Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 626: A party teleportation crystal, going together…


Most of the players in this death game are busy searching for missions and quests on the 2nd floor. Some quests are very unique quests that can only be completed once. These unique quests gave high-grade rewards so they are the most prized type of quests.


While the players are trying to gamble with their luck, searching all over the town for secret or unique quests, they’ve got someone who stumbled upon a quest soon after she arrived here.


Wu Yan & co are speechless as Sachi fidgeted in embarrassment.


“A teleportation crystal?”


Shion turned towards the crystal with curious eyes.


“Where does this crystal lead to?”


“I don’t know…”


She took out the crystal from her inventory.


“There aren’t any labels on the crystal or indications as to where this crystal teleports to…”


They stared at the mysterious crystal with the symbols “????” on it.


Wu Yan frowned.


Normally, items had labels or flavor text that would give hints for the players to utilize. For example, healing potions would normally be labeled healing potion and/or have stated healing effects when analyzed.


Unlabelled items are items that cannot be obtained. Bricks on the streets, the wall of buildings, the normal trees outside in the fields. Wu Yan has never seen such a weird item before, it can be placed inside an inventory but it’s not labeled or described in any way. This is a person who scoured the 1st floor from top to bottom. If he can’t identify it, the others probably couldn’t as well.


“Sachi, trade it to me, let me check…”


Sachi nodded without hesitation. She wanted to put it into the trade window but she gasped in shock instead.


“It’s untradeable!”


“A teleportation crystal that can’t be sold…”


Souta, Shion, and the other black cats looked at each other. Wu Yan knitted his brows in confusion but he relaxed them soon enough.


“I think the intention here is that only the receiver of the quest can use this item. It should be categorized as a quest item…”


The others nodded in agreement. Sachi hesitated.


“Onii-san, how about we do this quest together?…”


Souta and Shion looked at Wu Yan. A great quest can turn into a death trap if they lacked the strength to complete it. With an unknown quest like this, there’s always the risk of dying before quest completion.


This should have been a Moonlit Black Cats discussion. However, their benefactor, Wu Yan is here so they also included him in the discussion as if he’s already a member in the first place. The leader, Souta looked at Wu Yan as he silently asked him to agree.


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes because Sachi’s too brilliant.


“Sachi, what does this quest want?”


“I don’t know…”


Sachi also frowned when she said this.


“The mission only told me to use this crystal, there aren’t any explanations after that…’


“The NPC only told you to use the teleportation crystal?”


“There’s not even a stated location to turn in this quest?”




Sachi mumbled with a lowered head.


“Hah? Isn’t this kind of irresponsible?…”


Shion grumbled in annoyance.


“I hate it when they do dodgy stuff like this.”


“This mission, I am afraid it isn’t as simple as it looks…”


Wu Yan mumbled. Everyone started listening.


He scanned everyone and he continued.


“ This mission is so mysterious if someone else found the same mission, they would be in a buzz talking about it. There’s no news about this mysterious mission so I am guessing it’s a unique quest!”


“Unique quest?!”


The others looked at Sachi’s teleportation crystal with passionate eyes.


Unique quests have the highest-grade of reward upon completion. A lot of established guilds and squads would pay a great price to get their hands on a quest like this. Now, they are presented with one such quest…


Souta and his retinue’s expression didn’t escape Wu Yan’s eyes as he bitterly laughed.


“Great rewards come with great risk, I hope you guys didn’t forget that part. If you’re unlucky…”




Souta and the other members felt disturbed.


“What can we do? Say no to such a unique quest?”


“The truly troubling issue here is the lack of indicators or hints…”


Wu Yan shrugged.


“It only adds to the uncertainty surrounding this quest…”


“W-what do we do?”


Sachi is the first one to back away in fear.


“Let’s just forget about this quest…”


Souta and the others didn’t want to give up on this quest but they can only sigh in dejection since they aren’t willing to put their lives on the line for such an ambiguous quest.


Wu Yan laughed.


“Give up on it? That won’t do. I want to see the rewards it has in store for us!”


The others flinched in surprise while Sachi anxiously followed up with a question of her own.


“But, can we do it?”




Wu Yan looked at her.


“Did the crystal specify that only you can complete this mission?”


“It didn’t!”


Sachi shook her head. If it’s a quest that told her to go complete it alone, she wouldn’t bring it up because she wouldn’t go even if someone threatened to beat her to death.


“Can this crystal transfer a whole party?”


“Party transfer?”


Shion tilted her head.


“Aren’t teleportation crystals only effective on individuals? Can a teleportation crystal transfer the whole party?”


Sachi hissed in surprise.


“I-it looks like that’s possible…”


“Holy crap!”


The others sucked in a breath of air.


“I see…”


Wu Yan grinned.


“I am coming with you all!”




The black cats started looking very ecstatic.


“That’s great!”


Souta said with a wavering voice.


“I am sure we can do this mission if you’re there with us!”


“I don’t know where you got that confidence from…”


Wu Yan laughed out loud.


“I just came to the 2nd floor, I am unfamiliar with the monsters here nor do I know about the mission difficulties on this floor. Maybe this mission is so hard that even I can’t complete it, ever thought about that?”


“Aiya! There’s no such thing!”


Shion purred in front of Wu Yan.


“If you can’t do it, this mission would be impossible for everyone else.”


Wu Yan shook his head, amused by her antics. He wanted to do this mission because he never encountered anything like a quest item that can transfer the whole party. If this quest wanted Sachi to do it by herself, he will be damned if he let her go.


He can see that Sachi’s a bit anxious about this quest so he rubbed her head.


“Believe in me!”


Wu Yan smiled at them.


“I won’t let anything happen to you all!”


Wu Yan isn’t Kirito. He’s not going to hide his own ability when it comes to protecting people who mattered to him!


Kirito hid his power in the original work and that resulted in the deaths of all members aside from Souta in the original work. Then Souta jumped off Aincrad to commit suicide and that was the end of the Moonlit Black Cats. Wu Yan will use all his power to make sure that event won’t repeat itself here in this world.


Worse comes to worst, he will just use his sealed powers to carry them through and fail his Penalty Quest.


Sachi’s worries faded when she saw Wu Yan’s radiant smile. She beamed back at him too.


Patting her head, Wu Yan glanced at everyone.


“Beam us, Sachi…”




Sachi used the teleportation crystal and she clicked everyone here as the teleportation target.


When the crystal’s light enveloped everyone, they opened their eyes in a very foul-smelling place. They subconsciously held their breathes because the rotten stench pierced their noses. Their expressions turned pale in horror when they saw the place they arrived at.

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