Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 695: Inviting a wolf to break into the room

Aincrad, 61st floor, Selmburg…


At the teleportation platform, the portal rippled as it lit up the night sky with its magical light. Two figures appeared in a flash, one of them, a male draped black as the night, armed with a cool looking sword, accompanied a female who had looks that rivaled a princess with her elegant yet practical armor.


A normal person would assume they are nobles who are out travelling the country. However, the two look slightly livid and indignated.


Wu Yan is on escort duty after ending the party, he’s sending Asuna home.


The moment she landed, Asuna started making her way towards her house. She didn’t spare a glance on Wu Yan.


Wu Yan sighed after taking a look at Asuna’s mood. He followed after her as the two of them moved towards her house.


The scenery at night in Selmburg looks peaceful, there was nobody around to make a ruckus. The flickering lights of oil lamps inside the houses here swayed with the wind. There were almost no other pedestrians around so there were no noise pollution from humans.


The 61st floor is a high-level area, average players couldn’t scrape together enough money to buy a house here so there were naturally not a lot of players on this floor. Even the hotels and motels here charge higher rates than the lower floors so unless a player had business on this floor, they would usually head back when night comes.


Hence, the 61st floor became a floor with a relatively sparse population compared to the lower floors. But, this place becomes pretty lively when the sun is out.


Asuna’s house appeared in their fields of vision soon enough.


Wu Yan visited her house on multiple occasions before this. Fair’s fair, after all, Asuna is a regular guest at his house. However, in terms of house visits, Asuna won in number.


Asuna mostly went to his house to collect her “food tax”. Meanwhile, Wu Yan visited her house on a whim, he rarely came with a motive. As such, he visited her house no more than 5 times since she purchased this house. With the final destination in sight, Wu Yan wanted to do the last part correctly so he quickened his pace.


Asuna slowed down when she saw her house. It’s almost like she’s giving the other person a chance to catch up.


The two closed the distance between them in no time at all. He went past her to wait at her door.


Asuna felt a bit annoyed, a tiny flame lit up in her eyes.


This guy, does he really hate the idea of being with me?


Asuna huffed as she threw him a cold look. She opened the door and she entered her house.


Wu Yan stepped into her house before she can close the door. Taking her by surprise, he hugged her and he mushed their lips together.




Asuna’s mind turned blank in an instant.


The automatic security measure kicked in, the interface told Asuna that she’s possibly facing a sexual harassment situation.




Asuna pressed her hands against his chest to push him away but Wu Yan tightened his hold on her waist as he brought her closer once more. He almost sucked the air out of her lungs.


Asuna had to stand on tip-toes because of the tight embrace Wu Yan gave her. Shclicking sound came from their mouthes as Wu Yan pried her teeth open to seize her petite tongue.




Her eyes started to moisten and mellow out. The interface can no longer call Asuna back into the present reality. The sensation of their tongues slapping around in her mouth wrapped her in a pleasurable stupor. The only thing she could see was Wu Yan’s face that was only millimeters away from her face.


As their tongues tangoed with each other, the sensation of their moist tongues exchanging bodily fluid filled their minds. The two forgot about their status as players in a death game. They also forgot about their virtual bodies. Reality and illusion blurred, for them, this is all real.


Asuna lost her strength as she fell limply against Wu Yan’s body. Wu Yan took control of her head as he unleashed his polished skills on her oral mucus membranes. Their hot breathes swept over each other’s facial pores. The sound of lips and tongues smacking against each other could be heard reverberating in that room that gradually rose in mood and temperature.


A while later…


When the thought of being suffocated by a kiss hit Asuna’s mind, Wu Yan released her captured lips. Asuna is like a helpless kitten, lying on top of his chest as she heaved, trying to steady herself after being taken by surprise like that. Her eyes were misty, Wu Yan also had to catch his breath, a testament of their intense smooching session.


He wrapped her arms around her waist as he sighed with satisfaction. He licked his lips and he smiled at her.


“As expected, a direct approach suits my style more…”


Asuna regained her senses and she lifted her head only to see Wu Yan’s cheeky grin. She recalled the scene where the two of them french-kissed like no tomorrow and she got angry at him.


She leered at him and she yelled at him.


“Let me go!”


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow and he hoisted her up closer to him.


“I finally caught you in my arms, what makes you think I am going to let go so easily?”




Asuna gasped before she clenched her teeth. She threatened him.


“You know I can send you to jail with a click of the button, right?”


“You can do that…”


Wu Yan shook his head.


“When I come, you can bet that I am going to do that again, this time, in front of as many guild members as possible.”


Asuna was shocked. She saw shameless individuals before but this is the first time she saw someone who blew her mind with his degree of shamelessness. She protested.


“You didn’t like the idea of confessing, how do you explain your sudden hug?”


“Are you kidding me?”


Wu Yan rolled his eyes.


“You want me to confess in front of so many people? My face isn’t thick enough for that…”


“I’m sorry, your face isn’t thick enough for what?”


Asuna almost choked on her own anger.


“I don’t there’s anyone with a face thicker than you in this world!”


Wu Yan raised the corners of his lip.


“Well, now that you know, I don’t mind playing this card longer. In fact, I think I am going to stay the night!”




Asuna shouted.


“You wanna do what?!”


“Nothing big…”


Wu Yan chortled.


“I just want to spend a night, together with you…”


It was at this moment that she knew, she fell into the wolf’s treacherous jaws.



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