Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 685: You're very charming today

The two players stood at a stand-off. Wu Yan had his hands up in the air as he tried to gesture he’s not trying to pull anything. Meanwhile, the female player is covering her chest in a very vigilant manner. She looked very furious and embarrassed.


The portal lit up again, dispelling the mood between both of them.


Asuna recalled something and she quickly hid behind Wu Yan, forgetting how he got a nice session of rabbit rubbing. She grabbed his shirt while looking at the teleport platform with an anxious look. Wu Yan was stunned by her quick change of attitude.


At this instant, a player in a set of heavy armor came out of the teleport portal. Asuna raised her guard, even more, when she confirmed the identity of this player. Wu Yan connected the dots in a few seconds.


The newcomer is Asuna’s bodyguard, Kuradeel…



Kuradeel spotted Asuna soon after he arrived. He also got a good look at Wu Yan who was standing in between Asuna and Kuradeel. He hid his wavering eyes in almost an instant as he adopted his business face.


“Asuna-sama, please don’t run off on your own like that, it’s very troubling for me…”


“What do you mean run off like that?”


Asuna snapped back at him.


“There are no guild activities today and there are no frontline activities, are you telling me I don’t have the freedom to move around on my own accord?”


“Don’t say such selfish words, Asuna-sama!”


Kuradeel shook the cape behind him as he walked down the stairway.


“You should know your status. It’s very dangerous for a person with such a high profile such as yourself to go without someone guarding you. Did you forget that the guild appointed the humble me as your bodyguard?”


“You have no right telling me where I can and cannot go!”


Asuna is livid.


“The guild didn’t give you permission to dictate my movement. Also, who gave you permission to wait outside my house so early in the morning?!”



“Early in the morning…”


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes at Kuradeel.


As expected, this person is stalking Asuna.


“I am only doing that for your safety, Asuna-sama!”


Kuradeel made up a sappy excuse as he approached her.


“Anyway, it’s very dangerous for you to walk around unattended outside. Asuna-sama, return to the guild with me!”


Kuradeel didn’t wait for Asuna’s reply. It looked like he’s planning to drag her back by force if need be.


Asuna clenched down harder on Wu Yan’s shirt when Kuradeel drew close. Kuradeel ignored her reactions.


Wu Yan moved when it looked like Kuradeel is about to lay his hands on Asuna.


He blocked Kuradeel off. He nonchalantly looked into Kuradeel’s eyes, stopping him in his tracks.


Kuradeel ground his teeth as he growled at him.


“Sir, are you meddling in our guild affairs?”


If it’s another player, Kuradeel would probably curse the player without minding courtesy. However, the player in front of isn’t just an average player, he’s THE strongest player in SAO, a walking legend.


The Fae Swordsman, Wu Yan. Publicly acknowledged as The Strongest, he is someone who took down entire floors on his own. With the skills and capabilities to beat floor bosses on his own, his reputation soared further when news spread about his possession of the second Unique Skill discovered in SAO.


Dividing his achievements into singular ones, any player would turn into a legendary figure by having just one of his achievements. This is a player who continued churning out legend after legend in this death game.


Kuradeel is a prideful person, he is also supported by the strongest guild in SAO. But, he knows better than to piss this player off with foul words.


Simply because he wouldn’t be able to handle the consequences.


“Don’t randomly accuse me of something I didn’t do…”


Wu Yan shrugged. He threw him a sarcastic grin.


“I am just protecting my friend from a bully…”




Kuradeel laughed out of sheer anger.


“I am Asuna-sama’s bodyguard, my actions are justified by the need to keep Asuna-sama safe.”


“Have you ever seen a subordinate ordering around his superior?”


Wu Yan tilted to the side to reveal Asuna who is very displeased with her bodyguard.


“Look at your vice-captain, then, look at yourself. 10/10 players would say you’re being a bully here.”


“It’s all for Asuna-sama’s safety!”


Kuradeel continued using his perceived moral high ground.


“Even if you say I’m the bully here, I don’t care as long as Asuna-sama’s safe.”


“You little…”


Asuna is absolutely disgusted by this shameless bodyguard. She’s not aware of his true nature. However, she is sure he isn’t doing this out of overzealous loyalty.




Wu Yan shrugged and he helplessly continued.


“After failing to provide evidence of your accusations, you turned tail to put a tall hat on yourself?”



“You said you’re doing this for Asuna-sama’s wellbeing, right?”


With a sharp look, he cast a scrutinizing gaze in his direction. Kuradeel subconsciously backed away.


“Well, if that’s the case, you can run back home.”


Wu Yan laughed.


“I will be responsible for Asuna’s safety today.”




Kuradeel’s expression darkened.


“Hmm, you’re not going to say something silly like I can’t possibly keep Asuna safe, right?”


Wu Yan looked at him with a look of utter sarcasm.


Kuradeel’s mouth opened and closed. However, he couldn’t come up with a good retort.


How badly Kuradeel wanted to say that is something only he knows, but, truth be said, Wu Yan is the most qualified person in this world. Everyone would treat him like a clown if he spouted something like that.


Are you kidding me? If the Fae Swordsman, Wu Yan, can’t keep a player safe in this world, who else can keep her safe? Kuradeel? Hah!


He would be lucky if he deigned to let him hold his shoes for Wu Yan.


Kuradeel is clueless but he’s not a fool. When facing someone who is completely out of his league, he knew better than to say something he couldn’t take back or back up with actions.


This is the effect of Wu Yan’s solid reputation built up over two years in SAO.


In front of a very frustrated Kuradeel, Wu Yan grabbed Asuna’s hand as he walked off with her in tow. He chuckled before he left.


“I will be looking after Asuna for today. Run along now, report to Heathcliff, tell him exactly what I said.”


Wu Yan looked back nonchalantly.


“I am sure Heathcliff wouldn’t mind compromising for my sake…”


Wu Yan pulled Asuna’s hand as they walked towards the labyrinth together.


As the two walked into the distance, Kuradeel’s expression twisted with anger and hatred. He leaked out his killing intent.


“Kill… I will kill you… I will definitely kill you…”



On the way to the labyrinth, Asuna kept looking at Wu Yan with her chestnut-brown eyes. Wu Yan’s hair stood on end from how intently she stared at him.


“Mind explaining why you’re looking at me like that?”


“It’s~ nothing~”


Asuna said with an ambiguous tone hidden in her words.


Wu Yan rolled his eyes and he pointed his thumb at the town behind him.


“I am not saying you must do it but I think you should get rid of that bodyguard as soon as possible…”


Asuna sighed as her smile dissipated. She perked herself up.


“Let’s forget about that for now, today is the day I start living it up!”


Asuna dashed ahead of Wu Yan. She turned around with a radiant smile on her face.


“You’re very charming today, just so you know!”


Wu Yan wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry, he ran after her to keep up with her pace.

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