Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 665: The arrangements put in place for Silica.

Aincrad, 50th floor, inside a hotel…


Silica held onto her cup with an anxious look. Her red eyes would stop on the Hotel’s door or on Wu Yan. She looked very tense right now.


“Nay, Wu Yan-nii…”


Silica pursed her lips as she revealed her worries.


“Am-am I really going to be fine?”


“Well, just relax…”


Wu Yan downed his drink and he calmed Silica down seeing as she’s on the verge of shivering from anxiety.


“I know you can do it…”




That wasn’t enough to pacify Silica, she hung her head.


“A player like me joining the raid group?…”


“Don’t underestimate yourself…”


He rubbed the newly-revived Pina’s head as he continued with a radiant smile on his face.


“Pina is a rare recovery-type tamed monster. A creature like that can save a lot of lives on the frontlines. I am sure the other players can also appreciate having insurance in place. It’s only because your level is so low that the other guilds aren’t fighting over you yet.”


“I am still low-leveled though?”


Silica meekly said.


“Won’t I hold everyone else back?”


“Levels are just numbers. It’s easy to raise it. Moreover, I’m not saying you should participate in frontline activities right now. Also, a support fighter like you won’t drag anyone’s feet…”


Wu Yan rubbed her head as a form of encouragement.


“I am sure when you are sufficiently leveled, you and Pina will be able to accomplish great things. Then, tons of comrades will rally behind you.”


Being told that she wouldn’t hold anyone back, with the prospect of helping out others and more comrades that will gather around her, that was all it took to settle the unease inside her heart.


Silica tried partying up with a lot of players but everybody treated her more like a lucky-charm or mascot than a viable team player.


Silica also lacked fighting power on her own so she didn’t stay long in the parties she joined.


In a way, Silica was similar to Wu Yan in this respect. She was alone, the only she can count on was Pina. A child her age shouldn’t be forced to wander a game of death on her own. It’s unthinkable just how she lived up until this point.


Silica wanted comrades who she can really open up to. She also wanted to contribute more to clear this game. She also wanted to live up to her title as a dragon tamer. When Wu Yan saved her and honestly offered to help bring out her potential, Silica chose to put her trust in Wu Yan.


Now, Silica couldn’t hold back her excitement when Wu Yan told her she can join the ranks of the raid groups who stood at the frontlines like stellar stars of hope.


The elation is also fueling her tension. It’s like when a daughter-in-law is about to meet the in-laws, her heart is throbbing with anxiety.


While Silica dealt with her anxiety, two slender figures entered the hotel.


They are in casual clothes but that didn’t stop the other players from fixing their gaze on the two of them. They were outstanding beauties who made their clothes shine with luster.


The two looked around and they spotted Wu Yan who was sitting with Silica in a corner of the hotel. Their eyes lit up and they grinned.






The two of them yelled out loud. Both Wu Yan and Silica turned towards the newcomers.


“Sachi, Shion, you are here…”


“We came here as fast as we could when we got your private message, how does it feel? Pretty good right?”


Shion declared with arms akimbo. She gave Wu Yan a look that said since-I-am-so-nice-to-you, you-should-thank me. Wu Yan felt helpless when he saw this woman.


“I know what happened…”


Sachi greeted Wu Yan and she addressed Silica who looked very nervous. She tilted her head and she gave her a friendly smile.


“Silica, I presume? You are as cute as Nii-san described…”


Silica instantly blushed and she stood up with a panic as she gave Sachi a respectful bow.


“Erm, nice to meet you! I’m Silica….”


She introduced Pina by grabbing Pina with both arms and lifting it up.


“This is Pina…”




The dragon purred as if she’s greeting them. Holy crap, that’s cute.


Sachi and Shion immediately got off to a great start. Their smiles widened.


“Say, Silica…”


Sachi asked for permission while locking her gaze on Pina. Her eyes were flashing with star-shaped light.


“Can I please hug it?”


Pina immediately shook its head without giving Silica any change to reply. It tried to hide inside deeper in Silica’s embrace. It’s pretty clear what Pina meant.




Put in a tough spot, Silica awkwardly apologized.


“I am really sorry, Pina doesn’t like strangers hugging it out of the blue like that…”




Shion didn’t hide her disappointment. Her smile turned into a frown but she didn’t press the matter any further. She stuck her tongue out at Pina and she turned her head the other way in a huff. Wu Yan and Sachi weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry.


“Sachi, what do you think?”


Wu Yan pushed Silica in front of Sachi.


“Can you let Silica join the Moonlit Black Cats?”


Sachi hadn’t fought for a long time now. Her personality dictated that she stayed away from the battlefield. After the Black Cats expanded, Souta also placed Sachi in a managerial role. He also left the Black Cats administrative task to Sachi.


Sachi wanted this as she would prefer a non-combatant role over a combatant position. If at all possible, she would like a peaceful life over anything else. She accepted the job with glee. Aside from frontline and combat matters, Sachi’s job scope included HR roles like recruitment as well.


Wu Yan asked Sachi to come here because he is hoping that Silica would be taken into the care of the Black Cats. Whether or not she will be able to make the cut as a frontliner remains to be seen but Wu Yan didn’t want to see her wandering the lower floors on her own.


Silica tensed up and she hugged Pina even tighter. Her pet tried to calm her down by purring and nudging her.


Sachi looked at Silica and she beamed at her.


“Of course, she can enter the Black Cats. There are standards in place but I am sure Silica and Pina will be a great asset when she joins the Black Cats!”


Silica lit up.


“That means…”


“If you want to join the frontliners, Silica will have to work harder…”


Sachi explained in a very friendly tone.


“But, I agree that Silica should join the Black Cats.”




Silica looked at Sachi with a hopeful look. Sachi affirmed once more with a nod of her head. Then, she glomped Wu Yan out of sheer joy.


“Yeah, I did it!”




Sachi and Shion immediately let out woots. They looked at Wu Yan with suspicious eyes.


Wu Yan tried to laugh it off while lifting his arms in a surrendering pose. He wanted them to know that nothing happened between Silica and him.


As for whether or not they believed him, well, the juries are still out on that…

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