Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 629: After the maze, we've got a forest now? Footless raccoon dog.

They appeared in a forest after the maze faded. It’s a very normal forest, for them, however, it’s like a boon straight from heaven.


“Oh! We’re out!”


Shion glomped Sachi. She rubbed her face all over her chest. If Sachi’s her usual self, she would be tomato red right now. But, just like Shion, she’s too busy celebrating their exodus.


“We’re finally out…”


The Black Cats weren’t touchy-feely with each other like the girls but they hooray-ed in their own ways. They trembled with elation.


“Don’t celebrate too early…”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed.


“We aren’t completely out yet. This forest is also unmapped…”


The others nodded. They didn’t mind this, they just wanted to get out from that dark and creepy space. Wu Yan continued to laugh wryly.


Wu Yan scanned the forest with his eyes. He opened his map and, just as expected, no information could be gleaned from the map.


Sighing, waved towards the other Black Cats.


“Let’s go. I am getting tired with this damn quest.”


Wu Yan didn’t wait for the guild members to reply. He went inside the forest first as the other members trailed behind him.


The moment they entered the forest, they noticed that the lighting here is still very poor. It’s also eerily quiet here, they couldn’t hear the sound of birds chirping or the insects buzzing in the air. It’s like a haunted forest.


Shion and Sachi got closer to Wu Yan and they lowered the sounds of their footsteps. They inched forward like they are afraid of waking up a sleeping beast.


It’s the first time they experienced such a scary scene in the gaming world. It felt like they just stepped into a haunted forest in the real world. The sense of dread is no less than the real world.


There was a movement in the bushes. They stopped when they heard the sound of something crawling through the grasses. Seven or so almond-brown creatures rushed out of their hiding spots!


“Watch out!”


Wu Yan yelled out loud. He flashed like a lightning bolt as he intercepted the attack.




He wiped the seven surprise attacked with a thrust sword skill. The enemies instantly had their Hp bars depleted.


These creatures looked like raccoon dogs with long tails and they had no legs but they had claws that were pretty sharp from the look.


Wu Yan stopped to examine the bodies. He reacted when he heard noises coming behind him. He swung Heaven Gazer with incredible speed at the three ambush predators coming from his six o’clock.




The critically wounded raccoons stopped in their tracks when the Heaven Gazer was done turning them into minced data crystals.




With three attacks, he reduced the 7 ambush predators to data crystals. he confirmed their deaths with his system log. The monsters left behind experience points, Cors, and items.


The other Black Cats were ready with weapons in hand. They wanted to exterminate the monsters but they were stunned with Wu Yan’s performance. Their jaws dropped like they saw a ghost in broad daylight.


Shion lowered her weapon and she pursed her lips.


” I am pretty sure he’s not using weakness exploits. His Atk must be bugged!”


In a span of about three seconds, he personally sent the seven mob monsters that ambushed them to hell where they belonged.


“Onii-san, that was awesome…”


Sachi said with hands clasped in front of her chest. Wu Yan acted like he didn’t hear her mumble. He continued walking like nothing happened as the other Black Cats regained their senses.


“That’s just…”


Souta gulped. he wanted to say something but he couldn’t say it in the end.


They are already out of words to describe him. They just continued walking as they tried to make Wu Yan a subject of intense study.


Wu Yan wasn’t aware that he stirred the Black Cats greatly with his one-hit-KOs. The monsters are powerful but he’s way more powerful. Cleaning mobs like this is more like a chore than a challenge.


The boss’s Kobold sentinel was like a useless mob in front of his sword. These field monsters are way more inferior in stats.


The mood got tense as they proceeded deep into the forest. The dim light around here sprouted dark clouds above everyone’s head. The stress is also rather evident in their breathing rates.


“When are we ever getting out?…”


Shion grumbled for the nth time. She’s just not used to a creepy forest like this. It’s not like the hell-dungeon maze before, this forest was suffocating in another way.


“Well, we will know soon enough. We already spent an hour inside that damned dummy dungeon, so what if we are delayed by another hour here…”


Wu Yan stopped when he said that. The Black Cats also stopped. They saw the creature Wu Yan is looking at and they froze up. Their initial confusion was replaced with a chill and a subconscious urge to clench down on their weapons.


In front of them, there are five pairs of shiny eyes prowling the wooded area in front of them. The creatures looked like wolves or bears that are out looking for food. Their malicious eyes caused the Black Cats to shiver in fear. The monsters were designed in a way that would terrify or intimidate players. Shion and Sachi stopped looking as they hugged their weapons.


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes. His vision inside here is limited by his current virtual body. He had a hard time making out the figures lurking in the dark. With much difficulty, he sized up his prey.


They are raccoons. Unlike the previous raccoons, these ones are twice as large, they still moved around by relying on their tail like a weird cobra with a Raccoon’s torso. With no discernible legs, the claws on these raccoons looked sharper and longer than the smaller ones from before.


The other Black Cats also saw the appearance of these raccoons. Against such a weird creature that’s easily larger than an average tiger, they lifted their weapons but they knew better than to rush over there without a strategy. They wavered as one of the clan members commented.


“That’s a high level…”


The guild member hissed.


“Are all 2nd-floor monsters these terrible?…”


Wu Yan tilted his head in confusion. He hadn’t farmed the mob monsters out on the fields yet, but from the information he gathered from other players, these footless raccoons are almost the same level as the monsters inside the 2nd floor’s floor boss maze.


“Wait here…”


Wu Yan grabbed Heaven Gazer.


“I am going to test these creatures.”


Wu Yan immediately rushed towards the monsters.

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