Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 669: Are you girls jealous?

Changing clothes don’t need a lot of time in this game. With a click of the button, you can change from casual clothes to battle set almost in the blink of an eye.


Of course, the keyword here is “almost”. In that 2 – 3 seconds delay, a player’s underwear can be seen because the clothes they are wearing will be stored away before the next set of clothes can be worn. Unless they have a thing for this, normal players would change their clothes out of the sights of other players.


For players who hate hassle with a passion, this is basically a heaven-sent boon. Imagine changing clothes in two to three seconds with just a few clicks of the button, it’s so damn convenient. Moreover, clothes don’t get dirty in SAO so things just get better and better.


When Silica came out of her assigned room, she had already changed into her pajama. She looked cuter than her usual self. Wu Yan can’t help but praise her sense of fashion.


“I-is something the matter?”


Silica looked unusually tense. She balled her palms into fists with a very red face.


“I don’t look good in it, do I?”


“On the contrary, you look pretty cute…”


Wu Yan praised her. He sized her up again.


“Oh, right, where’s Pina? Didn’t it enter with you?”


“Pina’s asleep right now…”


Silica sat on the couch opposite to Wu Yan.


“I let Pina sleep on the empty bed inside the room.”


“I see…”


Wu Yan nodded his head.


“That’s quite an incredible tamed monster you have over there. It can even sleep. My tamed monster can only fly around and heal me when needed. Other than that, don’t expect much from it. I wonder what my tamed monster would be like if it had more intelligence…”


“But Wu Yan-nii’s tamed monster is very powerful isn’t it?”


Silica started looking at him with shining eyes.


“Sachi-nee said Wu Yan-nii’s tamed monster is a very reliable partner. They told me how they wouldn’t shy away from the battlefield if they had a tamed monster like yours. It’s clearly better than Pina in performance…”


“Well, let’s just say they both have their strengths and weaknesses.”


Wu Yan poured Silica a cup of tea.


“When Silica’s level goes up, I am sure Pina’s brilliance will become greater.”


“Nn! I will work harder from now on!”


Silica looked very hyped up. Wu Yan felt assured after seeing her zest.


Looks like Silica is doing well in the Black Cats. Her old self would begin self-doubting the moment Wu Yan tried to persuade her to do anything. After Pina’s death, Silica made up her mind to try harder.


“Oh, right, Silica, does Sachi know about you coming here?”


“Sachi-nee and Shion-nee don’t know about my presence here. I came here on the spur of the moment.”


“Ah, I see, that would explain why those two aren’t here. They wanted to come here but I am not always at home so they can’t visit me. I am too busy with frontline activities. Of course, if they come to visit me during the night…”


“They should just do that then!”


“Easier said than done, which girl would come willy-nilly to a guy’s house in the middle of the night?”


“I-I am not that easy!”


“Yes, sure, Silica’s the exception to the rule…”


The two happily talked away as time slipped by.


Thud thud thud


Doorknocks came from the door, putting a stop to their conversations.


“Ah, the guest is finally here…”


Wu Yan shook his head.


“Silica, wait here, I am going to greet my guest…”


Silica nodded and she turned her curious head towards the doorway.


According to Sachi and Shion, Wu Yan rarely accepted guests over. Even went they are very close to Wu Yan, it’s hard to see Wu Yan in his home. Silica thought she was the first guest here. Of course, Silica got very intrigued as to who this mysterious guest is.


Wu Yan opened the door as a figure with luscious chestnut hair entered the house. Wu Yan recognized that hair as belonging to Asuna without a doubt.


“Sorry, sorry I am so late…”


Asuna apologized with clasped hands. She was ashamed of herself.


“The other frontline players forced me to celebrate with them, I had to compromise and…”


“Well, I can see how things transpired from that point on.”


Wu Yan shrugged.


“The Flash in the flesh, of course, your fanboys are going to bend backward to keep you there, why would they let you go?”


Wu Yan allowed Asuna entry into his house by urging her inside.


“Come inside!”


“Thank you for having me over!”


Asuna yelled. Silica who was in the living room got stunned when she heard Asuna’s voice.


“A g-girl?”


Silica turned towards the doorway with an opened jaw. She locked eyes with Asuna at the same time she looked at Silica. They both stared at each other with a shocked look.




Wu Yan felt a bit bewildered when he saw the reactions of Asuna and Silica.


“You two know each other?”




Asuna and Silica shook their heads at the same time, they did that subconsciously and they only realized it a few seconds later.


“I say…”


Asuna slowly turned towards Wu Yan in a creepy almost mechanical way.


“Why do you have another girl over?”


“Wu Yan-nii!”


Silica yelled in surprise and slight puzzlement.


“When you said you were expecting a guest, you were referring to h-her…”




Wu Yan blinked in confusion. He looked back and forth between the two before he hammered his palm with an enlightened look. He chuckled in a cheeky manner.


“Are you girls jealous?”




Asuna and Silica cried out at the same time. They denied at the same time.


“No way!”


Wu Yan closed his ears to protect himself from their shrill voices. It didn’t prevent his brain from going blank for a moment.


“Okay! I get it!”


Wu Yan motioned for both of them to calm down. He rubbed the back of his head.


“Do you two really need to react so emotionally?”


Asuna and Silica closed their mouths as they looked at each other. They had different expressions. Whereas Asuna looked like she’s sizing up Silica, Silica looked completely curious with Asuna.


This outstandingly beautiful big sister is Wu Yan’s guest?


“Let me introduce you two…”


Wu Yan turned towards Silica with a finger pointed at Asuna.


“Silica, meet Asuna, the vice-captain of the Knights of the Blood Oath…”


Wu Yan addressed Asuna.


“Asuna, meet Silica, she just joined the Black Cats. She’s also someone who might become a great ally further down the road, you two must help each other out, okay?…”




Silica recalled something and she heaved in surprise.


“You’re The Flash, The Asuna?!”


Asuna smiled at her.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Asuna, I will be in your care…”


“Erm, I will be in your care too, Asuna-san…”


Silica immediately got up to greet her. She also gave Asuna a very respectful tone. It’s clean she idolized Asuna too.


There are only a handful of female SAO players in this game. There are only a handful who can stand out from the rare female players. Asuna is the most popular one among the female players.


She’s the party leader of a solid party in the raid group, and she is also so beautiful it’s not far-fetched to call her the most notable player in SAO.


It’s not easy for a girl to stand-out in a male-dominated game.


Silica’s cute reaction made Asuna flinch for a second. Then, she treated her with gleeful curiosity as well.


Silica, huh? She’s cute…


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