Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 631: Solo the Lion-man boss! Run?

It’s relatively easy to win against monsters several levels above the combatant player. If the player has the skill, experience, and expertise, they usually opt to challenge monsters several levels above them to earn more gold and items.


Solo a boss that is higher in level? Well, now that’s one for the ages.


Boss designed as a completely different type of enemy than mob monsters. For instance, a level 45 player can take down a level 50 monster. Meanwhile, a player would have to be at least level 60 or above to solo a level 50 boss.


Also, that player must be very skilled and proficient in combat, people like Kirito and Asuna.


That’s the difference between a mob monster and a boss-class enemy.


That’s only a basic field boss, by the way. Challenging a floor boss solo while being inferior in level is tantamount to suicide.


Wu Yan had superior levels when he 1v1 the 1st floor boss. He wouldn’t trade blows with the floor boss if he didn’t enough levels to do so.


Challenging the floor boss to a 1v1 on the same level is also basically courting death. Wu Yan is one of the few who accomplished this death-defying act along with Kirito who will do so in the future. Winning in a solo fight was the reason why the players treated Wu Yan like a superstar.


The boss in front of him isn’t a floor boss. It is a monster, unlike the mob monsters they encountered on the way here, this one is not to be looked down upon. Wu Yan did his fair share of solo boss-kills. He is also someone who challenges mob monsters way beyond his current level for breakfast so a boss like this Lion-man monster might be higher in level, but, Wu Yan still has the confidence to take it on.


He also made sure to remain vigilant. The incident with the Beast King reminded him that he shouldn’t take his confidence too far or his pride will be his fall just like what happened last time.


Wu Yan silenced his footsteps as he approached the boss monster.


He drew closer and closer like a silent reaper.


Suddenly, when he came within a distance of about 10 meters away from the monster, the boss woke up from its sleep.


A pair of flickering golden eyes fell upon Wu Yan’s body. It pounced on Wu Yan without even standing up, reducing the distance them to 5 meters.




Like a lion with wings, the monster roared as it took flight. Swooping down on Wu Yan with golden talons, the monster aimed for Wu Yan’s face.


The boss’s attack isn’t as simple as it looked. This was a skill that had high attack power and speed. The monster rushed with such ferociousness that a player would be locked into place by fear and they would forget about evading its attack.


It’s like when a pedestrian freezes up when he is about to get hit by a fast-moving car on the road.


If the person is a seasoned fighter like Wu Yan then this psychological tactic wouldn’t work.


Normally, a squad of 2 – 3 players is enough to take down a mob monster with the same level as the party.


To take down a boss, elite players in a 5-person party would be enough, assuming strong teamwork and given enough time.


Boss are just monsters who came with high defense, terrifying attacks, and surprising skills. They are scarier by themselves than even dozens of monsters on the same level as them.


Currently, Wu Yan is the only one who can solo bosses.


Lion-man’s pouncing attack is very astounding for sure but Wu Yan also moved when the Lion-man attacked.


He immediately dashed forward by about 2 steps. He dodged the stab from Lion-man by turning his body.


He followed up with a Crumbling Strike to counter the boss.




Heaven Gazer landed on the boss, he sent the boss 2 meters away with the shock of his attack.


He tipped the boss over as it landed in a stumble. The first Hp bar of its five Hp bars got a 10% reduction.


He only took away 2% of the boss’s total HP, that’s after he used skills on it. The DEF on this monster must be ridiculously high, it’s going to be hard to find any players that can overcome its defenses. The players on the same level as this boss would need to kill this monster over a very long fight.


Wu Yan clicked his tongue, he gave the boss another two whack of Crumbling Strikes before it got up. Further damaging the boss, he placed a distance between them.


Pouncing seems to be its only skill. It immediately activated another pounce the moment it recovered. It looked humanoid but this boss had a predictable AI like that of an enraged beast. Wu Yan took note of this and he evaded the lunge from the boss.


He evaded the boss’s attack three times in a roll now. In terms of speed, Wu Yan had higher stats than the boss. But, the boss had superior agility and dexterity so Wu Yan relied on Eternal Arms Mastery to dance around the boss. After evading the boss’s attack, he placed some distance between them.


Like a blurry phantom, he weaved in and out of the boss’s attack area. The Black Cats were sweating very hard when Wu Yan dodged with thin margins of error. The boss always missed just when it thought it got him.


If the boss is sentient, it might die out of sheer anger.


Wu Yan didn’t know if this monster had intelligence. But, he can see that this monster’s eyes flashed brighter with each successful evasion on his part.




The monster changed its attack sequence. It stopped blindly pouncing around and it stood on its hind legs. The next instant, it came at Wu Yan like a heavy truck.


Wu Yan’s eyes had a deceptive glint. He stepped back a bit and he charged the monster with a grin.




The Black Cats gasped.


Is he going to trade blows with the Lion-man boss?


Wu Yan stomped and he jumped into the air when it seemed like they would collide. He leaped over the boss and he charged into the cave the monster was guarding.

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