Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 657: I don't know how I got it

Aincrad 55th Floor, Granzam…


Wu Yan and Asuna shared a dining table inside a restaurant. There are multiple dishes in front of them but they weren’t eating. One of them looked absent-minded while another looked very annoyed with the people here, he kept sighing in annoyance.


The players filled the restaurant to the brim with their sheer numbers. There are also many players waiting outside the restaurant. A brief look would make this restaurant look like it’s booming because of the food here. But, Wu Yan knows these players aren’t here for the food.


The people who ordered food after sitting numbered only a few while the rest of them only ordered drinks. They looked like they were here to have a casual chat over a cup of tea than to dine-in. They also kept sneaking peeks and glances at Wu Yan and Asuna’s direction.


When the ones being observed stared back, they hurriedly turned back to their plates or cups to pretend like they weren’t watching before. They looked like a bunch of poorly-trained paparazzi.


Their gossips and whispers revealed their true objectives here.


“Hey, isn’t that Wu Yan the Fae Swordsman and Asuna the Flash?”


“Why are the two of them together?”


“Maybe it’s a date?”


“No way, the Fae Swordsman beat the Captain of the Knights of the Blood Oath. Asuna-sama is the vice-captain of that guild, do you think she’s going to date someone who defeated the Captain of her own guild?”


“Maybe she’s here to regain lost honor?”


“Looks like she’s here to gather intel on her enemy.”


“I just can’t shake off the feeling that they are on a date though?”


“N-no way, that’s Asuna-sama, she would never date a guy…”


“That’s the Fae Swordsman Wu Yan, the strongest player, you think he’s just another random guy off the streets or something? I am sure she fell head over heels for Wu Yan’s immense power!”


“No! I don’t think Asuna-sama is that type of person!”


“What the hell is going on? I want to know so badly…”


“Still, Asuna-sama is very cute…”


“Wu Yan-sama is also very dashing…”


Guys, please, mind your volumes…


Wu Yan’s lip twitched when he heard the chatter inside the restaurant. He is flipping tables inside his heart. Asuna still looked like she’s not mentally here. She didn’t hear or didn’t bother to think about the gossips around her. Wu Yan wasn’t sure what to comment here.


“You didn’t invite me here just for them to take a look at me, right?”


Wu Yan grumbled.


“Or do you want to show me what you look like when you’re distracted?”


Asuna mumbled.


“You really did it…”


Wu Yan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


“Are you still hung up on my victory?”


“I’m not!”


Asuna mumbled.


“I didn’t think the invincible captain would actually concede defeat…”


“Even if he didn’t, I would still win in the end. Throwing the towel early is just a normal reaction in this case, isn’t that so?”


That was the best outcome Wu Yan could have hoped for. If Heathcliff chose to continue, there was a real possibility his true identity would have been revealed. Although it probably wouldn’t lead to an early final fight like in the original work. Wu Yan wasn’t sure if he could control the situation should it progresses to that point.


Heathcliff’s surrender coincided with Wu Yan’s plan.


Asuna pursed her lips and she turned towards Wu Yan.


“Don’t get cocky just because you won. You failed to make the first precedent, reducing the captain’s HP to less than 50%.


What do you mean make him go less than 50% health, if he wanted to, no one in this world can do that…


Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her. He sighed after taking a look at the players around them.


“We should finish our meal soon, I don’t think I can take another second of this…”


Asuna only noticed the players around them when prompted by Wu Yan. However, she’s not awkward around a crowd because this is business-as-usual for her.


She sipped from her teacup and she continued.


“And, what about your Dual Blades?”


“What about it?”


“Ha? Are you that lacking in self-awareness?!”


Asuna said with arms akimbo.


“That’s a Unique Skill. You’re the only player who has it, no other player can hope to use it, are you going to skimp your way out of this?”


“What do you want me to say then?”


Wu Yan said with a frustrated tone.


“It’s a Unique Skill, do you think that if I spread the requisites of this skill then players will start obtaining this Unique skill or something?”


Asuna choked on her words and she protested with a lower volume.


“At least, tell me how you got it…”




Wu Yan shrugged.


“I got it quite a while back, it just appeared in my skill tree, even I am not exactly sure how I got it…”


Asuna bit down on her lips as she stared at Wu Yan.


“Why is it that when you’re talking about such a game-breaking skill, it sounds like you’re talking about a boring sub-class skill like cooking…”


“Dual Blades is a very strong Unique Skill!”


Wu Yan chuckled.


“So far, no one is strong enough for me to use it on. Heathcliff is the first one to make me use Dual Blades…”


“Now, you’re just talking like you’re so high and mighty”


Asuna squinted her eyes.


“We are only on the early floors of this place. The solo difficulty will only increase exponentially from this point on. You’re going to hit a ceiling and sooner or later you will have to party up with other players to clear floors!”


“Parties, huh?”


Wu Yan’s mind went somewhere else for a brief second but he returned soon enough. Asuna still captured that moment though, she looked serious for a moment there.


Wu Yan didn’t notice the change in expression. He laughed lightly.


“We’ll leave the future for when the time comes. Maybe then, there would be players who can keep up with me.”


“You’re implying that there are no players who can do that right now!”


Asuna interjected.


“It’s not like there are no players who are willing to party up with you…”


“I want to stay as a solo player for the time being.”


Wu Yan ate the last scrap of food on his plate when he said this.


“Alright, I am going to take my leave first. I don’t like being watched by so many players.”


An interface appeared in front of him.


Asuna sent you a friend request.


Wu Yan flinched in surprise. He turned around to look at Asuna who is blushing very bright red right now. She came up with an explanation on the spot.


“Don’t misunderstand, I just want a way to confirm your status of being dead or alive…”


Wu Yan chortled at the sight of Asuna who’s panicking over an innocuous request. He pressed the Ok button. The two of them are now friends.


“I don’t know why you’re making a big deal out of a friend request…”


He rolled his eyes at her and he got up once more. He waved his hands with his back turned towards Asuna.


“Let’s hope you will still remember me when you remove me from your friend list…”


Wu Yan exited the restaurant.




Asuna turned her head the other way with a dissatisfied look.


A mail appeared in front of Asuna and she focused on the content therein.


She couldn’t ignore the message.


Boss room found!


“We finally found it, huh…”


Asuna stood up as she confirmed the rapier strapped at her waist. She grinned at the direction where Wu Yan left.


“The raid group will be taking the Floor Boss, sorry about that, Yan-kun…”



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