Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 628: Hp Bar?

The seven of them are completely lost inside this maze.


The crossroads fork into two or three paths now and then. After traversing a lot of these paths, they lost their ways within this maze. All they know is this place is ridiculously big. Forget the exit, they can’t even find their original arrival point. They might have missed it but they couldn’t be sure.


Whenever they couldn’t find any more forks in the road, it’s usually because they arrived at yet another dead end.


He led the Black Cats through the maze. Wu Yan is now moving faster than when they started. He is frowning very hard. In his mind, he is piecing together a mental map from the places they already discovered.


With his impeccable memory aiding him, he is very sure he can tell which paths he hadn’t traveled down yet. However, he failed to keep track of where a path led to whenever he came back again, basically, he’s very confused right now.


The loss of a sense of direction wasn’t compensated by his Impeccable Memory.


The maze is very complex and the layout is designed in a way that would even the hardiest of mapmakers. The moment he lost his bearing, it was already too late. He always chose a path that would somehow end at a dead end.


Obviously, this wasn’t a test of strength. With a labyrinth this complex, even the mighty Impeccable Memory couldn’t help him out. He just couldn’t tell North from South, forget navigating the crossroads.


In this way, labyrinths are way scarier than floor bosses.


Floor bosses can physically destroy someone while labyrinths can mentally destroy someone.


The Black Cats got more and more anxious as time went on. They are all emotionally unstable right now. They are very frustrated and exhausted by walking around to no avail. At this rate, they are going to cave in before their bodies did.


Wu Yan’s head filled up with stormy clouds.


With his perfect memory failing him, making legends on the map is also a no go since one would end up with a blank map with legends dotting it.


Leaving traces on the wall or dropping items to mark their paths also failed.


Players can’t damage the walls, leaving items won’t work because the dropped items would disappear after 1 minute. It’s as ineffective as it’s wasteful.


Wu Yan raked his brain thinking of a way to break them out of this nightmare.


And then, one hour passed just like that.


The Black Cats aren’t doing too well too. Wu Yan gnashed his teeth, he grew more composed rather than anxious or wanting to give up.


In a situation like this, the last thing you wanted to do is to freak out. He got himself out of the Beast King corner situation when he calmly went over his choices.


Wu Yan rubbed his temples while scanning the walls around him. His heart is a bit tired after this ordeal.


Who was the evil genius that made this place, it’s just the second floor of Aincrad. How did the players in the original work make it to the 75th floor in this gruesome death game?


Fuck, am I going to be trapped in this maze?


He calmed himself down and he leaned against the wall.




The place where he laid his palm sunk.


He looked at the wall and he saw his fingerprints. Yeap, he definitely did that.


Wu Yan was stunned for a brief moment.


Is this some kind of bug? A wall that can be interacted with?


Wu Yan started considering if this is a dead-end space designed to trap players rather than a complex maze. Every path he chose would always end up as a dead-end after all.


He took out his Heaven Gazer and he struck the wall in front of a shocked crowd of Black Cats.




His sword bounced back as a deafening shrill assaulted everyone’s eardrums. They yelled out loud on reflex.


A large force crawled up his arm and Wu Yan backed up. The wall wasn’t dented in the slightest. Wu Yan saw this not with a face of disappointment, he was excited. The other guild members are also very excited to see this.


The wall actually has a Hp bar!


“A Hp bar?!”


Shion looked at the wall with a blush of excitement.


“You’re right!”


Sachi also cheered out loud.


“This wall is destructible?”


Souta’s hand trembled.


They spent an hour inside this maze and it was an hour too long. He voted they wreck this place.


The others also shared the same thought.


“Everyone! Attack with all you’ve got!”


Nobody cared who said that line. They all had the same thought, venting all their frustrations on the wall in front of them.


Sachi and Shion also participated. They hacked the wall with vigor like no other.


Bam bam bam bam bam


Everyone smashed the absolute crap out of the wall, their weapons danced in a very chaotic manner. The wall steadily lost Hp.


Wu Yan led the group as he rallied them.


“Use your skills!”




The six Black Cats unleashed a brilliant light show with their skills. Without hesitation and mercy, they introduced the wall to a world of pain. Like rabid animals, they hit the wall with all they’ve got.


Wu Yan’s eyes flashed and Heaven Gazer shook before starlight lit up around everyone.


Seven Stars!




A thunderous boom louder than their attacks put together rang as the wall got decimated, its Hp bar dropped to yellow, then red, and finally, it got depleted.


When the wall collapsed, the ground shook like they triggered a mechanism of some sort. Everybody was shocked but the shaking stopped after a few seconds. Then, the huge labyrinth faded into thin air like nothing was here in the first place…


The maze is gone!

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