Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 662: The incredible cheesecake

Rosalia has no idea she entered the crosshair of a certain someone. More like, she’s not concerned with the player standing beside her actual target, Silica.


“I didn’t think you would be able to leave the forest safely…”


Rosalia stood in front of Silica as she gave Silica a sideways glance.


“How wonderful…”


Far from being honest, she sounded very sarcastic.


Silica didn’t look at Rosalia. She’s not afraid of her, she’s just not sure if she can handle the jeers Rosalia’s going to throw her way.


“Oh, my, what happened to your lizard friend?”


Rosalia feigned surprise. She started snickering as she continued.


“Don’t tell me…”


“Pina died…”


Silica lifted her head with an iron will.


“But, I will definitely revive Pina!”




Rosalia’s smile froze. A suspicious flash appeared in her eyes.


“So, you’re heading to the Hill of Memories, I presume?”


Rosalia sounded a bit excited when she said the hill of memories. Aside from Wu Yan, nobody picked up on this well-hidden spike in emotion.


Wu Yan squinted his eyes in disdain. Rosalia looked like a fool dancing on his palm. Of course, the person herself didn’t notice.


Rosalia had an idea. She lowered herself to speak to Silica in a condescending manner.


“But, with your low levels, can you even make it on the 47th floor?”


Rosalia’s words hit Silica where it hurts the most. Then, she recalled the equipment Wu Yan gave her. She steeled herself up.


“I can do it!”


Silica sounded very sure, this didn’t amuse Rosalia at all.


“And, I’m not alone!”


Silica hugged Wu Yan’s arm and she snapped back at her.


“Wu Yan-san is going to accompany me!”


“Wu Yan!”


Rosalia’s pupils shrank and she quickly turned towards Wu Yan. She saw the characteristic black cloak and black sword which surprised her until she saw the absence of a healing fairy by his side. She released a sigh of relief and she haughtily laughed once more.


“Ara, did you think a fake who sounds like the Fae Swordsman can help you take down the Hill of Memories?”


Rosalia didn’t even care that the person is right there.


“Careful your teammate don’t backstab you when you need him the most…”


“No way!”


Silica is infuriated by her words.


“Wu Yan-san is very great!”


“Oh, really?”


Again, it’s like Wu Yan is invisible to her. She’s not stingy with her sharp tongue.


“He’s just a dumbass who looks like the Fae Swordsman. Did he really think he can mimic the Fae swordsman’s power with a similar look?”


“Please, he has a spirit-type tamed monster, it’s way better than a puny lizard that died like trash…”


Rosalia continued throwing on the insults. She sneered.


“Go to a town with more player population. At least, then, you will get more limelight. It certainly beats dying in a fool’s errand and wasting a name that’s the same as the Fae Swordsman.”




Silica continued hugging Wu Yan’s arm tight. Her eyes were burning with indignation. She wanted to say something when Wu Yan interrupted.


“Silica, you were partying with players like this?”


He said pointing to Rosalia. The person herself frowned while Silica slightly gasped.


“Excuse me”




Wu Yan glanced at Rosalia.


“I am just glad Silica ditched you and your team…”


“Ah, is that so?”


Rosalia laughed because she’s too angry to express herself properly.


“The lizard died because she left the party. Are you saying you’re glad the lizard didn’t make it? I don’t blame you, that lizard is one annoying pet who barked and snarled like nobody’s business.”




Wu Yan gasped with poor acting skills. He laughed at Rosalia.


“So you know just how annoying you are when you bitch and moan?”


Rosalia’s expression sank. That sentence was enough to change her mood completely.


“Wu Yan-san…”


Silica tugged Wu Yan’s sleeve. She shook her head, she’s hinting that it’s not worth it to provoke Rosalia. Silica felt a bad omen when she saw Rosalia’s dark look.


Wu Yan pat her tiny hand and he led Silica away from Rosalia. Not even stopping to look at her, they started making their way towards the hotel.


Rosalia kept her eyes on Wu Yan & Silica until they entered the hotel. She grinned like someone who just successfully pulled off a heist.


Unknown to her, Wu Yan had the same grin on his face when he left Rosalia.


Wu Yan booked two rooms. He led Silica into one of the rooms.


“Silica, you should sleep in this room tonight…”


Wu Yan turned his back towards her.


“I will take the room next to you, if there’s anything you can…”


“Erm, Wu Yan-san…”


Silica bowed.


“I am sorry I dragged you into all of this…”


She’s sure Wu Yan wouldn’t get dissed if she didn’t bring him into this. Wu Yan won the verbal fight but she still felt guilty for making so much trouble for someone who saved her.


Wu Yan chuckled and he rubbed her head.


“Don’t mind it, I don’t. Actually, I wanted it to end like that, I think?”


Silica was confused.


Wu Yan didn’t tell her that he pissed Rosalia off on purpose. He wanted to be doubly sure that she’s going to make trouble for him tomorrow. If the original work is any indicator, chances are, she’s going to come in as the villainess after they finish what they are going to do tomorrow. Wu Yan didn’t want any accidents so he made sure to make a deep impression when they met.


Inside the city, a safe area, Wu Yan wouldn’t be able to realize the scenario he had in mind. If he could, he would throw Rosalia and her gang into the prison at the speed of light.


Wu Yan acted all mysterious as he replied.


“You will know tomorrow…”


Silica nodded although she didn’t get it. She left Wu Yan to his own device. She didn’t even think anything is going to happen in the future. Wu Yan felt like he should give her a lecture on how cruel the world can be…


“Okay, rest first…”


Wu Yan chortled.


“Right, what do you want to eat?”


Silica replied instantly.




“I see, cheesecake, eh?”


Wu Yan nodded. He opened his inventory. He searched around for a bit before he reported his findings.


“I don’t have any cheesecake on me but… I do have the ingredients to make one. Wait here, I am going to borrow the kitchen downstairs for a bit…”


“The kitchen?”


Silica gasped and she took on an excited look.


“Does Wu Yan-san have the chef skill? You can even make a cheesecake?”


“Well, yeah…”


Wu Yan puffed out his chest.


“I am not tooting my own horn when I say I can make anything in this world!”




Silica smiled from ear to ear.


“Wu Yan-san is so awesome. I wanted to eat the cheesecake sold here but I will take Wu Yan-san’s any day of the week because I am sure you can cook really well!”


“I am not sure why you have so much confidence in me…”


Someone who can make cheesecake is just as great as an idol in her heart? Does that mean he is on the same level as cheesecake?

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