Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 680: A rabbit that's more interesting than the protagonist

Creatures that can drop food material at a 100% chance are usually limited to monsters that have no inherent level or power. These creatures are like the animals of the real world.


They are rare and are usually only good at running away, a characteristic helped by their unique skills. Also, monsters that can drop food material at a 100% chance are usually very good at running away or are very rare in quantity. This means a player would need great skill or luck to stumble upon them.


The Ragout Rabbit is this type of special monster.


Compared to monsters on this floor, it’s completely lacking in the fighting department. But, this pathetic monster more than makes up for this with its drop material. The players are going after it like it’s a rare piece of equipment. The drop material can also be sold for a higher price than rare equipment.


The only monster known to drop S-grade food material in SAO, one such monster is in his hands right now.


There are monsters out there that can drop food material at a 100% chance. But, compared to a harmless monster like this, players would forgo the former to pursue a creature like a Ragout Rabbit. It’s safer and the food material dropped from harmless monster are usually of a higher grade than food material dropped from hostile monsters.


Wu Yan isn’t eager to kill this monster right now. According to the original story, this is the only known monster to drop S-grade food material. Killing it right now would be a waste, no?


The Ragout Rabbit also possessed higher intelligence than other monsters, when Wu Yan examined it with his curious eyes, the rabbit stared back with a pair of malicious eyes. The rabbit is probably thinking it can scare Wu Yan into loosening his grip so it can run away. Gnashing its teeth with seething hatred, the rabbit acted like it would bite anyone that got close to it.


Wu Yan was amused to say the least. He didn’t think a rabbit would behave like this. And, coming from a cute monster like this, it had the opposite effect of scaring people, Wu Yan felt like laughing out loud after seeing its cute performance.


“Maybe there’s something that’s driving it to behave this way?”


Wu Yan shook his head with a grin. He took out a needle and he pricked the rabbit.




The rabbit mewled as a new abnormal status got added to its slightly decreased HP bar. The monster is now paralyzed.


The monster froze up before its limbs went limp. Struggling to keep its eyes open, the rabbit dangled in Wu Yan’s hand after having its motor ability robbed by paralysis.


Wu Yan grabbed the rabbit by its ears and he started making his way towards the closest town.


Normally, a player would use a teleport crystal to go back to town lest some nasty players gang up on them and rob them of this prized material. There are red and orange players in this game and they will do anything to enrich themselves, even killing others. In view of this, using a teleport crystal is worthed it.


Moreover, the case is further bolstered by the fact that the food material can be sold for a price equivalent to hundreds of Item Crystals, one teleport crystal is a small price to pay for safety and certainty.


Granted, Wu Yan is probably the only one in this game who can walk around with a Ragout Rabbit dangling in his hand.



74th floor of Aincrad, Kamdet…


This is the main city closest to the labyrinth of this floor. This place is located 30-minutes walk away from the labyrinth of this floor, a forest stood between the labyrinth and the city.


The 74th floor is currently the highest floor reached by the players. Only players who stood at the frontlines are operating on this floor. Less-capable players stayed away while careful players are still busy adjusting themselves to the difficulty of this level. This is the reason why the main city is less populated for now.


This is about to change, however…


A circle of light illuminated the teleport platform. One by one, players came out of the portal here. They were sporting similar equipment.


They caught the attention of the other players here because their conduct and equipment suggested that they came from a very organized guild.


When the newly-arrived players were done with their assembly. The plaza was filled with a platoon of 50 or so guild members. Their armors and protective equipment had mostly white motives that finished with red-gilded ends. They also had cool-looking capes. It took the other players no more than 2 seconds to identify them.


The Knights of the Blood Oath!


A girl with chestnut-colored hair came last. She had a skeleton-faced bodyguard with a ponytail following her around.


Her beautiful face formed a deep chasm of contrast with the ugly bodyguard behind her. But, the bodyguard didn’t let this get to him, he followed like this is completely natural.


The guild members all greeted Asuna with a puffed-up chest.




Asuna gave a perfunctory nod.


Asuna looked much more serious than her usual self. Her cold and serious face made others feel the subconscious need to back away from her.


Asuna’s business face drew a smile on Wu Yan’s face. He knew about her true self and this business mode was a fresh view for him.


The guild members assumed this is what Asuna is like off-duty. Even the captain of KoB is not cognizant of her real personality.


Wu Yan and Lisbeth are the two players who Asuna treated with her sincere self. Meanwhile, Silica who made a good impression on Asuna was also included in this list. Other than them, Asuna hid her true self from the rest.


The KoBs are here to challenge the labyrinth.


The monsters here are on another level compared to monsters of the lower floors. They are here mainly to gauge the level of the monsters. They are also here to get used to the patterns of the monster here so the clearing progress will be smoother down the road.


Asuna looked at the KoBs. Wherever she looked, the members all puffed their chests out in pride. They wanted to give her a good impression but she casually glanced over all of them.


“Let’s go…”


Asuna said.




As they were ready to march out of the city, a familiar figure greeted everyone with his outstanding attire. He came through the main entrance of this plaza.




A player gasped in utter shock.


“It’s the Fae Swordsman!”


The KoBs exchanged glances, they couldn’t believe their luck. They got to see a legendary player in the flesh!


Asuna flinched in surprise but she quickly regained her composure. She was grinning but she froze up when she saw the Ragout Rabbit in his hands.




Wu Yan also took note of the KoBs who were technically blocking the entrance, he spotted Asuna who was leading them and he greeted her.


“Yo, Asuna…”


He greeted her with the hand that held the Ragout Rabbit.


“You came here as well?”


Asuna kept staring at the Ragout Rabbit, she completely ignored Wu Yan’s nonchalant greeting.


Wu Yan noticed this and he silently cursed.





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