Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 630: The lion-man in front of the cave

When Wu Yan pounced on the Footless Raccoons, the five monsters also reacted by directing their aggression towards Wu Yan. They tried to rip Wu Yan to shreds with their sharp claws.


In just a short instant, the two opposing parties drew close as they attacked each other. When Wu Yan was about to get cut by the claws, he jumped high into the air and the monsters bumped into each other as they piled up beneath Wu Yan.


Crumbling strike!”




He smashed his longsword into all 5 monsters. He smacked their hovering body against the ground they levitated on. He took advantage of the monsters’ staggered stated to jump ahead as he deftly landed on the ground. He scurried behind the monsters with impossible agility.


One Black Cat wanted to snipe some experience points for himself. But, Souta stopped him. He shook his head.


“Forget it. We better sit this one out, If we attract the aggro of the monsters, that’s just going to slow him down…’


Souta observed Wu Yan as he expressed his opinion.


“I can see why he is the only one who can solo-kill a floor boss, I am very convinced that the raid players were telling the truth, from what I am seeing, they are not exaggerating at all. Looks like we have to work harder to join the apex players…”


Sachi, Shion, and the other guild members nodded with serious looks.


With such a strong player in their company, they felt the urge to grow stronger and remain relevant compared to someone like him.


Even if they won’t be able to reach Wu Yan’s level, they have to do their best in order to stop dragging Wu Yan’s foot, that’s the least they can do, not get in his way by being too weak.”


Wu Yan’s influence led the Moonlit Black Cats on a different path in destiny’s grand work.


Wu Yan bobbed and weaved as he created an art out of dodging the Footless Raccoons’ attacks. He unleashed two more Crumbling strikes on one of the raccoons. He can vouch for their toughness as it took him 3 Crumbling strikes to kill one of them.


As the fallen raccoon burst into data fragments, he continued reaping the monsters as he unleashed a Thrust at two raccoons that took a swipe at him.


One of the raccoons stumbled and before it got up, a mighty attack landed on it as its Hp bar got depleted. Heaven Gazer remained where it disappeared.


Now, there are only three more raccoons.


Wu Yan spent 10 seconds on this fight by now.


The gap in level isn’t that large but it’s a 5 v 1. Numerically speaking, the side with only 1 combatant should have died a long time ago assuming stats parity. But, Wu Yan is the one butchering 5 monsters.


After slaughtering 2 raccoons, he’s still at full health. The monsters can’t even put a scratch on him.


He was taking a walk in the park with the 5 raccoons, with three left, it’s only going to get easier. He continued dodging and countering the monsters with accurate and deadly strikes. He activated the sword skill enhancement whenever he saw the chance to do so.


The others felt like they are watching a sci-fi film. He’s turning their gaming common sense moot with his performance.


The Black Cats also failed to notice a pair of red eyes watching them from within a bush near them. The creature seized the chance to attack the Moonlit Black Cats.


Wu Yan settled all five monsters when he saw the monster sneaking up on the Moonlit Black Cats.


Wu Yan dashed out and his blade shone with a brilliant blue sheen. He activated Thrust to triple his speed as he turned into a blurry dark figure that charged for the Black Cats.


The monster jumped into the air as it got ready to attack the Black Cats. Before it could do so, however, Wu Yan body-slammed the Footless Raccoon into a nearby tree. The immense force of this slam depleted the monster’s Hp bar.


The Black Cats only knew how close they were to danger when they saw the monster exploding into data fragments. Cold sweat flowed down their backs.


“You guys…”


Wu Yan said with an annoyed tone.


“I said stay here, I didn’t say you can slack on your vigilance, did I?”


They rubbed the back of their heads in embarrassment. He had more to say but he chalked this one up as a careless mistake. These players are just normal everyday students months ago before they got dragged into a death game, he can’t expect them to fight like seasoned veterans.


“Whew, these monsters are very high-leveled…”


Souta bitterly laughed. He thanked Wu Yan.


“Luckily for us, we’ve got you. If you weren’t here, I am afraid we won’t even be alive right now, forget completing this quest…”


The Black Cats concurred with a nod of their heads. They expressed their gratitude but Wu Yan rolled his eyes and he decided to continue exploring the maze. It’s like he didn’t care if they lived or not.


Upon closer inspection, Wu Yan showed extreme wariness whenever he fought monsters. He would always divert a significant portion of his attention to prepare himself to intercept ambush in case the Black Cats got in trouble.


After a while, he saw a scene where the Black Cats ganged up on a Footless Raccoon and they won decisively. He was assured by their abilities and he “missed” a monster each time they encountered monsters. He let the Black Cats deal with the monsters as a form of guided training.


After some time, they arrived at a clearing, it’s still very creepy but at least they are out of the woods for now. This clearing was about a hundred meters wide with no tall trees in sight. They could see a cave situated some distance away.


A shiny golden lion slept in front of the cave entrance.


No, it’s a shiny lion-man. It looked like a humanoid monster with a slim torso and ripped chest and tough abs.


They stopped when they saw this monster. This monster was clearly a league away from the other monsters they encountered on the way here. They sucked in a cold breath of air when they examined the identity of this monster.


This lion-man is a boss!


They saw an update in their quest log. The log told them to kill the boss in front of them.


“Ah, yes, we are nearing the end of our quest…”


Wu Yan grinned.


“Don’t talk about it like you’re tying up loose ends! That’s a boss, you know?!”


Shion shrunk down in fear. She knew how capable Wu Yan can be in this kind of situation but she lacked faith so she behaved like this.


He leisurely strode towards the lion-man monster with Heaven Gazer resting on his shoulder.


“Wait here, keep a minimum distance of 10 meters away from the battlefield. With your current experience and levels, I think you guys can finish a few monsters on your own…”


Wu Yan wanted to solo a boss again!


The Black Cats resisted the urge to advise him against doing so. They nodded in unison.

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