Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 632: A little trick, the end of the solo fight

The Black Cats weren’t expecting that last move. They looked at Wu Yan who is still running towards the cave and the boss who is behind him.




It chased after Wu Yan with a loud roar. Its burning eyes are focusing entirely on Wu Yan who didn’t mind being chased.


It became rather obvious that the boss couldn’t catch up to Wu Yan. It managed to close the distance between the two but Wu Yan effortless left it behind as the distance between them increased to more than dozens of meters.


The Black Cats had worried looks. They wanted him to stay and fight.


It’s not because they wanted the loot from this fight. It’s because that direction he’s running is only going to end up as a dead end.


At that point, Wu Yan is going to get cornered with no way out.




Sachi yelled.


She wanted to remind Wu Yan but Souta stopped her.


“Sachi, calm down. I think he knows that’s a dead end. He must have a plan, we just need to wait here and see.”




Sachi gave Wu Yan an anxious look. She lowered her head after exchanging a look with Souta.


Wu Yan entered the shallow cave and he encountered a tall wall that stopped him.


The Black Cats watched with racing hearts. The boss rushed Wu Yan as he stood unmovingly. Cold sweat flowed down the sides of their heads.


Only when the boss got close did Wu Yan move.


With his back against the wall, he stepped forward and he jumped up. He kicked against the wall behind him and he leaped past the boss.


At the same time, the boss crashed against the cave wall.




A loud collision sound echoed within the cave. The walls shook and the boss fell on its back due to the shock. Meanwhile, Wu Yan stood with Heaven Gazer ready to attack at any time. The light of Sword skills brightened up the dark cave and he unleashed Crumbling Strikes on the stunned boss.


The boss is very strong, its Atk is enough to bring Wu Yan’s Hp, after accounting for his high defense, down to half if Wu Yan somehow got hit. He surmised that with such high Atk, the result of ramming against a tough wall will harm and stun it. The boss indeed hurt itself, it lost a lost of Hp and it got momentarily stunned.


Wu Yan didn’t waste this opportunity. He spammed Crumbling Strikes on the boss, he shaved away 66% of the boss’s Hp.


Now, with full Hp, he stared at the boss who looked very haggard right now.


From the Black Cats’ perspectives, it looked like a full-Hp player is beating the crap out of a higher level boss. They almost forgot to blink when they saw this.


“That’s so incredible!”


Shion came up with that line after no other words suited her feelings right now.


“You’re right…”


Souta hissed in amazement.


“He used the environment to stun the boss. That’s an outstanding move…”


“I am fully convinced he can take on any boss on his own!”


Shion said with a vivacious voice. She cheered for Wu Yan with clenched hands.


“Finish that boss. We want to see the drops!”


Moonlit Black Cats is a guild. However, this guild consisted of only 6 members. They are also severely under-leveled compared to frontliners. They didn’t grind a lot during their time in SAO.


Wu Yan helped them out greatly by offering them a cut of the profit from selling off his unwanted items and equipment. Right now, they are barely second-class guild, without Wu Yan’s help, they would still be a third-class guild right now.


They are about to witness the death of a boss-class monster, they couldn’t help their excitement. It felt like they are actively participating in this fight.




The Lion-man boss roared again. Free from its stunned state, Wu Yan stopped for a brief while but he continued slamming the boss with skills and attacks anyway. The boss’s hp got chipped away. Just like that, the Hp bar of the boss fell into the red zone.


By the time it was done roaring, Wu Yan already pushed it towards Death’s door. With a few more skills, this Lion-man will turn into tons of Exp and items.


The audience looked on with throbbing hearts. They didn’t blink because they didn’t want to miss any of the action.


It’s highly probable that this boss will change attack sequence just like the 1st Floor Boss when it enters the last 10% of its Hp.


A hot wave spread out from the Lion-man boss like an erupting volcano. The temperature immediately rose.


“Look out!”


The Black Cats yelled in shock.


Wu Yan’s face froze up for a second there. He recovered with a cold grin on his face.


Seven Stars!”


A jet of air blasted everything around Wu Yan. He grabbed his Heaven Gazer and his figure twisted into a series of blurry images that unleashed seven lightning-fast attacks on the Lion-man boss.


In almost a second, he completed his combo attack and he stopped on his own accord. The boss became an unmoving statute as its Hp bar fell to 0.


He used the centrifugal force from his body spin to unleash 7 consecutive strikes on the boss. In the end, the boss didn’t even get a chance to use its final skill on Wu Yan. It fell lifelessly onto the floor with a thundering thud.




The enormous body of the boss exploded into a beautiful display of data crystals and fragments in front of a gleeful bunch of Black Cats.


Time seemed to have stopped for them.


They were blushing with excitement. They couldn’t stop shaking as they finally cheered out loud in unison. Their sounds could be heard echoing in this space.

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