Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 699: Giving you a chance, stand in as Asuna's substitute

“I have full confidence that the KoBs won’t risk crossing me for a mere pawn like you!”


He made sure to let Kuradeel hear every ounce of disdain in his words. He succeeded in incurring Kuradeel’s wrath and inciting a surprising amount of killing intent from him.


Forgeting his current identity as a member of the strongest guild, the Knights of Blood Oath, he was a player killer that terrorized countless players, when did he fall so low as to be looked down upon like this?


Inside Kuradeel’s mind, stomping on other people is his thing. However, the tides have turned and somebody else is insulting him without holding back.


Moreover, it’s the person who he hates the most, the player he wants to kill the most!


Oh, the hatred!


He pushed against Wu Yan’s foot, he wanted to retort but the strong pressure on his thorax prevented him from speaking, he can only squeal like a tiny animal.


Outside of duels, attacks cannot reduce another player’s HP. However, tactile senses are enhanced in safe areas. When Wu Yan pressed his foot down, Kuradeel felt like someone placed an anvil on his chest, it was excruciating in this manner, the frustration of not being able to resist.


Kuradeel leered at Wu Yan. He wanted to engrave this person’s looks into his mind. If looks can kill, Kuradeel would have killed Wu Yan thousands of times already.


Wu Yan couldn’t care less if Kuradeel hated him. This clown challenged him one too many times, this guy was wise enough to steer clear of him so he didn’t have any reason to beat him up. Now that he’s bugging Asuna, if he didn’t step up to slap the guy up, he wouldn’t be Wu Yan.


He leaned down and he looked into the guy’s murderous eyes with a sneer.


“I know you want to kill me. Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance, level gaps become greater the higher the level. You’re just a normal member in KoB. You don’t look like someone who can dive deep into labyrinths too. You better pray the gap between us doesn’t get bigger than it already is or you will never be able to get your sweet revenge!”


“Even when I am standing still…”


Wu Yan stood up and he gave Kuradeel a sideways glance.


“You wouldn’t be able to kill me even if you broke your hands hacking away at me.”


Kuradeel’s pupil shrank.


He stepped off Kuradeel and he returned to Asuna’s side.


“Let’s go…”


Asuna obediently nodded as they left for the teleport platform. She didn’t even spare Kuradeel a second look.


Kuradeel got up from the ground. His eyes were trained on Wu Yan’s back. He knew he would only get a second round of beating if he ran up to Wu Yan asking for a duel. He might be a frontline, but, compared to players like Kirito and Asuna, he’s nothing. Comparing Kuradeel and Wu Yan is an exercise in vain.


He held himself back from chasing after Wu Yan. He ground his teeth hard, emitting audible sounds.


One of these days! One of these days!


Kuradeel furiously roared inside his heart. Wu Yan’s words continued to taunt him inside his mind.


It is as Wu Yan said, for someone who practically lived in the depths of the labyrinth, he will never be able to close the gap between him and Wu Yan. When Wu Yan reaches a high enough level, not even paralysis can harm Wu Yan, he will be able to regen faster than Kuradeel can damage him.


If Wu Yan survives the paralysis, then…


Kuradeel’s expression turned grim, his eyes started wavering.


“Looks like I have to hurry up…”


Kuradeel forgot about Wu Yan’s warning. Wu Yan gave this guy a chance to turn back and walk away.


Asuna puffed her cheeks as she asked Wu Yan.


“Why did you suddenly attack like that?”


Wu Yan rolled his eyes.


“You’re telling me I should let that creep stalk my fiancee? I am not saintly enough for that!”


“I didn’t tell you to forgive him…”


Asuna mumbled.


“He’s still my subordinate, he’s also a member of KoB, if you hit him like that, I am afraid it will be troublesome down the road…”


“I can hold the sky up if the sky should fall, what’s a little trouble compared to that?”


Wu Yan glanced back and he continued.


“I am just annoyed that causing a little trouble for us won’t be enough for him…”


Asuna looked at Wu Yan with a pair of puzzled eyes but she didn’t ask Wu Yan what he meant by that.


In reality, Asuna felt bubbly. Wu Yan protected her honor and she supported his actions by letting Wu Yan rough the guy up without stopping Wu Yan.


Asuna hates Kuradeel, it would be even better if this event led to her dismissal from KoB.




Aincrad, 55th floor, Granzam, KoB HQ…


“I more or less heard about the whole thing…”


Heathcliff said with his hands clasped together and fingers crossed. He looked directly at Wu Yan and Asuna, he focused more on Wu Yan. He addressed Wu Yan with an expressionless look.


“Yan-kun, don’t take it the wrong way but Asuna is very important to the KoB. I am sure you’re aware of that…”


Heathcliff pasued.


“Without Asuna, our clearing speed will slow down greatly, she’s also the sub-captain of this guild, did you think I was going to say yes?”




Asuna stepped forward but Wu Yan pulled her back. Asuna stepped down after looking at Wu Yan.


Wu Yan wants her to leave it to him then it’s best to let him handle this.


Wu Yan replied after beaming at Asuna.


” I know it will slow down raid progress but it’s not to the extent of a complete halt, right?”


“A delay in clearing floors leads to slower clearing of this game. This means we will all be stuck in this game for a longer duration…”


Heathcliff raised his head.


“You understand what I am getting at, right?”


This guy, he wants to use the greater-good card on me?


Wu Yan had a mysterious smile on his face.


“I’ve heard about your reputation. You only participate in a few floor boss battle, it’s rare to see you leading players into the labyrinth on clearing raids, I am sure with you at the head, the speed would be the same as Asuna’s, yeah?”


Heathcliff slightly frowned when he heard this. He relaxed his furrowed brows before he replied.


“If I can help everyone out, I don’t mind lending a helping hand…”


Wu Yan’s poker face hid the slew of slurs he threw at Heathcliff inside his mind.


What the fuck is this guy going on about? He’s the one who locked everyone in this game in the first place!


Heathcliff looked at Asuna and he said.


“As such, I am not letting Asuna quit, she’s too important to this guild…”




Wu Yan shot a glare at Heathcliff.


“No matter what?”


Heathcliff chuckled and he fearlessly looked back at Wu Yan.


“No matter what!”

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