Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 654: Break the limitation? A second sword...

The timer ticked down as the surrounding noise died down. Finally, everyone zipped their mothers and they watched with absolute silence.


The spectators subconsciously slowed down their breathing and they focused on this match lest they miss a single moment due to blinking. Nobody questioned the profiles of the fighter, they are both legends in their own rights.


The KoBs forgot to keep an eye on the spectators. They kept glancing and peeking at the center of this arena. Asuna glanced between the two with a worried look, she clenched her fists. Only Asuna knows who she is really worried about.


A gale blew by and the playful wind ruffled their hair and clothing. At last, it’s now 10 seconds before the duel starts, the arena is dead silent now…









A clear ring came and the two players moved at the same time!


The two smashed together in an instant, reducing the 5 meters distance to 0 in less than a second.




Two swords exchanged sparks in a brilliant clash. Their collisions stirred up a gale. It took the spectators more than a few seconds to realize that the two players had already started fighting.


The sparks kept coming as one large sword and one relatively smaller sword ground against each other. Shrill noise like someone scrapping a nail across a piece of glass reverberated in everyone’s ears. It looks like a stalemate, a look at the fighters’ expression will prove otherwise.


Wu Yan grinned when he saw Heathcliff’s slightly unsightly look. He exerted more strength and Heaven Gazer pressed down on Heathcliff. The power exploded and Heathcliff flew back from the force.


Heathcliff gnashed his teeth as he steadied himself. His expression turned grave.


“Very strong…”




Wu Yan chuckled. He instantly appeared in front of Heathcliff. Heathcliff’s eyes widened in shock.


“Are you sure it’s just my strength?”


As soon as he said that, a strong wind approached Heathcliff. Blocking in the nick of time, a dull thud rang and Heathcliff got sent back by a few steps again.


As for Wu Yan, he is pointing his blade at Heathcliff in a stance ready to strike again. Heathcliff is spotting a very grim look.


In two brief attacks, Wu Yan emerged unharmed while Heathcliff lost a bit of HP.


Wu Yan appeared to be the one with the upper hand here.




The players cheered out loud. They are lauding him for not disappointing them.


“He’s so strong…”


Asuna mumbled.


“Even the Captain’s defense isn’t enough to block his damage entirely. Yan-kun, you are strong, just as expected…”


“It appears I have underestimated you…”


Heathcliff sighed. He still looked very tense.


“You have high strength and agility. You also have a very quick response time, I miscalculated my tactics…”


Wu Yan mused out loud.


“Are you going to surrender?”




Heathcliff laughed slightly. He raised the shield in his left hand and he took a stance.


“I am still a leader of a guild, I can’t surrender so easily!”


“Then let’s resume…”


Wu Yan licked his lips.


“Let’s enjoy this and fight like our lives are on the line!”


Heathcliff hid most of his face behind his shield. He charged at Wu Yan with quick footsteps.


Wu Yan stopped smiling, His sword flashed bright blue. Heathcliff raised his guard because Wu Yan is about to use a Sword Skill!


He is vigilant but he never stopped charging towards Wu Yan. Wu Yan waited for Heathcliff to come to him before he let loose his Heaven Gazer.


Heathcliff kept his eyes on the black sword which looked like it was aimed at his shield. With Wu Yan’s STR, it’s possible that he would get hurt if he tried to block this attack. Instead, Heathcliff chose to evade.


He stopped his dash almost instantly and he spun around to Wu Yan’s side, Heaven Gazer missed him by just a bit and Heathcliff did another drastic spin to slash Wu Yan.




Wu Yan smacked Heathcliff’s shield away with his arm. Staggered by this deflection, he revealed Heathcliff and he swiped at him with a Sword Skill.


Still recovering, Heathcliff looked like he would get hit and he certainly looked very flustered. Just a split-second later, he returned to a very calm state.


At the most critical juncture, Heathcliff recovered from his stunned state in a fashion that defied real-world physics. It’s like time stopped for everyone but Heathcliff.


Wu Yan’s eyes rippled.




The shield and sword met and the two pushed each other away.


Wu Yan assessed the confrontation just now. That was an impossible move from a gamer’s perspective, he looked like he would fall but he suddenly recovered and his shield even looked like it teleported back into a guarding state. Heathcliff probably abused his administrator privileges to remove the game system’s limitation on movements.


Finally, he used his cheat.


He swung Heaven Gazer once more and this time, he used even more power than before, each attack was as fierce if not fiercer than the attack before.




Heathcliff felt like he’s fighting a leviathan. He can’t even hold his ground properly. Being pushed further and further back is the only thing he can do right now. With another smack, he drew lines in the ground before he looked at Wu Yan like he’s looking at a monster in human form.


“That power, you weren’t using your full power…”


“I am still far from being on your level!”


Wu Yan smiled with a cold glint in his eyes.


“You blocked my attack despite the obstacles in your way. Your attack speed is obviously higher than mine…”


Heathcliff stood up and he looked at Wu Yan.


“Well, what are you going to do now? Your attack speed isn’t enough to land a clean hit on me…”




Wu Yan lowered his head. Then, he raised his head with a bright bulb on his head.


“I just need to exceed your attack speed!”


Not giving Heathcliff a second to retort, Wu Yan pulled out another sword.


Heathcliff’s pupils shrank!

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