Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 622: Seven Star, killing the floor boss



The boss growled at him and then it charged straight at Wu Yan for punching it in the face. It brandished its battleax in anger.


His heavy and quick steps shook the room. He’s clearly very large and rotund but his size clearly didn’t impede his speed. The creature’s footsteps became quicker and faster as they loudly reverberated in the room.


Wu Yan looked at his left hand as if there’s no boss that wanted to smash him into the ground. His heart actually throbbed with elation as he clenched his fists.


When he looked up again, the Boss is already a little more than 1 meter away from him.


Swinging his Heaven Gazer so fast he made afterimages, he rushed towards the boss without fear.


The boss stopped and it swiped the bone ax at him, this attack was aimed at Wu Yan’s head.


The boss’s agility and speed would shock anyone. But, Wu Yan is even faster than the boss. His speed is something Asuna who would later be known as The Flash couldn’t compete with. He swung at the same time as the boss, they both hit each other by giving up defending.






It’s audibly evident that they hit each other very hard. Both disparate combatants flew back from the aftershock. The other raid group members weren’t sure how to continue. They temporarily forgot about the strategies they agreed before this because of this epic fight in front of them.


Both sides suffered damage but they didn’t take note of their damage, after landing, they immediately exchange attacks again.




It’s like the clash of titans here, the loud crash of grinding weapons took their breaths away. They also couldn’t help but feel their bodies heating up in response to this mythical brawl.


“So strong…”


Kirito, Asuna, and Diavel watched this 1v1 fight between a player and a floor boss. After multiple hits, Wu Yan still had a green health bar as the other players hissed from the damage he took.


HP Bars will stay green if total HP remains above 50% of Max Hp. But, go lower than 50% then the HP bar will turn yellow. The Hp bar will turn into an alarming red color when it is reduced to 10% of max hp.


A player’s HP should theoretically by common gamer sense be fundamentally lower than monsters. Assuming both parties are at the same level, or when the monster is not lower than the player in levels by 10, that should have been the case.


Wu Yan’s 1v1 session with the Boss proceeded while his HP bar remained green. He must have an immense defense to endure such brutal attacks.


Even a specialized tanker in the raid group can’t take a serious attack from the floor boss with a green Hp bar after that.


“His gears must be super high-grade…”


Diavel assessed with admiration in his eyes. Meanwhile, Kirito and Asuna are too busy watching the fight to comment.


A player and a monster fought each other like mad dogs. Not giving an inch to neither side, they crashed against each other and they slammed, pounded, and smashed with every ounce of strength in them.


The floor boss had the absolute advantage in terms of defense, HP, and attack power compared to normal players. But, Wu Yan is an aberrant. His HP is inferior to the boss so he compensated for that with a ridiculously upgraded set of gear. His defense is at least two times the Floor boss’s defense. He suffered little to no damage when they exchanged attacks.


His weapon is also like a beyond-end-game weapon at the current stage. He coupled that with his current in-game sword skills to fight on par with the Floor boss.


At this point, he’s just probing the boss with raw power and defense.


His Eternal Arms Mastery is still unused at the current juncture.


This brutal battle of Hp attrition gave everyone a suffocating sense of savageness. It felt like the player and the monster are sworn nemesis who wanted to coat their weapons with the blood of their sworn enemies. Death and survival mixed in a bloody battle of the most primal nature. It scared the players just watching the player take such merciless punishments, they wondered how he can fight with such agility when he’s carrying around such a massive set of balls.


They watched as the Beasts of War fought each other. His 1v1 session left a deep impression in their minds, he infected them with his raw power output. The other players are flushed red with excitement. They wanted to join the fight too, they hated themselves for not leveling properly prior to this fight.


Kibaou is the only one who didn’t feel the fever. He’s completely pale.


He remembered how he called Wu Yan out in front of so many people. How high was he? Did he provoke a monster in human skin? He wanted to praise himself for not peeing his pants yesterday. Maybe he would if he knew about his true power back then.


The battle situation changed.


After exchanging dozens of attacks. Both Wu Yan and the floor boss are now in the red. Kirito and Diavel are the first ones to freeze up.


They knew about the floor boss’s tendency to change weapon and attack mode when its HP bar turns red.




The Kobold Lord threw away the ax and leather shield. It took out a nodachi from its waist.


“What?! That’s a nodachi!”


Kirito and Diavel yelled out loud.


“Wasn’t it supposed to use a talwar?”


The boss’s behavior was changed from the closed beta.


Wu Yan wasn’t unsettled. He is glad it turned out like this. He jumped at the boss.


This weapon change sequence is too long, you’re just asking to get attacked!


Wu Yan stabbed the boss in his armpit. He twisted his body and he sent the boss into the sky.


Wu Yan finally revealed his true skills.


Seven stars!


His Heaven Gazer glowed bright blue reminiscent of starlight.


Noticing the skill’s activation, the boss started panicking in terror. It emitted a roar while flipping in the air. It wanted to return to the ground and smash Wu Yan at the same time but it’s too late!


Wu Yan appeared at the boss’s landing spot like a ghost. He slashed out with ferocious momentum.




The boss made a metallic sound like his attack hit his armor. But, the boss flinched in pain as its HP bar steadily dropped closer and closer to 0. Wu Yan is still clad in blue light, he unleashed the second strike with Heaven Gazer.


Staggered from the initial attack, the boss couldn’t recover in time and the second slash pushed it back again. The next instant, the third attack threw the creature off its balance. The fourth slash blew the boss into the air again.


Whipped by sword slashes, the boss fell along with the depletion of its Hp bar. 3 meters in the air, while landing,  Wu Yan did a dropkick to stomp the boss’ chest.


The boss crashed into the ground like a cannonball. Amidst blinding dust, the boss saw with its flashing red eyes, Heaven Gazer which embedded itself into the boss’s glabella.


Finally, it’s Hp bar got depleted completely.


With its head split in half, the boss exploded into a rain of data crystals and fragments…


1st Floor Boss, cleared.

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