Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 667: It's hard to keep villains and women happy

“What? You mean I have to wait longer?”


Wu Yan felt surprised by the message Kirito sent him. He loosened his brows.


“Why? Did Asuna not give you the contact for that friend of hers?”


“She did introduce me to her. But, there is a slight issue…”


Kirito replied.


What’s the holdup?”


To sum it up, she can’t forge the weapon yet. Due to a certain someone’s high standards, her capabilities aren’t quite there yet…”


Wu Yan can see that Kirito isn’t afraid of dissing him.


She said she needs to train her smithing abilities to a high enough level in order to craft the weapon you need.”


“No way…”


Wu Yan felt a bit sullen.


“I should go out and hunt some mobs, I would have a better chance of actually getting the weapon I want.”


“Well, I wouldn’t put it like that. She just needs a bit more time to get her skill there. Of course, you can do as you said, go hunt for it yourself. But, be warned, it’s extremely hard to find another weapon on the same level as the Heaven Gazer or better. Good luck finding another blacksmith that can forge a weapon for you. Her friend, Lisbeth is one of the top blacksmiths in SAO.”


The blacksmithing industry developed fairly well since the start of SAO. Most blacksmiths can cater to the demands of the average players. However, Wu Yan isn’t your average player.


Wu Yan can only blame himself for going over-the-top in terms of his stats and performance. He is the strongest player in SAO, this meant only the best equipment can enable him to properly leverage his own power. There are hardly any equipment circulating in the game that can meet his demands.


Wu Yan busted his back for the materials and gold to upgrade his current equipment set. If he had to rely on life skills to upgrade his equipment, the tier of his equipment would fall by at least a tier or more.


Certainly, Wu Yan can go out and find a good-enough weapon to invest heavily to bring out stats similar to Heaven Gazer. But, Wu Yan wanted to find a weapon that had high base values so that it would be more efficient to upgrade as compared to upgrading weapons with trashy base values.


Wu Yan should count his fortunes for finding Heaven Gazer on the first floor of the game. The base value of Heaven Gazer is one of the best in the present stage of the game.


Wu Yan had no objections regarding Kirito’s suggestions. Waiting a bit beats bumbling around to find another weapon, right? Trying his luck to grind for another weapon like Heaven Gazer is a nightmare just thinking about it.


Fortunately for Wu Yan, there are no foes that can force him to use Dual Blades yet. He can live just fine with one sword.


“I guess I can always put up with just-okay weapons when the situation arises, I am just afraid my sword will break when I need it the most.”


Wu Yan’s problem sounds like a first-world problem with the rest of the players stuck in the third-world conditions. Should he be happy with his situation or be woeful about it?


When he thought about Silica’s situation, he felt a bit better.


Silica joined the Black Cats as one of the members.


Although she is still not high-level enough, her special tamed monster and Wu Yan’s special recommendation allowed her to seamlessly blend into the Black Cats. Souta and the others took special care of her, especially Shion and Sachi. The two were already friendly before Silica joined. After she joined, they got close in no time at all and now they are treating each other like sisters. Wu Yan can’t help but praise women for their ability to get friendly with another woman so quickly.


Black Cats assigned a few higher-level players to power level Silica. After Silica successfully transforms, the title Dragon Tamer will probably be as famous as Asuna the Flash.


Silica’s treatment in the original work was a bit bland, it’s not an understatement to say that her potential was wasted. She has a rare recovery-type tamed monster and she had the makings of a great support player. In the end, she got only a few scenes in the original anime and she got reduced to a supporting role by the end of SAO. What a waste of a perfectly good priest.


Wu Yan assigned Kirito to follow-up on that weapon before he closed his interface. He let Kirito worry about the Cors and the materials required for the forging. He lost the bet and so he has to fulfill his request no matter what. Of course, Wu Yan played dirty by using his knowledge of the original work against Kirito.


“Well, it’s not like he’s lacking in money…”


Wu Yan sounded like a total bastard when he said this. It sounded like he enjoyed Kirito’s frustration and suffering.


Karmic justice came at the speed of lightning in the form of a PM.


“You sent that guy to find me by introducing Lisbeth, didn’t you?”


Wu Yan’s expression stiffened as he looked at the message in front of him. He didn’t even need to check the sender because he knew it was Asuna for sure.


Wu Yan silently cursed as streams of tears fell down his cheeks. Kirito must have sold him out.


Wu Yan helplessly replied.


“Did Kirito run his mouth? Someone should put a sock in it.”


Asuna replied very quickly.


Since you knew that I had a friend whose a great blacksmith, you could have came straight for me, why didn’t you?”


It seems Asuna is more concerned with not being consulted directly. And her speed of reply suggested she is very serious about this.


Wu Yan’s expression collapsed. He wanted to cry again, she had a point, he could have asked her directly, is it because he’s afraid of contacting Asuna?


How can that be?


I had someone I can order around for free, wouldn’t it be a waste if I just let the favor go?”


Wu Yan stood there in a daze after sending that message.


Why do I sound like a Tsundere?


Asuna didn’t reply after that. Wu Yan felt a bit anxious when he realized this.


Wait, don’t tell me Asuna got angry with me?


Wu Yan felt like it’s very possible for Asuna to hold this against him. She looked like a serious girl who can hold her temper, but, in reality, she can be quite childish sometimes. How else could one explain how she bit him multiple times over the night when they were dueling in culinary skills.


Pursing his lips, he continued waiting to no avail. He sent another mail with a sigh.


Fine, it was my fault. Let’s hear it, what is it going to take for Asuna-sama to forgive me?”


A reply came very quickly like she’s waiting for Wu Yan to send a message herself.


“10 dishes of food!”


Wu Yan almost had a heart attack.


“Are you serious? Did you forget about what happened to you after you wolfed down 12 dishes that night?”


When Wu Yan won the SAO Master Chef competition, Asuna directed her frustration and pain of losing into binging on Wu Yan’s dishes. She ate until her tummy started bulging. She stayed the night in Wu Yan’s home as a result of her inability to move from eating too much.


Wu Yan wanted to question her ability to bite him despite her blotting stomach. However, Wu Yan is confident of his ability to serve up 10 dishes, it’s her stomach capacity that Wu Yan is worried about.


That amount of food is enough to sate bottomless pits like Tohka and Astrea.


In a way, Asuna is outstanding.


Wu Yan can’t see Asuna’s expression right now but he got the feeling that if he didn’t say yes, she would never reply.


“Okay, I accept…”


Wu Yan collapsed like she sapped the strength out of him.


Women and villains are hard to please.


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