Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 661: That legend? Target acquired

The night in Aincrad is very serene. It’s not lit up by the neon lights of the real world. But, instead, it’s lit up by the weak light of lanterns and oil lamps. It reminded one of the time before electric grids. The warm light gave the medieval buildings a fantastic aura. A walk down the lane here would be an enjoyable one as it’s hard to find anything to hate about the streets here.


After exiting the Forest of Wandering, Wu Yan and Silica arrived at the town closest to the Forest. Wu Yan wanted to head home but he’s not comfortable leaving Silica here like this. In the end, she’s still a young girl. Wu Yan also felt uncomfortable bringing someone he just met today back home with him. Silica would also misinterpret the situation so it wasn’t a feasible solution to bring her along with him.


Wu Yan conveniently forgot about how he took Asuna to his home without much hesitation.


They traveled from the teleportation gates plaza to a hotel nearby. The other players kept sneaking glances at Wu Yan. He was, after all, wearing a black coat with a dark greatsword strapped to his back. They were puzzled by him.


Silica also took peeks at Wu Yan. It’s like she’s not sure about something.


“Silica, what’s the matter?”


He couldn’t endure her stares anymore. He addressed the elephant in the room.


Silica blinked and she examined Wu Yan again. She fidgeted and she replied.


“Your outfit and look matches the legendary Fae Swordsman…”


Wu Yan’s expression froze.


“No, it’s not just the outfit…”


Silica gasped.


“Even your name is the same!”


“Is Wu Yan-san THAT Wu Yan?!”




Wu Yan pursed his lips. He silently took a mental note to wear something less conspicuous the next time. Since the jig is up, he got ready to admit his identity.


“Mah, that’s not possible…”


Silica shook her head and she chortled.


“The Fae Swordsman is known to have a fairy tamed monster by his side. It’s also rumored that the tamed monster is better at healing than Pina. Wu Yan-san looks like the Fae swordsman but you don’t have a tamed monster by your side so you can’t be that great person…”


The other pedestrians also ignored him after a brief look. They didn’t spot a tamed monster so they just pegged him for someone who looked similar to the Fae Swordsman.


Wu Yan’s weapon is very high specs but it looks like common equipment. It isn’t hard for other players to mimic his look. The only unique thing that couldn’t be imitated was the fairy familiar he had with him. So far, the Fae Swordsman is the only player with a fairy as his tamed monster. The healing fairy became synonymous with his name.


Wu Yan’s title is the Fae Swordsman, it isn’t hard for others to link him with the healing fairy.


The healing fairy and Pina are tamed monsters who supported by healing. However, the healing fairy completely left Pina in the dust when comparing healing abilities. 20% max HP restoration every minute. The healing fairy is the reason why Wu Yan can recklessly dive into high-level dungeons.


Silica’s tamed monster healing isn’t as good. Her tamed monster can heal 2000 – 4000 Hp per minute. For low-level players, it’s a boon for sure. But, for high-level players who can easily reach 10,000 hp without stat boost, her healing lost its luster.


Of course, the story would be different if Silica’s level is high. Her healing abilities would make other players drool. Either way, having a tamed monster is a very rare achievement. Tamed monsters are also not well-known because few players ever got the chance to obtain one. Besides Wu Yan and Silica, he didn’t hear about any other players with a tamed monster.


Pina lacked in healing when compared to Wu Yan’s healing fairy. But, her tamed monster is very smart and probably sentient to a high degree. It enjoys a degree of free movement. Unlike his healing fairy, other than healing Wu Yan once a minute when prompted, it stays close to Wu Yan without doing anything else.


There are pros and cons to this. Being somewhat more intelligent, Pina can help the owner greatly in extraordinary circumstances. For example, Silica would have died if Pina didn’t block the attack for her. Wu Yan’s healing fairy would have watched Wu Yan die because it only had simplistic functions.


But, he can always return the healing fairy to his familiar crystal so Wu Yan don’t have to worry about the tamed monster hanging around him. This saved him a lot of unwanted trouble.


If Silica becomes a high-level player, she’s probably going to be hounded to death by guilds fighting over her.


Wu Yan looked at Silica.


“Okay, Silica, why are you calling the Fae Swordsman a great person?”


Silica clasped her hands together. She showed great admiration for the player.


“Of course, the Fae Swordsman is the strongest player in SAO. He is someone who can achieve what took others a raid group to do. Also, he has a tamed monster just like me so he’s like my idol…”


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow. He wasn’t sure what he should say.


Shouldn’t you recognize your idol at first glance?


Silica thought Wu Yan was taken aback because she started praising another player out of nowhere. She tried to praise him as well.


“Of course, Wu Yan-san is also incredible!”


“I see…”


Wu Yan assumed Silica is just saying this to make him feel better. Unknown to him, Silica treated him as a high-level player because he easily killed three nightmare-level monsters for her.


The two of them arrived at the hotel and Silica suddenly asked Wu Yan.


“Wu Yan-san has his own home, right? Where do you live?”


“On the 22nd floor…”


Wu Yan helplessly replied.


“It’s not that far from here. I wanted to return home but since I brought you here, I might as well stay for the night.”


“The 22nd floor, huh?…”


Silica was surprised.


“I assumed with your strength, you would living on a higher floor…”


“It’s not like it gets better the higher you go…”


Wu Yan smiled.


“I know a friend of mine who likes my home very much. She said the scenery there is to die for.”


“Is that so?”


Silica tilted her head.


“I kinda want to see it now…”


Silica put Wu Yan on the spot with her request.


He is wavering because today is the first time they met. Who would have thought the person herself didn’t mind, he felt a bit sour for thinking so much about this matter.


“Ara, isn’t this Silica?”


A sarcastic tone came. Both Silica and Wu Yan heard it.


Wu Yan furrowed his brows. Wu Yan looked at the source of this sound while Silica’s expression dimmed the moment she heard this voice.


When they looked in that direction, an attractive woman greeted them with three male players in tow. Her flaming red hair matched her tight and explosive attire. Silica lowered her head because she’s the last person she wanted to see right now. Wu Yan grinned after a brief pause.


Rosalia, she’s the player who was part of Silica’s party. She also robbed Silica of her share of the loot.


She’s also the major reason why Silica lacked the crucial healing crystal she needed in her encounter with the three ape monsters. She indirectly caused the death of Pina. If anyone is to be blamed, it’s Rosalia!


Wu Yan is more interested in her other identity.


She’s the leader of Titan’s hand, the orange guild!

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