Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 701: Getting married! A lightning marriage!

Today, no, for the past few days, players in Aincrad were raving over a certain piece of news…


The Fae Swordsman, Wu Yan, and the Flash, Asuna will get married in a ceremony today!


That’s right, Wu Yan and Asuna are getting hitched!


When the news first came out, every player scoffed at the veracity of this news.


The Fae Swordsman? He’s the strongest player in SAO.


Meanwhile, The Flash is the most popular girl in SAO.


It’s not hard to imagine them getting married but who would actually believe a piece of news like this?


There are tons of rumors going around in SAO. Scandals come and go, where there are humans, there are going to be fanciful stories going around the town. The Fae Swordsman and The Flash are unobtainable fantasies to other players. Nobody is going to believe a piece of news like this of only to preserve their fantasies a while longer, consciously or subconsciously.


The other players were joking with each other over this scandal during the early days of this exposé.


After a few days, some players started getting a feeling when another disturbing news came.


The Knight of the Blood Oath, guild leader, Heathcliff, announced that the Flash will be stepping into the nuptial cathedral so she’s not going to be participating in any more mandatory raids. In other words, she will be stepping down.


Asuna will no longer hold the position of vice-captain, and, she’s quitting the guild.


The players were taken by surprise, even the members inside KoB started making a ruckus.


She’s got the finesse and charms, her popularity wasn’t only with the masses, the KoBs also held her in high-esteem and adoration. With her quitting the guild to marry another player, how can they sit still with the frustration and disappointment?


No matter how hard they tried to lobby against the decision, Asuna’s departure was all but finalized. The credibility of this news can be verified from the guild leader’s standing and the guild members’ reaction. With no other choice left, the players had to accept the earlier piece of news.


The Flash, Asuna is getting married!


And her fiancee is the Fae Swordsman, the strongest player in the entire game.


Then, things started snow-balling from that point on.


There are players who gave Wu Yan kudos for bagging a top-tier waifu like Asuna. Of course, there are haters who were livid with how Wu Yan stole their crush, there are also jealous players who envied how Wu Yan get to cuddle with Asuna in the night. There are also outraged players who were angry with her decision to quit, presumably slowing the clearing progress due to her absence from the battlefield.


In summary, emotions were all over the game, different reactions came from different camps, contributing to a very rowdy Aincrad.


Wu Yan felt his head expanding in stress unrelated to the reaction of the masses.


“Are these the selections?…”


Wu Yan looked at the choices drawn on the paper presented to him.


“Are there no wedding dresses and tuxedos like the ones in real life?”


Wu Yan is currently choosing his attire. He’s not having an easy time picking one out.


“It is how it is, the difference between this game world and the real-life is just this glaring…”


Agil said with a similarly frustrated frown.


“I mean, there are casuals that look similar to the real-life version but there’s not much we can do on the outfit, this is limited by the game’s setting. Moreover, I am not sure if a large scale ceremony like this was factored during the game’s design, I personally don’t know if anyone’s ever successfully made tuxedos and other formal wears. The selections you see here were painstakingly sourced from countless tailors.


“I like the ones I see here, they are very beautiful…”


Asuna commented on the designs presented to her. It’s clear just by looking at her eyes that she’s over the moon happy.


“It doesn’t look identical to the formal wears in the real world but I like it this way, it gives off a medieval-kind of feel?…”


Asuna tilted her head. She pointed at one of the pairs as she chirped ecstatically.


“Yan, let’s go with this pair!”


Wu Yan, Kirito, Liz, Sachi, Shion, Silica, and Agil peered at the ones she picked and…


How to describe it… the clothes looked like it had retro-wester vibes to it. The male formal attire consisted of a pure white knight’s suit of armor. The female formal attire was made up with a princess dress that almost touched the ground in terms of skirt length. When viewed as a pair, it looked like the attire for a prince and princess. It’s a blend of ball attire and pragmatism, the overall color motif was white so it’s the aptest out of all the choices presented to them.


“Wow, those look nice…”


Silica’s eyes were shining with tiny stars, she clasped her arms and she mumbled in a soft tone.


“I want to try wearing one…”


The others laughed and Liz teased her.


“Let’s wait until you’re older, okay?”


Silica puffed her cheeks.


“I am not a kid anymore!”


“It’s quite gorgeous…”


Sachi beamed at Asuna.


“Asuna-san has a pair of discerning eyes…”


Asuna giggled before looking at Wu Yan with a pair of puppy eyes. It’s obvious she’s not going to stray away from her choice.


As long as she’s happy, Wu Yan has no objections.


“Okay, let’s go with hat pair then!”


Wu Yan gave the order back to Agil.


“I will be troubling you with this request, Agil…”


“Sure sure…”


Agil rubbed his shining bald head.


“I will try to get the tailors to finish the order before the night comes…”


“Than you very much, Agil-san…”


Asuna expressed her gratitude. The two decided this wedding in a snap and it’s a miracle they got most of the logistics figured out. Agil, Klein, and Souta also pitched in and greatly expedited the process.


Agil is a famed trader, his decisions and assistance helped make sure the planning process and execution can go smoothly. Klein and Souta are guild masters of prominent guilds, the administrative tasks were finished in large part due to their help. Without the trio, this ceremony wouldn’t have gone through in such a seamless manner.


Asuna also wanted to thank Souta and Klein who were still out on other tasks…


Agil waved his hands and he looked at Wu Yan with an amused look.


“No need to thank me, I got my fair compensation from Wu Yan, he paid me a tidy sum so this much is only to be expected.”


The others laughed bitterly as Kirito turned towards Agil.


“Unscrupulous as always, huh…”


“That’s defamation.”


Agil punched Kirito in the chest.


“Wu Yan insisted on paying me, I never asked for pay…”


“Well, money’s not the issue…”


Wu Yan sipped a cup of tea. He looked around and he expressed his thought.


“I am just worried that this event won’t be done by tomorrow, I don’t want anything to go wrong…”


“You’re one to talk…”

Shion poked fun at him.


“I wonder who was it that day? The one who didn’t even have the courage to confess. Was that guy the same guy who is holding a lightning marriage today, I wonder?…”


Shion jogged everyone’s memory, they recalled his dramatic ploy to divert attention and they all laughed out loud. Wu Yan also followed suit, although, he’s laughed in a very awkward manner.


He already made mental preparations for being teased like this, otherwise, he would have chosen to run away instead.

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