Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 696: Wasn't able to get it on, such a shame

The next day, the warm sunlight nudged Wu Yan back from Dreamland. He shook his head as he yawned, trying to dispel the sleepiness that continues to bedevil him. He also spread his sleepy aura around him, he looked like a single person who needed more sleep.


Actually, Wu Yan bagged a lot of sleep last night. He dared to say sleeping here was more comfortable than sleeping back at his house. Also, he’s technically not alone right now. Asuna was cuddling him like a kitten, her head was on top of his chest.


He moved a bit and he can confirm that familiar weight on his chest, she wasn’t heavy but her smell tickled his senses and dispelled his drowsiness. He looked down and saw Asuna who was still sleeping soundly on his body. Finally, he recalled how he stayed the night in her house much to Asuna’s protest.


Wu Yan’s arm was wrapped around her thin waist. Her body is a virtual avatar constructed by the game, however, the tactile information conveyed to him through his touch could have fooled him if he wasn’t aware this was a game. He thought for a second that they returned to the real world.


He couldn’t express an opinion on what embracing Asuna in the real world would feel like. However, extrapolating from his past experiences of waking up and fondling his wives who were in their birthday suits, he can definitely say the experience is very close to the real thing.


He got a good whiff on her scent and she rubbed her cute nose with a giggle.


“If you’re like this in-game, I don’t want to know what you look like in the real world, you must be absolutely stunning…”


Asuna’s nose twitched for a second like she heard him and she wanted to retort. However, a peaceful sleeping countenance returned to her face before that happened. Wu Yan’s johnny responded to his bestial instinct.


Wu Yan has been in this game for two whole years without female company. There was only an inanimate fairy that served as his mobile healing unit. In other words, it’s been 2 years since he last got laid.


A normal person would probably be so backed up they can turn into a wolf in an instant. Wu Yan is also not exempted from this effect. With a beautiful girl leaning on his chest, who can blame Wu Yan’s inner wolf from howling.


He caressed Asuna’s pristine body all over. When Asuna’s skin responded with a slight blush, he slowly moved his hands over to her rump as he thoroughly enjoyed her trunk.




Asuna mumbled as if she felt something in her sleep. This moan blew Wu Yan’s inner lust meter.


When he wanted to prone-bone Asuna, reality splashed him with a cold truth that chilled his burning heart down.


He couldn’t remove Asuna’s clothes!


Clothes are manipulated through the player interface in this game. Changing usually takes no longer than a few seconds of clicking buttons. Unequipping takes even less time.


But, this also means a player couldn’t remove their clothes by hands.


He can only watch as a top-class beauty quietly sleeps on his chest. This is the moment he finally felt the essence of so close yet so far.


Wu Yan can technically exploit a loophole in the game’s design. He can move Asuna’s hand to remove her clothes but Wu Yan didn’t want to go there.


There are players who took advantage of sleeping players by opening their interface to steal items and money.


There are even sick players who moved the hands of sleeping players to accept duel invites. This led to PKs in safe zones.


Any player with a brain knows better than to sleep in an insecure space. If a player sleeps in the presence of another player, this means the sleeping player deeply trusts the awake player. Asuna believes in Wu Yan.


If he manipulated her hands to remove her clothes, Asuna’s opinion of Wu Yan is secondary to Wu Yan’s own guilt of betraying Asuna’s trust.


Without her permission, Wu Yan decided it would be best if he stayed away from touching her player interface.


It’s possible to get smexy in this game. However, the players will need to do more than just unequipping their gears. They would need to close the moral code setting. Again, this also requires access to the player interface.


This is the reason why Wu Yan obediently spent the night without pulling anything. Even if he wants to do it, that won’t be possible for now…


Wu Yan sighed as he looked at the ceiling. He couldn’t do his favourite activity, what a shame…


Asuna furrowed her brows when she heard his loud sigh. She opened her eyes to see a dejected Wu Yan.


Asuna remembered what happened last night and she instantly entered an awaked state.


“You’re up?”


Asuna turned around as she looked up at Wu Yan’s face.


“Why are you so down? Didn’t catch enough sleep?”


“In a way, yes…”


Wu Yan tightened his hold on her waist.


“Normally, I don’t get up until the sunshine hits my ass…”


Asuna rolled her eyes at Wu Yan. She knew about Wu Yan’s propensity for sleeping in. It’s the reason why she always visit during the night instead of daytime.


“Waking up early is a good thing!”


Asuna rubbed her face against Wu Yan’s chest.


“Where are you going to find good grinding spots if other players get there ahead of you?”


“It’s the labyrinth or nothing for me…”


Wu Yan giggled.


“If anybody has the ability to monopolize the labyrinth, I don’t mind slacking off for a day.”


“Yes yes yes, all hail the great and mighty Wu Yan…”


Asuna curtly shot Wu Yan.


“I don’t know how you can get so strong while being so lazy, are you using some kind of bug?”


“I wish that was the case…”


Wu Yan pursed his lips. He turned towards her.


“What? You want to grind up some levels? I can carry(power-level) you, just saying…”


“I don’t need you to carry me…”


Asuna turned taciturn when she said that.


“Hey, Yan…”


Asuna wrapped her arms around Wu Yan’s neck, she mumbled while sticking her head on top of Wu Yan’s chest.


“Why don’t we take some time off?”


“Take a leave?”


Wu Yan rubbed her back and he asked her in a soft tone.


“What’s the matter? Burnout?”


Asuna nodded.


“I just want to live a peaceful life for once in this game, I want to stay in your house, it’s very pretty there. I like it very much…”


“You’re free to stay as long as you want, you know…”


Wu Yan tickled her nose.


“I can make you very happy, your joy is mine as well…”


“Alright, let’s go with that then!”


Asuna beamed at Wu Yan. Her eyes turned misty as she inched her face closer to Wu Yan’s…

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