Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 694: A confession? Confessio ex machina

If outsiders could enter this joint, they would be surprised by the joviality present here. In a world where death is only a few small mistakes away, it’s common to see joy in small bundles here and there, but, never in such a grand manner, at least, it’s very rare to see everyone smiling in one place.


Everyone forgot about clearing the death game, they forgot about mortality, and they forgot about the cruel reality. They teased each other, chatted with others, everyone lived in the moment…


Wu Yan also laughed with everybody, maybe it was worth it to pay for this joint.


The genuine smiles paid him back in fat dividends.


Still gleeful, Wu Yan turned towards Asuna who looked at him at the same time. The two crossed gazes and they saw each other’s thoughts without exchanging words between them. They burst out laughing at the same time.


Then, the hotel turned silent.


Wu Yan and Asuna looked at everyone after noticing a weird vibe.


Everyone stopped moving, they were looking at Wu Yan and Asuna intently, they are frighteningly focused on both of them.


Wu Yan and Asuna stepped back in sync.


“Wh-what are you guys doing?”


Shion looked at Wu Yan and then she looked at Asuna. She kept glancing between the two before she spoke her mind.


“Just now, the two of you entered your own worlds, didn’t you two notice that?”


“Our own world…”


Asuna blushed slightly while Wu Yan’s lip twitched. He tried to laugh it off.


“O-oh, is that so? I didn’t notice…”


Liz stepped forward with a cheeky and curious grin.


“Oya, you two look like you have got something going on here…”


Liz said with ambiguous wordings but a look at her and one could tell she’s dead sure about her suspicion. Way before becoming an item with Kirito, she already picked up on Asuna’s feelings. After watching their interactions further, she was convinced. Right now, she obtained the perfect chance to use this against the two.


“Wu Yan-nii, you’re so mean…”


Silica pouted as she complained.


“You didn’t tell us about going out with Asuna-san, you’re as sneaky as the guild master…”


Asuna blushed even harder as she shook her head and hands.


“N-no! We aren’t going out!”


She did nothing to douse the growing flames of doubt. The others turned towards Wu Yan with sharp gazes.




Sachi gave Wu Yan a choice.


“Come clean and you will get a lighter sentence, lie at your own peril…”


“What are you guys talking about…”


Wu Yan wasn’t sure if he should laugh or cry.


“Where did you guys get the idea anyway? We are really not together or anything like that.”




Shion is the first one to question him.


“I don’t know, you two are very suspicious no matter how you sliced it…”


“What’s there to doubt?”


“A lot!”


Liz said with a hand on her waist, she pointed her index finger at Wu Yan.


“Think about it, Asuna treats you much better than when she’s around everyone else.”


“Yeah! I noticed that too!”


Silica was hugging Pina with a tilted head.


“Asuna-nee-san is very strict to everyone in the guild. She’s kind to us but she’s way more compromising when you entered the discussion. She is also smiling and giggling more often when you’re around. I mean, she’s always looking at Wu Yan-nii with a warm gaze…”


Asuna entered a deeper shade of red with each word that came out of Silica’s mouth. When Silica was done, Asuna pretty much went through the entire spectrum of red color. She was also pursing her lips super-hard which made Wu Yan chortle.


Asuna, you’re voicelessly agreeing with what they are saying, you know?


Wu Yan knocked Silica on the head, she yelped but he snapped at her anyway.


“You little brat, where did you learn all this stuff?”


“I am not a little brat!”


Silica protested as she huffed.


Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her.


“What’s the bottom line?”


“Isn’t it clear?”


Shion jumped into the conversation.


“Asuna likes you!”


Asuna almost fainted as she shut her eyes tight. Her body was also trembling from bashfulness.


Klein grabbed Wu Yan’s collar after recovering from his despair. He yelled at him.


“You! You also developed your relationship furtively?!”


Wu Yan started sweating.


“And, again, what’s your point?”


“What more do you want?”


Sachi asked, seriously, what more does this guy need?


Wu Yan sighed and he helplessly explained.


“All I am getting is that Asuna likes me, how does that make us a couple?”


The others were rendered speechless.


The Flash, Asuna is the most popular girl in SAO. She’s like a goddess to almost every male player in this game.


With such an outstanding girl crushing on him, is he going to say something outrageous like rejecting her?


That’s what everyone wondered.


Asuna lost her cool, she pinched Wu Yan’s waist and she shrieked into his face.


“How can you be so calm when saying stuff like that?!!!”


“What do you want me to do here?”


Wu Yan felt like there were no allies in this room with him.


“We aren’t going out…”


Asuna gnashed her teeth before turning her head the other way in a huff.


Liz covered Asuna just like a BFF would do.




Liz glared at Wu Yan.


“Asuna likes you, are you unsatisfied with that?!”


“I-I never said I was dissatisfied!”


Wu Yan yelled with an aggrieved tone.


“We never confessed our feelings to each other so I said we weren’t a couple. Don’t lump me in with Kirito who had a dramatic confession and romance scene!


Asuna’s ears twitched while the others fell silent.


He’s kinda right, at this point, it seems like the feeling is only one-sided, they are not a couple, strictly speaking.


Wu Yan conveniently forgot about the fact that none of his wives ever confessed their feelings to him.


Liz rubbed her chin and she glanced at Asuna. on a whim, she gave him a suggestion.


“Alright, confess to her right now!”




Wu Yan’s eyes widened as he was bewildered by this sudden turn of events. Asuna also stiffened up. She gasped in Liz’s direction.


What the hell just happened?


The others also started egging them on.


“Confess! Confess! Confess!”


Wu Yan’s mouth widened as he was taken by utter surprise. This sudden development didn’t enter his mind when he started this event. Asuna was waiting with expectant eyes, she was crossing her arms behind her while sneaking glances at Wu Yan’s direction.


Wu Yan looked around at the peanut gallery and he looked at Asuna before he dramatically turned around.






Asuna twitched in shock. Her face was reddened.


The others waited for Wu Yan to say the magic words, more accurately, they wanted to see the next series of events with their eyes.




Wu Yan yelled. He instantly lowered his stature.


“am hungry…”


Thud thud bap


The others, including Asuna, all fell to the floor…

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