Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 690: Goat's head, bestial body, humanoid form, demonic style!

Kobatz and his cohorts ran away from the safe area. The others looked with eyes of disgust.


The Army never participated in clearing activities after the 25th-floor Incident. They did, however, continue bullying other players with their divine duty as the perfect excuse. They hogged good grinding spots, they extorted money and resources from other players, “for the greater good” or some crap like that. Needless to say, a lot of players are mad at them.


The Army’s hard request came as no surprise. But, after the Christmas boss event, Wu Yan appeared in the Army’s blacklist as a very sore spot at the side of the Army.


This is also the reason why Kobatz wavered when he approached them. Without Wu Yan around, the guy would have no qualms coming up to Klein & co to extort the map data out of them.


Lo and behold, even with Wu Yan here, Kobatz still came and asked for the map data. This goes to show just how nasty the Army is when it came to their operations.


Shameless petty villains like these are the reason why even Klein and Asuna who had high patience lost their cool with them. Normally, Asuna would never tell anyone to get lost instantly unless she really hated them. No one could blame her for lashing out at the Army.


Klein curled his lips.


“Those fellows, are they going to be okay?”


The Army excluding Kobatz looked very tired. If they continued in such a state while exploring the labyrinth, the risk could be greater…


And if they challenged the boss without proper preparations…


Asuna realized this and she had a worried look.


“They won’t challenge the boss directly, right?”


Wu Yan coldly laughed. In the original work, these guys did just that. They went into the boss’s room and they got wiped out. Looking at the trends, it’s highly likely even with his intervention, Kobatz will still barge his way into the boss room.


In other words, what happened in the original work would probably repeat itself here, Kobatz and his squad will be wiped out.


Wu Yan didn’t reveal his knowledge. He is not a big fan of the Army. Plus, they practically asked for death when they did things in such a reckless and haphazard manner. Why did he have to go out of his way to persuade them to do otherwise?



If it was anyone else, Wu Yan might try to intervene. However, for shameless assholes like them, death would come later if not now…


Wu Yan isn’t as soft or empathetic as Kirito and the others. He’s lenient but that is conditional on the people he’s dealing with. He’s not a saint who would give fair treatment to everyone.


But, the others didn’t follow the same train of thought.


“I think we should go take a look…”


Kirito frowned. Klein and the others had understanding smiles on their face. Kirito also helplessly laughed along with them.


“Asuna grabbed Wu Yan’s shirt. She looked into his eyes.


“I think we should go take a look, I don’t feel good letting them go like this…”


“You’re going to play the heroine as well?”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed while Asuna sighed.


“I gave them the map, what if something happens to them…”


“Don’t tell me you actually feel remorse after being coerced into giving that map information?”


Wu Yan is almost speechless.


Labyrinth map data is very expensive. If sold, it would net her a good sum of money. Even so, she gave them the map data for free. If they died, she said she would be sad. It’s Wu Yan’s turn to feel helpless now.


Asuna rolled her eyes at him.


“Anyway, let’s go check on them…”




Wu Yan is not a happy camper.


She denied his request to fight the boss. Now, she’s pleading on behalf of a bunch of assholes to go help out in the boss fight. What a turn of event.


Kirito also questioned them.


“By the way, why didn’t you two just proceed with challenging the boss when you found the boss room?”


Kirito turned towards Wu Yan.


“With your style and attitude, I assumed you would have dived straight into the room without a second thought, what happened?”


“Yeah, you’re right, I also wasn’t expecting that…”


Wu Yan complained.


“You know, when you’ve got a busybody housewife, what else can you do?”


Kirito looked at Asuna with wide eyes of realization. He started chuckling when he saw Asuna’s blushing face.


“Yeah, I am guessing your housewife isn’t keen on the idea of letting you continue your solo adventure…”


“Wh-who is the housewife here…”


Asuna leered at Kirito. Her face and tone sold her out, her words were useless and couldn’t convince anyone otherwise. Wu Yan is also slightly shocked.


He was only joking.


Wu Yan, Asuna, Kirito, Klein, and Fuurinkazan’s five other guild members made up a 9-person squad. They chased after the Army.


Monster shattering into data crystals is a common sight as their journey was anything but smooth. This also hinted that the Army rushed through the monsters. If they had the time to spare, they wouldn’t leave monsters for them to farm.


This confirmed their anxiety was not for naught. Their true goal isn’t the exploration of the labyrinth.


The deeper they dived, the more they realized that they were aiming for the boss from the start.


“Th-they aren’t going to challenge the floor boss, right?”


Asuna almost couldn’t believe her own words. She looked forward, hoping to see the Army but she was disappointed.


“I don’t think so…”


Kirito mumbled.


“Maybe they used a teleportation gate to go there that’s why they didn’t kill the mon…”



They heard a scream coming from far away. Their pupils immediately contracted.


“Argh, I can’t believe them!”


Kirito rushed forward.




Asuna looked at Wu Yan with a tense face. Wu Yan nodded.


“Let’s go!”


They turned into blurry figures as they ran as fast as their agility allowed them. Soon, the door of the boss room appeared in front of them. Their expressions sank when they saw the condition of the door.


The door was opened.


“What a bunch of idiots!”


Asuna bit down on her lips. The three arrived at the door and they looked inside.


Inside the room, blue flames lit up a path into the inner room where a boss-fight room was situated. The pale-blue sheen of the flames gave the room a cold and creepy aura.


In the center of the room, a demonic monster with tout muscles awaited. Its blue skin matched the color of the flames. With shining skin that reminded one of metal, the monster with a goat-head faced the entrance.


With ram-horns that twisted backward at the sides of its head, the monster towered over the average player with its furry body. Its gleaming eyes were burning with the same light as the flames in this room. It emitted an ear-rupturing bellow.




It looked like a demon unleashed from the depths of hell.

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