Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 682: Unhappy, not worth it, contradictory

The super rare food material can be sold for a hefty sum, enough to buy a piece of top-of-the-line equipment.


An average player would be having a field day selling it to cash in on this great item.


For Wu Yan, however, this additional sum of money lacked any convincing power simply because he’s already so damn rich. Moreover, there are hardly any players with a high enough cooking skill level to process this piece of meat. Messing around would mean wasting a perfectly fine food material. Selling what could be potential charcoal for a hefty sum of money is probably way better.


Among the known top chefs, there are no players capable enough to process this material. Average players would be hard-pressed to taste this meat with their own palate.


For someone who already maxed out his cooking skill, this isn’t an issue for Wu Yan.


Wu Yan wanted to head home as soon as possible to cook this rabbit but Asuna busted him before he could do that. Then, Asuna convinced him into waiting until dinner to cook this rabbit.


There is a silver lining to all of this. He gets to go on a trip to the market to buy materials for dishes that can further enhance the dining experience.


Wu Yan went on a trip to the 50th floor to buy materials for his upcoming dinner. This included herbs, potions, flavorings, and the likes. By the time he was done, the sky is already slowly darkening.


He stored away the Ragout rabbit meat after killing the monster. He lifted his head and he saw the dark skies above.


“Asuna should be returning soon…”


Wu Yan scolded himself with a bitter smile on his face.


“If I knew I would be running into Asuna, I would have killed the Ragout Rabbit first. Why was I so stupid? Why did I keep the rabbit around because I wanted to look at it more?”


Asuna isn’t a pure bottomless pit. She likes eating but she didn’t have the inhuman ability to eat mountains of food. But, with an S-grade dish on the table, she probably wouldn’t quit until she got at least half of it.


Wu Yan surrendered to his fate and he turned towards the teleport platform.


“I should go home too…”


Aincrad, 22nd floor…


He enjoyed the scenery as he walked along the wooden path that led to his quaint home. His surprise is immediately evident when he saw Asuna stomping her feet in impatience in front of his house. With arms behind her back, she continued staring at the door of his house.




Wu Yan approached at a faster pace.



Asuna turned around when she heard his voice. She crossed her arms and she dumped all her annoyance on him.


“You’re so slow! Why are you late for your own dinner?”


“Well, I had to procure the right ingredient you see…”


Wu Yan opened the door and Asuna entered like it was her home.


“Ingredients? I thought you had a ton of those?”


“Sure, but none of the ingredients available to me were suitable so I had to get more.”


Wu Yan flicked open the light in the living room.


“Oh, can’t forget the freeloader that comes knocking every few days. Jeez, I wonder if that has something to do with my steadily decreasing food surplus…”


“I thought I already gave you the menu though?”


“Look, I am going to need materials to make those dishes.”


Asuna smiled at him.


“It’s not like you’re lacking in money and materials…”


Wu Yan chuckled and he sighed.


“Sounds to me like you’re making my home your personal kitchen and diner…”


“You are implying I do this on a regular basis!”


Asuna grumbled. Wu Yan wasn’t going to let her get away with this.


“I am not implying, I am saying you do that on a regular basis!”


Asuna turned this on him.


“Look, you’re the one who started this, who told you to be better at cooking than me?!”




Wu Yan was speechless.


“What kind of logic is that?”


“A solid logic!”


Asuna turned her head the other way.


“Since you’re better at cooking than me, it makes sense to choose food cooked by you!”


“A bottomless pit through and through…”


“Am not!”


“So too!”


“Oh, what are you throwing a fuss about?!”


Asuna said with arms akimbo.


“I am the one who ended the expedition earlier so I can come here earlier…”




Wu Yan looked at him with an ambiguous expression.


“You ditched your own subordinates to grab some free food?”


“No, I’m not!”


Asuna retorted with a vehement attitude.


“You invited me first!”


Wu Yan’s arms and legs went limp. He almost lost the strength to stand up properly.


You’re the one who coerced me into this!


Asuna revealed a victorious smile. Wu Yan felt tired just arguing with her.


“Is it alright though? I mean, you just left your subordinates…”


Wu Yan pointed at Asuna.


“They look like a very meddlesome bunch who look like they would do anything to get up in your business, I mean, you’re the sub-leader here…”


Asuna’s smile dimmed down. She knocked her boots on the floor.


“There were a lot of unfortunate incidents during the times I acted alone. After that, the guild assigned a bodyguard to assist me and keep me safe. That person just turned out to be Kuradeel.


“I tried to turn the captain down but they pulled a ‘it’s guild policy’-card on me so…”


“It’s not like I want it this way…”


Asuna continued explaining.


“Our captain used to invite players personally when the guild first started out. When the number of members increased, the guild grew larger and larger, the organizational structure got weirder when people started calling us the strongest guild…”


“Sounds to me like you’re regretting the fact that you joined this guild…”


Asuna’s eyes told him she was getting tired of staying in that guild.


Wu Yan shrugged.


“If you’re that disillusioned, why not just quit?”


“It isn’t as easy you put it…”


Asuna bitterly smiled.


“We are the strongest guild sure, but our core players are few in number. Furthermore, I am also the vice-captain so I have more responsibilities than the average members. I doubt the management would let someone let me go just like this…”


“You’re saying…”


Wu Yan sat down and he looked into her eyes.


“That you’re actually thinking seriously about leaving KoBs?”


Asuna went silent.


She’s felt conflicting emotions about this.


To clear this world and return to the real world, she must participate in frontline activities. It’s absolutely crucial that she stay with a top guild like the KoBs…”


But, the longer she stayed, the more the negativity and stress got to her.


This conflicting stand on the matter sapped her strength like an insidious demon. She revealed an emotional chink in her armor as leaked by her expression. Who would have thought the Flash would have such a weak side to her.


A hand was softly placed on her head. She blinked in surprise and she looked up to see Wu Yan giving her a smile that made her heart race.


“Don’t worry about it too much…”


Asuna rubbed her head.


“You’re working hard, now it’s time to party hard…”


Those are the words Asuna wanted to hear, her heart immediately felt intoxicated with wholesomeness.



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