s unknown whether the fine weather is a product of the administrator’s invisible manipulation or the RNGod’s blessing. Flowing white clouds can be seen for miles, the warm rays of sunlight gave the right temperature that invigorated anyone who came out today.


Outside Wu Yan’s home, the forests, the lake, the waterfall, the mountain were all shining at their brightest, it’s like they are trying to congratulate the owner of this house in the woods.


Inside the villa, Wu Yan woke up early, unlike his usual self. He has been grooming himself since early morning…


Today, he couldn’t afford to let his sloppy looks carry him throughout the day. He has to present his best self because today is the day he welcomes his first…


Wu Yan is someone who is almost 30, counting the years he experienced in various worlds. Hell, he already bummed uglies with dozens of girls at this point. But, notwithstanding his manwhoring streak, this is his first wedding ceremony. Wu Yan reckons he should be in his serious form today.


Sooner or later, he needs to give his loved ones the nuptial ritual they deserve. This wedding will serve as perfect training for him.


Wu Yan donned his wedding suit. In contrast with his usual dark coat, this was like a breath of fresh air, he looked like a cool knight of noble descent. With his deep red eyes, he looked more ravishing than usual.


This is the difference derived from dressing well.


Wu Yan’s noble suit increased his charm points. Normally, he’s barely presentable, but, he truly brought his A-game with this loadout.


Wu Yan had a decorative arming sword at his waist, he looked a bit uncomfortable.


“Is this okay?”


He isn’t used to dressing in such a flashy attire. After all, he’s a guy who is fine with a low-key dark suit.


Kirito, Souta, Klein, and Agil acted as Wu Yan’s groom mates. They came over to help him out and got him ready for the ceremony.


Sachi, Shion, Silica, and Liz acted as bridesmaids for Asuna. The eight of them livened up the ceremony with their presence.


The Black Cats and Fuurinkazan are in charge of crowd control as they maintained the orderly and smooth operation of the nuptial venue. Now, everybody’s waiting for the arrival of the two VIPs.


Kirito also broke his fashion code by wearing a fancy suit. He examined Wu Yan and he nodded with a smile.


“Yeah, Yan, I think you look good enough, at least, I think it’s hard for you to embarrass anyone looking like this…”




Wu Yan wanted affirmation from Kirito, he sported a surprisingly panicky look.


This is Wu Yan’s first wedding. Sure, it’s a game, but, with the scale of the ceremony, it’s not far from the real thing. This wedding is, in some aspects, better than the real thing, if he carried out this thing in real-life, it would be very grand. It’s understandable that Wu Yan got a bit anxious.


“Hey, Fae Swordsman, you’re the strongest player, right?”


Klein slapped Wu Yan’s shoulder.


“Where is the dauntless spirit that drove you to the zenith?”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed.


“Look, I can’t help it, I just can’t imagine myself marrying someone…”



With Eternal Arms Mastery, his body, mind, and heart should be at one and peerless. He shouldn’t be freaking out with such an OP skill in his possession. This is a skill that allowed the master to fight at peak form regardless of mental state.


Intriguingly, this small ceremony broke his peace of mind. Wu Yan’s nervous jitter should come as a surprise to anyone…


Meanwhile, Souta chortled.


“Ma, it’s normal. He can act cool all he wants but when presented with something like this, anyone should be forgiven for getting butterflies in their stomach…”


Klein laughed out loud.


“So much for the legendary Fae Swordsman, he’s just a runt in the end!”


“You’re 24…”


Agil shook his head.


“But you sure do talk like an old man!”


“What was that?!”


Klein got angry.


“I am still young!”




The others laughed in unison. Wu Yan’s tense mood smoothened up a bit. Wu Yan started feeling glad that he got this done before going through the same thing with his other wives. That would be embarrassing if he behaved like right now…


“Okay, relax…”


Kirito told Wu Yan.


“Just treat this as going to a ball or fancy dinner, it’s more or less the same thing…”


“Alright, time to go.”


Wu Yan examined his attire one more time and he was hit with a feeling.


It would be nice if he can hold the same ceremony with Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the other girls…


“What are you thinking about?”


Kirito pushed Wu Yan forward.


“We don’t have time for you to dilly-dally around, let’s go already!”


Wu Yan stored away his thought to hold lavish wedding with his other wives and he straightened his back.


His eyes turned sharp and he said to the other guys.


“Let’s go!”


Kirito, Souta, Klein, and Agil exchanged a smile before they exited the building with Wu Yan.



Aincrad 61st floor, Selmbrug…


Asuna looked at her reflection in the mirror. Dressed in a white princess dress, she looked simply divine. Her eyes wavered as she got lost in her own thoughts…


Lifting the corner of her skirt, she placed a hand to her chest. Her cheeks were rosy with a tinge of pink blush.


“This… feels like a dream…”


Sachi, Shion, Silica, and Liz looked at Asuna. Like a goddess from mythologies, they almost couldn’t recognize her due to how stunning she looked.


“So pretty… Asuna-nee…”


Silica mumbled.


“You look like an angel…”


Shion sighed and she puffed her cheeks.


“She’s too beautiful, I knew I should have told the tailor to make one for me too…”


Sachi shook her head with an amused smile on her face. She hugged Asuna after approaching her.


“Asuna is the most beautiful girl today, if Onii-san got a look at you, he won’t be able to escape your charms for the rest of his entire life!”




Liz chuckled.


“Even I have half a mind to marry you and bring you home. Right, Asuna, ditch Wu Yan and marry me!”


Asuna rolled her eyes at Liz.


“Are you going to kick Kirito to the curb?”


Liz stuck her chest out.


“I am willing if you are willing!”


“Stop fooling around…”


Sachi stopped this yuri-RPG before it got too far.


“It’s almost time, let’s go!”


Asuna panicked for a moment. She regained her confidence and she nodded resolutely. Then, she said the same thing Wu Yan said.


“Alright! Let’s go!”



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