Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 664: Do you want to join the raid group?

“Come on out…”


His calm voice hid the coldness in his words.


The warmth the flowers offered couldn’t withstand the authoritativeness of this voice. Another chilling sensation came from Wu Yan that shook Silica’s heart.


There are only flowers and trees here. At least, there wasn’t any sound that was out of the ordinary.


Finally, a figure hiding behind one of the trees here revealed itself. The familiar footsteps caused Silica to focus on her. It was none other than Rosalia who had a history of picking on Silica.




Silica gasped.


Meanwhile, Rosalia laughed out loud.


“I didn’t think you would be able to see through my cloaking ability. It seems your reconnaissance stat is very high.




Wu Yan sneered.


“Well, you’re wrong. My reconnaissance skill is high but I didn’t use it this time.”


Rosalia’s smile petrified as she knitted her brows.


“How then, did you locate me?”


“Let me finish, I anticipated your appearance here…”


Wu Yan crossed his arm.


His nonchalant gaze fell upon rosalia’s body.


“I knew you would be here!”


Rosalia’s expression dimmed down.


“What do you mean?”


“Exactly what I said!”


Wu Yan looked at Rosalia.


“From the start, you have been my target!”


Rosalia’s predatory looks are gone. She also had a bad feeling at the bottom of her guts. This insidious feeling crept into her heart.


“Wu Yan-san…”


Silica was shocked by this reveal.




“Qell, it’s going to take a long time to explain. I have no time for that right now…”


Wu Yan shrugged and he introduced another person who was already here but was positioned out of sight.


“I am going to let this person do all the talking!”


Silica and Rosalia flinched when they heard twigs being snapped as someone approached them. A swordsman in black slowly walked up to them.


“I am surprised you made it in time..”


Wu Yan rolled his eyes.


“If you came another 5 minutes later, I would have already cleaned them up…”


“Lucky me, then…”


The newcomer smiled at them. He looked at Rosalia whose jaw was wide-opened due to shock.


“Otherwise, I would have lost the bet between us, wouldn’t I?”


The swordsman in black was Kirito.


“You guys…”


Rosalia looked between the two of them and she turned very grim.


“Did you guys plan for this?”


“In a way, yes, we are targeting you after all…”


Kirito beamed at Rosalia.


“Rosalia-san, no…”


Kirito’s face turned very serious.


“Miss-leader of the orange guild Titan’s Hand…”


“O-orange guild…”


Silica backed away with a fearful look. Rosalia grinned like a total villain right now.


Silica continued with a look of disbelief.


“B-but, her name is green (not a PKer)…”


“Oh, right…”


Kirito explained.


“As the leader of the guild, she had no need to do the dirty work. Rosalia’s duty is probably to look for juicy targets. Then, she would set up an ambush for her prey with her orange-named lackeys as the muscles. This way, she managed to maintain her green-name status despite all her nasty jobs, isn’t that right?”


Rosalia reared her ugly head.


“You figured everything out but you still came here by yourself? I am impressed you made it this far!”


“I just couldn’t help it…”


Kirito sighed.


“After all, this is a request someone put me in charge of…”


“A request?”


“That’s right…”


Kirito narrowed his eyes and he shot a lightning-fast look at Rosalia.


“Ten days ago, do you remember a certain Silver Flag guild? You killed all their members except for the leader, don’t tell me you forgot about that?”


“Silver Flag, you say?”


Rosalia nodded after searching her memories for a bit.


“Oh, you’re talking about the piss-poor bastards from that guild…”


“The Silver Flag guild leader who survived has been begging for someone to avenge his guild members since that day. I recall him begging, throwing his pride to the wind, crying in the hopes that someone will take justice for them…”


Kirito’s voice was very cold, he vividly recalled the guild master’s pitiful looks as he implored players to help him.


“He specifically asked not for your lives, but, for your incarceration along with the rest of your guild members. Do you have any idea what hell you placed that man in?”


“Nope, not a clue.”


Rosalia wasn’t the slightest bit remorseful. She laughed heartily.


“Is he an idiot? There are no real proofs that a person who died in this world will become dead in the real-world.”


Kirito’s gaze steeled up and he sighed deeply. Even a calm person like him felt seething anger coming onto him when he saw her reaction.


“It seems you guys need to be taught a lesson…”


“You? Teach us a lesson?”


She couldn’t hold back her laughter, Kirito’s words sounded like jokes to her.


“Do you really think you can do that?”


Rosalia yelled out loud.


“Why are you guys still hiding? Show yourselves!”


Dull thuds rang all around her as her lackeys got knocked out one by one. Her mooks didn’t forget to yelp in pain before they took a dirt nap. They were piled up like sacks of potatoes. They were all Titan’s Hand members.


A hand was placed upon Rosalia’s shoulder without her even realizing it.


“As you wished, I requested their cordial appearances.”


Wu Yan’s voice came from behind her as a bead of cold sweat flowed down the side of her.


“Don’t thank me, that was a service free of charge.”


Rosalia’s body flew into the air and she landed on the heap of unconscious guild members.


Wu Yan dusted his hands as he approached her once again.


“Hey hey…”


Kirito grumbled.


“You are stealing my spotlight!”


“What do you mean?!”


Wu Yan shrugged him off.


“You’re the one who stood there explaining like I’m your Watson. I am not going to pass up on a perfect chance to show off FYI.”




Now Kirito knew why Wu Yan asked him to explain.


“You people…”


Rosalia yelled in frustration.


“Who the hell are you two?!”


Wu Yan and Kirito exchanged a look before they laughed.


“Wu Yan, also known as the Fae Swordsman!”


“Kirito, they call me the Black Swordsman!”




Rosalia’s expression turned pale. She kept flapping her mouth but no words came up. Finally, she lowered her head in despair.


“The Fae Swordsman…”


Silica looked at Wu Yan in a daze. Her emotions are a complete mess right now.


Wu Yan rubbed her head.


“What? You don’t believe me?”




Silica frantically shook her head.. She wavered before she finally asked Wu Yan.


“Are you really the Fae Swordsman?”


“I never said I wasn’t the Fae Swordsman…”


Wu Yan chuckled.


“You’re the one who ruled out my identity based on your own assumptions…”


Silica’s face turned red as she hid her face from Wu Yan’s view.


Wu Yan rubbed her head again. He squatted down and he looked into Silica’s eyes.


“Say, Silica…”


Wu Yan tilted his head.


“Do you want to join the raid group?”


Silica was stunned.



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