Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 698: The clown appears, striking out in anger

During the celebration yesterday, Wu Yan almost got forced into a situation where he had to confess to Asuna. In the end, he’s “Shyness” got him out through a comedic display. That was followed by a series of event…


Now, Wu Yan wants to marry Asuna. He wanted the ceremony to be big as well. If anyone heard of this speedy plot, they would probably laugh this plot out of the store.


Now that they decided to hold a nuptial ceremony, they needed to invite their friends, Kirito, Liz, Sachi, Silica, Shion, Souta, Klein, and the toehrs. They are friends who they can trust in this death game, how can they not invite them?


Of course, that will have to wait.


Let’s ignore the fact that it’s going to cause quite a stir if the players found out about Asuna’s marriage, the KoBs are definitely going to raise an issue when their elite sub-captain gets hitched. Wu Yan also had to watch out for his reputation.


He indirectly turned Asuna down during the celebration event. If he told his friends about this wedding, Wu Yan is betting on Kirito and his cohorts to laugh until his teeth fell out. Wu Yan would need to find a crevice to crawl into then.


Plus, they are going to need some time to plan the event out. The invites can wait…


Asuna who was absolutely touched a moment ago started looking at Wu Yan with judging eyes. She also didn’t forget to tease Wu Yan incessantly for it. Due to certain restrictions, Wu Yan couldn’t bend her over his knees to give her tushy a good spanking.


They cuddled for a short while before they changed clothes to go for a trip to the KoB headquarters.


Considering Asuna’s intention to quit Knights of the Blood Oath and her wedding, she needs to go to the guild to properly inform the Guild master. She is in charge of the frontliners for her guild and she’s a core pillar of the frontline raid group. Without her, the raid group’s overall strength will fall greatly. It’s easy to imagine they wouldn’t let her quit so easily.


As such, Wu Yan decided to accompany her on this trip.


“Are you really okay with this?”


Asuna checked her rapier and she asked Wu Yan with a slightly worried look.


The KoB is recognized as the strongest guild in SAO. But, they number a little over a hundred only, there are also only a few elite members who can reliably participate in raid fights. The KoBs don’t have the luxury to pick from a large body of reserves like the Army and the Dragons.


As the core of her guild, Asuna’s importance is justifiable. She’s great at fighting and she’s also got a strategic mind to lead other players. If the guild is smart, they would do anything to keep her from leaving. Moreover, she’s also the sub-captain, that makes her all the more important to the guild.


Asuna wasn’t sure if her guild would obediently allow her to quit. It’s only because she’s dead-set on going with Wu Yan that she made up her mind to quit her guild. This should be viewed in the context where she didn’t quit her guild even while she suffered from burnout.


Wu Yan felt like it’s his duty to accompany her on this trip to the KoBs.




He rubbed her head with a chuckle.


“I am here for you…”


Asuna felt assured, she nodded with a firm expression on her face.


The two opened the door, the sunlight poured in along with the shadow of a certain figure. The two didn’t expect to see the owner of this figure here. Asuna’s expression instantly soured. Meanwhile, Wu Yan’s eyes flashed with a frosty glimmer.




Asuna’s expression turned dark.


“Why are you at my door?!”


Kuradeel, the clown.




Kuradeel was happy for a moment when he heard her voice. His face turned grave when he saw Wu Yan coming out of the house with her.


This bastard, why is he in Asuna-sama’s house?!




Asuna’s voice was as cold as ice.


“This isn’t the first time you selfishly decided to block the entrance of my house, we talked about this didn’t we?”


Kuradeel turned towards Asuna.


“Asuna-sama, I am your bodyguard, it’s my job to keep you safe. My job also includes keeping pests away!”


“You’re telling me…”


Asuna lowered her head, her bangs hid her angry looks but her clenched fists told everyone about her present mood.


“You’ve been spying on my house all this time?”


“Please forgive me for not telling you!”


Kuradeel glanced at Wu Yan as he continued.


” I am doing this for Asuna-sama’s safety. There are a lot of players in this world who will use dirty tricks to scam others, I was afraid Asuna-sama might have fell into an insidious trap so…”




Asuna looked at Kuradeel with a bit of killing intent in her eyes.


She knew what Kuradeel was hinting at, rather, who he was hinting at.


Before this, she would have raised eyebrows if she went out of her way to back Wu Yan up as their relationship was ambiguous back then. But, Wu Yan is her fiancee now!


She’s not going to let this guy get away with dissing Wu Yan.


She didn’t know what other girls would have done but this is where she drew the line.




Asuna inhaled deeply.


“Did the guild master order you to poke your nose in my business?”


Kuradeel was shocked by Asuna’s loud voice. He subconsciously shook his head as Asuna’s eyes turned colder by the second.


“Then, with my authority as the sub-captain, I relieve you of this duty!”


Asuna ordered.


“Before you receive further orders, you are to report back to HQ and stay there!”




Kuradeel couldn’t believe his ears. He shouted out loud.


“Asuna-sama! You…”




A fist gradually enlarged in Kuradeel’s visual field. He got abruptly stopped by this sudden punch as he tumbled backwards from the ensuing force of this punch.


Dazed by this attack, he almost fell unconscious when Wu Yan’s figure emerged in his field of vision again. That told him who just punched him.


“Wu! Yan!”


Kuradeel looked at Wu Yan with a very malicious look. Wu Yan stomped his chest, preventing him from getting up. He forced Kuradeel back down onto the ground, slowly choking the air out of him.


“Don’t worry, inside a safezone, no matter how hard I hit you, you won’t die…”


Wu Yan pursed his lips. He pressed down with more power.


“H-how dare you hit me…”


Kuradeel snapped back with his face red with pure wrath.


“Yes, I smacked you…”


Wu Yan laughed in a frosty tone.


“I hit you because I don’t like you!”




“Listen up!”


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes.


“The next time I see you dancing around Asuna, not even Heathcliff himself can stop the carnage I will unleash upon you!”


“I have full confidence that the KoBs wouldn’t cross me for a petty pawn like you!”



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