Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 660: A warm person, someone who isn't easy to anger

Inside the Forest of Wandering, a figure streaked past the wood with unbelievable speed.


Like a moving hurricane, the trees swayed when this individual ran past. Leaves gave way to this moving hurricane.


He’s been running all this time.


After arriving at the 35th floor, Wu Yan didn’t stop rushing to the Forest of Wandering.


Wu Yan continued scanning the areas around him. Soon enough, he detected movements and he saw the scene of three gorillas ganging up on a petite girl.


Wu Yan grabbed Heaven Gazer and he slashed the three gorillas in an instant.


Boom boom boom


The gorillas didn’t even have the chance to wail in anguish before they were deleted from the game. The three gorillas exploded into a rain of data crystals. Wu Yan found Silica at the center of this battlefield.


Silica took a good hard look at her savior but then she remembered something and she turned towards Pina once more.




She crawled over to Pina and she caressed the little dragon in her embrace. She saw the little dragon dying in front of her very eyes. She couldn’t hold back her tears from falling as she went into a full-blown panic mode.


“Pina… Pina…”




Pina struggled to keep its eyes open. Taking one last look at its owner’s figure, the creature crumbled away after glowing faintly…


“No… no…”


With tears at the corners of her eyes, she shrieked in absolute horror. She grabbed the crumbling fragments in a panic as she thought she would be able to piece her pet back. It was all in vain in the end.


A glowing feather fell down from the crumbling pile of data. She grabbed the feather and she let out tears born from pure agony.


“Pina… No… Uuu…”


Pina hugged the feather tightly. Her tears continued to pour down in great quantities.


Her tears fell upon the glistening feather. Her cries echoed through this land as it suffused the sky. The gust of the night felt colder tonight.


Wu Yan sighed in dejection.


I was still too late, huh?…


Scratching his cheek, he approached her. He placed a hand on her shoulder and he tried to calm her down.


“It’s okay, don’t be too sad…”


Silica found it hard to see Wu Yan’s real face through her tear-muddled vision.


“Th-thank you for saving me…”


“Don’t thank me…”


Wu Yan bitterly smiled.


“I failed to save the other one, isn’t that right?”


Her tears fell again, she sobbed out loud.


“Please don’t cry…”


Wu Yan rubbed her head as she sniveled on top of his chest.


“Erm, you can revive your pet…”




She raised her head with a hopeful beam of light in her eyes.


“I-is that true? Pina can come back to life?”




This cute lady’s gaze made Wu Yan blush. He explained himself.


“On the 47th floor, there is the Hill of Memories, I heard you can find an item that can revive tamed beasts. I am sure you can reive Pina with that item!”


Silica beamed widely and then her expression froze up with horror.


“The 47th floor…”


Silica lowered her head but she easily made up her resolve.


“I know, I will work hard to level up so I can go to the 47th floor to obtain the item that can revive Pina!”


“Look, I am not trying to put you down or anything but…”


Wu Yan averted his gaze.


“If a tamed beast is not revived within 3 days of death, it will be permanently dead, also, the owner needs to go and get the item herself or the item won’t work…”


Silica’s body trembled and she hugged the feather in her embrace once more. Her shoulders shuddered…




“Well, don’t worry too much about it…”


Wu Yan shook his head and hands in a cluster.


“I can accompany you, getting that item should be a cinch!”


Silica looked at Wu Yan. He beamed back at her and he opened a trade window with Silica. He gave her some equipment.


“Use them for now…”


Wu Yan said with a soft tone.


“With that equipment, I think even if you entered the Hill of Memories on your own, you would be able to pull this off without a hitch. There, we all good?”


Looking at the ridiculous top-of-the-line equipment in the trade window, Silica couldn’t help but jump in surprise. The equipment’s stats were enough to raise her baseline capabilities by at least 10 times or more. She can even sell them for an astronomical amount of Cors. Silica was flabbergasted by this display of wealth.


“N-no… I can’t take such precious items…”


Silica tried to turn Wu Yan down in panic.


“It’s not that rare…”


Wu Yan scratched his cheek.


“I couldn’t find the right time to get rid of them, they are also lower-tier items so I just stashed them aside without minding it. I am glad I can help you with my junk.”


“How can that be…”


Silica’s voice became smaller and smaller. Her eyes also started wavering.


Her mind told her she couldn’t accept such a great favor without doing anything in return. But, her mind also told her she can save Pina with the items offered to her.


Seeing as Silica’s still not sure whether to take the items, he rubbed her head after figuring out her thoughts.


“How does this sound? I am making an investment with equipment as the capital, when you become stronger than me, remember to pay me back with better equipment or we won’t be even, got that?”


Silica turned that frown upside down and she threw him a thankful look. She knows he is just using this as an excuse to give her items. She knows it would be close to impossible to do what he said.


She wiped away the tears from her face and she hesitated before asking Wu Yan a question.


“Erm, why are you even so nice to me?”




In front of her serious gaze, Wu Yan chuckled and he caved in.


“I can’t help it, I can’t help but offer a helping hand whenever a girl is crying…”


Silica flinched and she lowered her head.


“You’re really a warm person, aren’t you/”




Wu Yan felt a bit guilty as he turned his face the other way.


He sighed and he continued.


Did you really believe me just like that? Maybe I am just lying to your face?”


Silica floated a radiant smile.


“I chose to believe in you!”


“Are you serious?”


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.


“Careful, I might sell you out when you’re not suspecting it…”


“Even so, I believe in you!”


She looked into Wu Yan’s eyes as she declared this.


Wu Yan and Silica stared at each other like that. He wanted to see if she’s going to take her words back, evidently, she won’t.


He bitterly laughed while shaking his head.


“Really, you’re incredible…”


Silica giggled.

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