Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 678: Getting another sword in a suprising but reasonable manner

Aincrad 48th Floor, Lindarth, Lisbeth’s blacksmith shop.


Kirito and Lis stood there as Wu Yan and Asuna grinned at them in a very friendly manner. They exchanged a look.


“When did you two arrive?”


Kirito tilted his head in confusion.


“Just now.”


The two replied at the same time.


“Just now…”


Kirito started sweating.


“Then what’s with those weird looks on your faces?”




The two are definitely up to something.


Kirito’s lip twitched while Lis felt a bit unsettled.


It’s weird how they are behaving so suspiciously.


Wu Yan and Asuna looked at each other and they couldn’t help but grin again. They were giggling ambiguously in front of Kirito and Lis. The weird mood also dissipated when the two of them laughed.


Moving his eyes downwards, he saw the sword in Kirito’s hand and his eyes glimmered.


It’s an aqua-colored one-handed sword with a very elegant design. Its blade is white and slender although not as thin as Asuna’s rapier. The grip is silver with a tinge of blue mixed in. Adorned with an aquamarine at the center of the handguard, the sword looked a bit extravagant.


Like his Heaven Gazer, the blade’s crossguard is exactly perpendicular to its grip. If the crossguard of the Heaven Gazer is a practical bar, the crossguard of this sword looked like a pair of wings. Ignoring the practical usage, for now, it looked way better than his Heaven Gazer.


The White Sword, Dark Repulser.


It’s a sword forged by Lisbeth. A sword that is on par with Kirito’s Elucidator. Compared to Heaven Gazer who he painstakingly upgraded into its current state, it’s still comparable.


In short, this sword is beyond the curve.


He grinned and he continued.


“Looks like my other weapon is ready…”


Kirito bitterly laughed while Lisbeth froze up.


“Another weapon? You mean this one?”


Lisbeth glanced at Kirito who was bitterly smiling and she turned towards Wu Yan with a surprised look.


“You commissioned this weapon?”


Lis was wondering why Kirito needed another weapon when he already has Elucidator. Upgrading his weapon is better than getting a new one right?


There are probably better weapons further down the road but with the levels of the players in this game. They won’t be able to use any weapon better than Elucidator given their low levels.


That is why Lisbeth was bewildered by why Kirito kept pressing her for another weapon. She assumed Kirito wanted it to complete some kind of quest. It looks like Kirito wanted Dark Repulser as a gift.


“Do-don’t tell me you want this sword?”


Lisbeth started panicking.


She infused her emotions into this sword because she intended to give this sword to the one she loved.


Of course, she couldn’t sit still when it looks like the confession gift she gave to Kirito is about to fall into another person’s hand.


Kirito read Lis’ thoughts. Judging by the glare she gave him, he knew better than to do what was originally promised. He bitterly smiled and he continued.


Lifting the sword, he nodded.


“This weapon wasn’t originally commissioned because I wanted it…”


Lis looked even more anxious. Her face turned gloomy and she wanted to say something when Kirito interjected.


“But, that changed…”


He unstrapped Elucidator and he threw it over to Wu Yan.


“You can have that one!”




He couldn’t help but look at Kirito with a pair of wide eyes.


“Are you okay with this? Isn’t this your favorite sword?”




Kirito caressed the Dark Repulser and he chuckled.


“But, I have more reasons to use this sword now…”


Asuna started teasing them.


“Don’t tell me, you two…”


Kirito turned his head the other way in a fluster. Lisbeth blushed for a second but she owned up to it with arms akimbo.


“That’s right! I confessed to Kirito and we are dating now!”


Wu Yan and Asuna expected this but they were still shocked when the bomb was dropped on them. They looked flabbergasted in front of Lisbeth who was snorting proudly while Kirito chortled in a bashful manner. Then, the two laughed out loud.


Asuna grabbed Lis’s hands.


“Congratulations! Lis!”




Lis giggled shyly. Asuna couldn’t connect her appearance with her usual tomboy-ish BFF.


“Way to go, man, I didn’t think you had it in you, you sure gave me a shock…”


Wu Yan patted Kirito’s shoulder.


“Man, you sure got your route conquered…”


“What do you mean my route got conquered?”


Kirito protested weakly. Wu Yan, Asuna, and Lis rolled their eyes at the same time. Anyone could see Lis placed the most effort into getting their relationship where they are today.


“It’s so hard to imagine…”


Asuna glared at Kirito.


“Weren’t you busy fighting at the frontline? You mostly fight by yourself, right? How did you bag Lis with a personality like that?”


Kirito retorted.


“Hey, Wu Yan is in the same class as me. That didn’t stop you from hanging around him…”




Asuna and Lis shot dangerous looks at him.


“What was that?”


Asuna gave him a beautiful but insidious smile.


“Please repeat that I didn’t quite catch that…”


Kirito started breaking out in cold sweat.


Lis also yanked Kirito’s ears.


“Are you implying that I’m too clingy?”


“No no no! You heard wrong!”


Kirito covered his ears as he begged for mercy. Wu Yan silently prayed for Kirito.


With such a strong woman as his girlfriend, he’s definitely in for it now…


Wu Yan’s pitiful eyes looked like someone enjoying a good show from the side and he looked at Asuna as he mumbled in a small tone.


“Laugh while you can, you’re going to get your route conquered sooner or later too…’


Kirito’s words fell through Wu Yan’s radar. Wu Yan was too busy examining Elucidator.




A slow sound of a sword being unsheathed attracted Kirito, Asuna, and Lis’ attention. Wu Yan placed the sword directly in front of him.


The dark sword glimmered with a cool silver luster, the edge ended with sharp white color. Like a cold viper hiding in the bush, the sword gave off a subtle sense of danger. This snake of a sword doesn’t need to bare its fang to make others uneasy.


Wu Yan brandished the blade and he assessed its parameters and weight.


As expected of a rare drop from a boss on the 50th floor. It is not inferior to the Heaven Gazer in any way. In base values alone, it’s better than Heaven Gazer.


His Heaven Gazer can be upgraded but it won’t change the fact that it’s a god-tier weapon from the 1st floor. Its base values were lower than the Elucidator.


With Elucidator by his side, Wu Yan can unleash more of his power…

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