Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 655: Unique skill, dual blades

Wu Yan’s new sword formed a dissimilar contrast with the Heaven Gazer since his main weapon is about as tall as a person while his new sword is way shorter at the length of an average sword. He lowered his arms and he spread them wide. Like a panther that is about to pounce on his prey, he looked at Heathcliff.




His growl resounded throughout the place. Everyone, including Heathcliff and Asuna, heard him.


“What?! Nito-ryu?…”


Asuna continued asking with a very puzzled look.


“What’s that? Can players dual-wield swords in SAO?”


Asuna wanted to laugh at herself for coming up with such a silly notion. In SAO, you can’t wield two swords at the same time. If a player can equip another sword, that means he would get bonus attributes from wielding another sword.


It’s not a joking matter when you can unleash a sword strike with the attributes of two swords in it. Aside from that, the increase in attack speed also reinforces this boost in attack. The player’s spec before and after using another sword will go through the roof.


This is probably the reason why dual-wielding isn’t an option in SAO.


However, this player is currently using two swords, everyone can see it.




Asuna stared at the second sword in Wu Yan’s hand. She wanted to see if he’s holding it instead of really using it as his off-hand weapon.


“Is this a skill? A kind of skill that allowed a player to equip two swords, is there such a cheat-like ability in SAO?”


Asuna suddenly remembered something.


She already has another example in the arena. Heathcliff is the user of a unique skill that combined offense and defense, the Holy Sword.


“A Unique Skill…”


Asuna smiled.


“No way…”


Asuna was wrong.


His Dual Blades is the real deal, it’s a Unique Skill.


In the original work, this skill is Kirito’s Unique Skill.


Now, in this universe, Dual blades came into Wu Yan’s possession.


With another sword in his hand, he felt more empowered. He felt lighter on his feet and he felt power surging through his arms. Now, he can unleash another level of attack power and attack speed.


“Dual Blades…”


Heathcliff looked at Wu Yan’s two swords.


“I didn’t think you would have a Unique Skill…”


When he said “Unique Skill”, the other players finally understood what happened and cheers came in droves.


The second Unique Skill has appeared in SAO, the Dual Blades.


Two Unique Skill users are dueling right in front of them.


Their blood started boiling with elation.


Wu Yan grinned.


“You look surprised for someone who has a Unique skill…”


Heathcliff should know about Dual Blades. This Unique Skill was designed with the intention that the player with the fastest reaction speed would get this skill. In the original work, that was Kirito. Now, his inhuman stats granted him access to this Unique Skill, how can a mortal like Kirito possibly compete response time with an inhuman being like Wu Yan.


Heathcliff looks like he wasn’t sure who would get Dual Blades.


“It’s surprising for sure…”


Heathcliff changed his expression.


“Unique Skill holders are destined to walk a different path than average players. You’re already an outlier without a Unique Skill, I can’t help but be surprised when you reveal your Unique Skill…”


Heathcliff didn’t expect that the Unique Skill he designed would end up in Wu Yan’s hands. Yet, in hindsight, it’s reasonable that things turned out this way.


If he isn’t worthy enough for this Unique Skill, who else is?


“Don’t be too surprised yet, Captain Heathcliff…”


Wu Yan crossed his arms, his blades stood up menacingly.


“There are still more bonuses I have in store for you…”


Wu Yan’s eyes glimmered.


Starburst Stream…


Heathcliff turned grave and he hurriedly put up his guard. A blurry figure teleported in front of him and it unleashed a torrent of sword slash.




Heathcliff got steadily pushed back. He wanted to step back from the flurry of attacks but Wu Yan continued pressing down on him. He continued hacking away at Heathcliff’s shield.


Tang tang tang tang


Each strike fell on his shield as he shuddered. It is already a challenge in itself just to stay on his feet. Each strike took away a little bit of his HP. Added up, the torrent of attacks brought Heathcliff close to the 50% mark.


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes as he unleashed a phantasmal dance of elusive, lightning-quick, thunderous, and lethal strikes on Heathcliff. The sound of sword clashing against shield reverberated in the arena.


Wu Yan basked in this beautiful dance of sword and sparks. He integrated Starburst Stream and Eternal Arms Mastery in a seamless manner. He found the optimal trajectory, the best timing, and the most efficient strike to bolster his enhanced ATK attributes.


Heathcliff retreated in a haggard manner. Gnashing his teeth, he felt his hands turning numb from blocking so many powerful attacks. Yet, Wu Yan is still attacking as fiercely as when he started out. The moment Heathcliff loses focus, he will most likely be stuck with the final blow. In the end, Heathcliff chose to tough this one out.




He yelled out loud as he lost his footing. He blocked with all his might but it wasn’t enough.




His shield got deflected away and a black sword came for his forehead.






Heathcliff abused his administrator privileges to reposition his shield. He blocked the Heaven Gazer with his shield.


A horizontal slash came for Heathcliff from the side, this time it was aimed at his neck.


Breaking the game’s limitation again, Heathcliff used his sword to block Wu Yan’s sword with a crisp clang. Following that, the sound of something snapping came.


Wu Yan and Heathcliff flinched




Wu Yan’s offhand sword exploded into a rain of fragments.




Wu Yan clicked his tongue. He jumped away to make some distance.


Heathcliff panted and he chuckled.


“Looks like Wu Yan-kun’s second sword isn’t up to standard…”


“Well, I couldn’t find another sword quite like Heaven Gazer, I had to compromise on the quality.”


Wu Yan threw away his broken sword. He examined Heathcliff and he smiled widely.


“Looks like Captain Heathcliff isn’t in a good spot as well. I think it will only take another hit for me to reduce your HP to the Yellow Zone right?”


Heathcliff’s expression sank. He glanced at his HP bar and his helplessness started appearing on his face.


Heathcliff now knows what it feels like to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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