Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 684: Even after changing a protagonist, dividends are still paid

Aincrad floor 74, Kamdet


After exiting the teleportation portal, Wu Yan yawned. He waited for Asuna’s arrival near the portal.


The two ate a good feast with the super rare food material as the highlight. Wu Yan promised he would wait for Asuna and escort her to her home on the 61st floor’s city of Selmburg.


Due to his sleeping habits, he came a bit later than he promised. He was ready to get a verbal scolding from Asuna but lo and behold, she was nowhere in sight.


Asuna is a person who kept her promise. She’s not someone who would be late for an appointment. Maybe it’s because she stormed off in anger after he failed to show up?


Wu Yan called up his user interface and he opened his friend list to look at Asuna’s position.


In SAO, there is no duration limitation to parties. If the players in a party stayed in a party, they can part ways for an extended duration and the party still won’t be disbanded.


For instance, he parted with Asuna and neither disbanded the party so they can still track each other through their party interface.


Friends can also do the same thing. This is why adding a friend should be a carefully thought out process in SAO. Adding the wrong company would be tantamount to revealing a critical weakness to a potential enemy. In a game world where death is permanent and very real, this is a risky business.


For example, Wu Yan only has Asuna, Kirito, Sachi, Shion, Silica, Souta & the other original Black Cats in his friend list. In total, he has no more than 10 in-game friends.


They are both in a party together and they are friends so Wu Yan easily got Asuna’s location from his user interface. Surprisingly, she’s not on the 74th floor nor is she on the 55th floor, so she’s not in her guild office in Granzam. She’s on the 61st floor according to his map. She’s already in Selmburg.


Maybe Asuna is late for once?


Wu Yan rubbed his chin and he suddenly recalled something.


In the original work, Asuna asked Kirito to party up with her to explore the labyrinth. It was more or less a similar scenario to his current one. On the second day, she was held back by her bodyguard, that skeleton-faced dude named Kuradeel.


Is she being bothered by Kuradeel like in the original work?


The more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed to him that it is as he had imagined.


Kuradeel is a pervert that would stand guard outside Asuna’s home when she got back. If Asuna met him on the way out, there’s a high chance she would be held back by that creepy guy. Asuna must be late because she’s busy evading Kuradeel.


In the original work, Asuna jumped through the portal to ditch Kuradeel behind. That is the reason why she bumped into the original main character and blessed him with a lucky perv moment.


Don’t tell me…


He turned around to look at the portal with a bitter grin.


“I hope I am wrong…”


The portal lit up and Wu Yan’s expression petrified. A familiar figure shot out from the portal.


“Look out! Jump out of my way!”


Wu Yan’s final thought.


No way, this is just too accurate!


He got bombed by a human missile.


When he perceived the softness pressing against him, he subconsciously reached out to resist the force pushing him back. He hugged Asuna so she wouldn’t fall as a result of the collision.




Wu Yan sighed.


“Luckily, I reacted in time to…”


His mouth widened into an ‘O’-shape. With a look of disbelief, he looked down to confirm the situation he is currently in. What he saw nearly made his eyes jump out of their sockets.


Due to the chaotic arrival, Wu Yan received Asuna with a princess carry. Her face was pressed against his chest. She’s dizzy from the impact so she’s not aware of the current situation.


More importantly, somehow or the other, his hands are placed on one of her hooters, and his other hand was precariously placed under her rump.


He got a good sense of her volume, touch, softness, and various other factors. Stunned, he put on a very awkward smile.


“Seriously, this can’t be happening, right?”


Wu Yan continued in that position. While his hands entered the realm of the gods, the girl who crashed into him finally regained her senses.






Nobody said anything, they were stuck in a pose that would spark scandals. Luckily for them, there are no players here to witness this scene. That saved them from appearing on the front page of the news tomorrow.


He realized the longer he allowed this to continue, the deeper the grave he will be buried in so he decided to bury himself before she does the same to him. With a bitter grin, he greeted her.


“Good morning, Asuna…”


Asuna finally noticed the state she’s in.


She can feel his warmth seeping into her from his hands. The system is also prompting her to choose whether or not to sanction Wu Yan for his sexual harassment. If she clicked yes, Wu Yan would be sent into the jail in an instant.




Blushing furiously, she forgot about the “Okay” button and she yelled out loud. She also generously included a slap in this package.




A hand stopped her before she can slap her target.


“Asuna! This is a misunderstanding!”


Wu Yan blocked her slap deftly as he placed her on the ground. He put his hands up to surrender.


“You came flying at me! I caught you with no time to properly catch you!”


Asuna covered her chests as she distanced herself from him. She leered holes into him like he’s a giant pervert for what happened just now. If her fans saw what happened to her, Wu Yan would be buried under a ton of PvP requests regardless of his status as the strongest player in SAO.


Although he was not to blame, he still came out of that as the winner. Right now, Asuna is the victim, it would be best if he avoided further escalation.


Asuna had a bit of killing intent around her. She looked like she’s seriously considering unsheathing her rapier to poke holes in him. More than that, she’s so embarrassed she’s not sure what to do. Wu Yan waited anxiously for the judgment to be passed down.


Asuna, please don’t send me to jail on sexual harassment reports…

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