Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 702: The final appearance of the clown

Kirito, Liz, Sachi, Shion, Silica, Agil, Klein, and Souta helped out and the arrangements were soon completed. By the time they were done with most of the stuff for the big day, the sky is already darkening…


“Alright, I will be counting on your help tomorrow as well…”


Wu Yan and Asuna stood up. He had a very warm smile on his face, so did the others.


“Leave it to us!”


Shion patted her chest, she boasted with a confident huff.


“I will definitely make sure the wedding experience becomes an unforgettable memory for the two of you!”


Sachi interjected from the sides with her mellow voice.


“You didn’t help a lot, you just came here to play…”


“A wedding ceremony, huh…”


Silica pondered with her hands supporting her cheeks. She sounded a bit excited.


“I am looking forward to it…”


Liz had an idea when she saw Wu Yan and Asuna standing with each other. She yoinked Asuna from Wu Yan’s side and she told Wu Yan off in a cheeky manner.


“Since you two are going to tie the knot tomorrow, you two cannot spend the tonight together. I am staying over at Asuna’s house tonight!”


Surprised by this, Wu Yan and Asuna didn’t react in time before Sachi, Shion, and Silica immediately walled off Asuna from Wu Yan. These three chicks were acting like they were protecting the hen from harm.


“That’s right, Onii-san. Since you two are getting married tomorrow, you two shouldn’t spend tonight together…”


Sachi said with a mischievous smile. She’s normally a very obedient and elegant lady, however, this cheeky side of her is cute as well, so cute that Wu Yan almost didn’t recognize her.


“Leave Asuna to us!”


Shion said with arms firmly planted on her waist.


“We will return the bride to you by tomorrow, she’s going to be the fairest bride in all the lands!”




Wu Yan was stumped.


“The others didn’t have to go through this when they got married!”


“How can you draw a comparison to other people’s marriage?”


Liz gave him a smug grin.


“The other players were stuck with submitting an application and exchange of rings. Those kinds of low-impact marriages naturally came with fewer restrictions. With a grand wedding ceremony like yours, the rules need to be tweaked to conform with the norms of the real world, you see…”


Wu Yan choked as he wasn’t sure how to come up with retorts. The bride and groom are usually barred from seeing each other on the eve of the wedding.


Asuna also rolled along. She respected traditions and in order to fully immerse herself in a nuptial experience in this world, she decided it was best to go along with real-world traditions.


She effectively let Wu Yan drown in his frustration as she took Liz’s hands.


“Sorry, Yan, Liz, and the others will be accompanying me for tonight…”


Wu Yan is now truly stumped for words…


“Okay, fine…”


He leered at the mastermind, Liz and he shrugged.


“It’s just one night, I am okay with being separated for one night…”


So he sai but he sure sounded pouty to the girls. They giggled in unison.


“Alright, Kirito..>”


Liz slapped Kirito’s shoulder, she beamed at him.


“I trust you can handle the groom? Of course, I don’t mind if you dudes stay over at his place…”


“No way!”


Wu Yan, Kirito, and Agil said at the same time. Girls can host pillow fights but if men like them stayed up late together, gossiping swe-, never mind, nobody needs that image…


“Okay, we will come over tomorrow morning, okay?”


Kirito raised an eyebrow when he turned around to look at Wu Yan.


“I think you should go home for today.”




Wu Yan laughed it off.


“You girls, I will not forget this…”


Liz, Sachi, Shion, and Silica pulled Asuna towards the teleport platform.


“Don’t be late tomorrow, mmkay?~”


Wu Yan, Kirito, and Agil shook their heads at the same time, they weren’t sure if they should laugh or cry.


“See you all tomorrow then…”


Kirito waved as he started making his way towards the teleport plaza. Of course, the guy wanted to head home too…


“Oh, right…”


Agil took out a package, he handed it over to Wu Yan.


“I found this parcel in the shop today, it was addressed to you…”


Wu Yan gasped and he examined the package.


“Who sent this?”


“Don’t know…”


Agil crossed his arms.


“After I found it, I assumed it was a wedding gift for you…”


Wu Yan furrowed his brows as he looked at the parcel which didn’t contain any information other than his written name. He pondered about this for a while…



Aincrad, 22nd Floor…


Wu Yan tapped on the parcels a few times and the package unfurled into a plethora of flowers.




Wu Yan was confused for a moment.


“Was this a congratulatory gift?”


A floral scent wafted into his nose, Wu Yan’s expression changed in an instant.


An indicator appeared near his HP bar, he was paralyzed.




Wu Yan threw the flowers away. He slumped down as the paralysis robbed him of his ability to stand.




Wu Yan’s face was dark.


“Ahahaha… AHAHAHA!”


Malevolent laughter came from some distance away. He looked up and he saw a black figure standing in front of him.


Wu Yan’s pupil shrank when he saw the man.




Kuradeel crept out of his dark hiding hole with an unsheathed blade in his hand. He continued to laugh like a maniac.




Kuradeel unleashed his killing intent.


“Finally! You fell into my trap! Oh, Fae swordsman!”


He was so excited he trembled as he insidiously approached Wu Yan. He looked at Wu Yan with a very creepy look.


“Didn’t think you would fall to the petty ploy of a pawn like me, huh? Look at me, I am looking down at you, strongest player my ass!”




Wu Yan had cold sweat running down the side of his head. He forcefully laughed.


“I didn’t think you would deploy an item like that, paralysis powder was it?”


“Ah, bingo!”


Kuradeel sneered with his ugly mug.


“It’s a very precious item I got when I was in Laughing Coffin. I spared no expenses to get that item from those assholes in that guild. If it weren’t for you, I would have kept it stored away. I wanted to drug your water but I didn’t get the chance to do so. Out of time, I had to resort to alternative methods to poison you, you should be thankful!”


“Oh, really?…”


Wu Yan lowered his eyes, killing intent flashed in his eyes.


“I should feel so grateful…”


After all, you’re finally here…”


“Oh, dear, it seems you aren’t aware of your present circumstances…”


Kuradeel stabbed Wu Yan with his sword, taking away a bit of Wu Yan’s HP.


Instantly, Kuradeel’s name turned orange.


Wu Yan’s eyes shot wide-open.




Kuradeel was petrified in place, he slowly looked down at his chest where a giant black sword was embedded. No, the giant black sword impaled him.


“Th… How…”


Kuradeel looked at Wu Yan who overcame his paralysis status to strike back. The eyes of the one holding the ghastly blade had a chilling undertone to it…

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