Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 635: The Black Cats who got dragged into it...

Aincrad, 2nd floor, a certain hotel…


A lot of players are here chatting and drinking booze. The slightly more affluent ones ordered meals along with their drinks. The chatter filled up the hotel, making it look and sound like an uptown bar.


The topics ranged from frontliners’ latest developments, or guild scandals, stories of lucky drops and loot bragging, etc. Most of them sounded very disgruntled or envious of other players.


Guilds are generally stronger than individual players or squads, excluding guilds with only a few members, top guilds are already starting to appear, they have more members and are more organized. They need to be organized and have many members in order to continue expanding and clearing floors. They also need to prepare a lot of guild events.


To gather the resources needed, they have to farm mob monsters and clear quests.


The fields that are lucrative are monopolized by guilds. They abused their guild influence by forcing players away, they gave excuses like they need this area for official guild duties and other such BS. These guilds chased away players or squads that are weaker than them.


Against such unruly behavior, the players can only grumble as they retreated back to the safety of the Town of Beginnings. Things generally calmed down after a few days, but, toes have been stomped on and people snubbed at, the damage is already done. One could see that they are all very upset judging by the contents of their conversations in the hotel.


As for their slightly hostile attitude towards RNG-blessed players, well, that’s just them being sore losers and/or jealous of the happiness of others.


Exceptionally strong and capable players aren’t included in this discussion. People like Kirito are already training in areas with higher-level monsters. These players are ahead of the curve so it’s natural that they are more daring or not as risk-averse as others.


The players inside the hotel continued grumbling. Suddenly, Wu Yan & the Black Cats returned where they left, near the exact table where Wu Yan drank beer. their sudden appearance shocked the other players here. They all flinched in surprise.


They have already seen teleport crystals before, this isn’t typical teleportation. For one, teleportation crystals generally moved players to a designated area, like the fountain plaza. They’ve never heard or seen any crystal that can teleport a party into a hotel.


Is this a bug?


Unlike the other players here, Wu Yan and his retinue sighed in relief after returning here.


“We’re finally back…”


Shion stretched her back. She waved towards Sachi in a lethargic manner.


“Sachi, next time, try to rein in your luck and interactions, I don’t want another quest like this…”


Shion’s words told everyone where they were.


So, they went for a quest, huh…


Sachi lowered her head in embarrassment.


“I will try to…


“Don’t listen to this girl!”


Wu Yan glared at Shion.


“Do you know how many players are looking for a quest? You’re actually complaining about a quest that delivers itself to you? Are you not afraid that other players will slap you to death for being so silly?!”


“Getting slapped to death would be better than dying of boredom in that damned dungeon…”


Shion snorted before she collapsed on the table.


The others noticed Wu Yan among the returnees. They all cried out in unison.


“That black cloak, and black longsword. It’s Wu Yan!”


“What?! What was that?! The one who solo-ed the 1st floor boss on his own??”


“No way! Is that really him?”


“Yeah! That’s him! I remember his gear!”


“That doesn’t make sense at all. Why is he here? He should be busy farming in the fields, right?”


“Maybe the other guilds blocked him…’


“Hah! I don’t believe the guilds would have the balls to do that to someone who can take down a boss on his own!”


“So what if he solo-ed the boss? He’s just one person, there are a lot of members inside a guild, in a confrontation, it’s highly likely that he has to retreat.”


“Well, if that guild is lead by a homo sapien instead of a homo erectus, they would do anything in their power to get Wu Yan to join them…”


“You have a point there…”


“Man, if only I solo-ed a boss, guilds would be too busy kissing my ass to snub me!”


“You? Please, beat the Mountain Rooster in the fields into the red zone (10%hp left) and maybe then someone would take you seriously!”


Their return sparked a conversation centered on Wu Yan. The hotel became even louder. Their heads started hurting because of all this attention.


Wu Yan knitted his brows. They aren’t looking at him with animosity or jealousy like before. However, Wu Yan isn’t used to being treated like a legendary hero. It felt like he’s a monkey inside a zoo with all these players pointing and talking about him.


“I am going back to my room…”


Wu Yan turned around as he walked up the stairs.


The Black Cats wanted to say something but Wu Yan already disappeared upstairs leaving them to deal with the aftermath. The other players took note of them, the Black Cats came back from a quest with the strongest player, that’s already worth remembering for most of the players here.


The Black Cats, excluding Sachi who’s still not used to something like this, all puffed their chests out with pride. They are famous for the right reasons so they took pride in that fact.


Of course, because of their brilliance, the Black Cats also entered the crosshairs of other players.



At night, inside a certain room in a certain hotel.


Wu Yan already changed his clothes, he was on his bed, eating the good food he cooked himself. He enjoyed every second of this rare silence.


This is one of the perks of being inside a game. With a few taps and drags, one could make the personal room he is currently staying into a fortress of solitude. The noise outside was completely isolated, he also didn’t need to worry about his voice leaking outside this room.


Other actions are still allowed and will get through his noise filter. For example, a knock on the door.


He heard Sachi talking outside his room.


“Onii-san, are you in there?”




Wu Yan stopped eating.


“Come in…”


Sachi easily opened the door after she obtained permission from Wu Yan. Much to Wu Yan’s surprise, she looked absolutely exhausted. She looked like Takitsubou Rikou who is always out of it.


“Sachi, are you okay?”


Wu Yan asked with a bewildered look.


“What happened to you?”


Sachi rolled her eyes at Wu Yan. This is the first time he saw her being so rude with anyone.


“I am surprised you can still ask me that when you’re the culprit, Onii-san…”


“What did I do?”


“Yeah, you…”


Sachi sighed in a tired voice.


“You’re famous but you turned off your friend request function so nobody can send you any friend request. Without other venues, they saw us and they assumed we can act as a medium to get to you…”


Sachi grumbled like she would tear up any moment now.


“I have been bombarded with friend requests since this afternoon, they all kept sending me PMs, saying stuff like how they wanted to meet you or get to know you. I am already relatively fine compared to the guild master, he couldn’t refuse requests faster than requests piled up. It’s the first time I saw someone get tuckered out from refusing requests…”

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