Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 621: Putting on a show, showing the floor boss who's boss

Fortunately for the mob monsters inside the maze, the spawn rate is very limited so there are only so many monsters that can appear in one day.


Sure, the monsters inside the labyrinth are stronger than the mob monsters outside on the fields, these monsters also gave more experience. More organized, higher level, and better-equipped teams would storm the labyrinth every day to farm up the monsters they wanted.


On the way here, Diavel’s raid group didn’t encounter a lot of monsters. They liked it this way, they didn’t have to waste resources fighting off irrelevant mobs.


Diavel led the raid group through winding paths until they finally stopped in front of a giant door.


Wu Yan looked up at the giant door.


I see, so this is the 1st Floor Boss’s room…




Wu Yan smacked his lips in excitement.


Wu Yan is bored out of his mind hunting the monsters on Floor 1. The monsters, inside or outside the labyrinth posed no threat to him, it felt like a chore to hunt them every day. He killed field bosses like he’s moving grasses on his lawn.


The floor boss is theoretically the strongest monster of their respective floors. Unlike the field bosses outside the labyrinth who will respawn in time after being killed. The floor bosses stay dead after clearing the floor. This means there are only 100 floor bosses in total.


“I hope the boss won’t be too weak…”


Wu Yan grinned. If somebody heard Wu Yan, their expressions would certainly be amusing.


Diavel looked tense but he still had the courage to place his hands on the door. Throwing his hesitation to the wind, he pushed the door open like there’s no going back. The inside of the boss’ room appeared in front of everyone.


A cold gust came from within that giant room. The frosty gale chilled the raid group’s spirit and morale. They put on their game faces even if they couldn’t completely hide the anxious looks on their faces. They also kept their weapons handy, they grabbed so hard it’s like they are afraid the weapon might slip out of their grips.


Diavel stepped into the boss room first. The other raid group members entered after him. Wu Yan was the last one to enter. In the darkness, he can see a giant figure sitting upon a similarly huge throne. After all the players entered, a pair of red eyes flashed in this dark room.


Lights lit up from deep within the room as the lanterns along the floor, ceiling, and the walls started blasting the darkness away. They can see the boss’s appearance now that the room isn’t dark anymore.


It looked like a weird hybrid monster made of a bunny, rat, and pig features. The creature leaped off his throne and it did a backflip before slamming down on the floor, emitting a thunderous sound that echoed throughout the room. To finish off its cutscene sequence, the creature roared out loud at the raid group.




The floor boss had a bone battle-ax for attacking players and a leather shield for defense. As if responding to his roar, 3 Ruin Kobold Sentinels were summoned to this room.


The boss charged at the raid group with its minions.


Diavel swung his blade and he yelled out loud.


“Start the attacks!’




The players got into formations. The raid players performed their roles and the flashes associated with skill activation lit up the battlefield.


“We should get ready too!”


Kirito called out to Asuna and he made a beeline for one of the sentinels the boss summoned.


Asuna grabbed her sword and she followed Kirito after glancing at Wu Yan subconsciously.


The raid group employed rotations where fighters who got hurt during the fight will retreat behind tankers to heal up and rejoin the battle, subbing for another player who needs to heal up. They swarmed the boss in a circular formation as they launched skills after skills at the boss.


The Ruin Kobold Sentinels summoned by Illfang the Kobold Lord are also formidable on their own. The strongest monsters in the labyrinth couldn’t compare to them in power. The player’s teamwork and coordination forced the minions back and they steadily disposed of all three of them.


They thought that was the end of the minions until the boss summoned them again. The players who were taken by surprise attracted aggro from the minions so the sentinels charged for them. One of the sentinels ran in Wu Yan’s direction. Until now, Wu Yan was only passively watching the raid fight.


Kirito and Asuna saw this, they panicked for a second because, in their vision, it looked like Wu Yan’s still focusing his attention on the boss instead of the imminent danger heading his way.


“Watch out!”


Wu Yan appeared like he couldn’t hear them or perceive the danger near him. In a few seconds, the sentinel arrived near Wu Yan.


Kirito and Asuna’s faces went pale.


A black line was drawn across the minion’s torso when the others assumed Wu Yan would get a lethal attack due to his carelessness.


The Kobold Sentinel stopped in its track. The black line morphed into a red line, indicating damage received. The next instant, the monster exploded into data crystals and fragments.


When they looked at Wu Yan again, he had Heaven Gazer, his longsword in his hands.


Kirito, Asuna, and Diavel were astounded by his performance.


“Did he…”


Diavel was absolutely dumbfounded.


“What just happened?…”


“So fast…”


Asuna also had a very shocked look on her face.


“He’s so much swifter than me…that attack…”


Kirito also kept his wavering eyes on Wu Yan.


“He killed the sentinel with one hit…”


He swung Heaven Gazer which was supposed to be used with two hands to one side as he entered a sword stance. Then, after glancing at Asuna, Kirito, and Diavel who are still stunned. He stomped his feet and he flew out like a cannonball.




It felt like there’s a strong gale when Wu Yan streaked past the other players. Like black lightning flashing across the air, he landed in front of the boss.


The others felt something distorting their visions and suddenly there was another player around them. While they are still caught off their guards, Wu Yan’s Heaven Gazer glowed brightly.


“Crumbling strike!”




A deafening thud rang as the boss got thrown into the air. The oversized boss fell in a beautiful parabola, it’s like somebody chucked a large rubbish sack through the air.


When the mini-earthquake caused by the boss’ fall hit the other players, they finally returned to their senses…


“No… way…”


Kirito’s eyes started bulging.


“He smacked the boss into the air, I mean that’s a floor boss…”


“How much strength do you need to do that?…”


Diavel gulped.


“He really just did that by himself…”


Asuna was absent-mindedly staring at Wu Yan.




The boss is enraged. With a deceptively agile push of its arms, the boss jumped back to its feet as it howled at the ceiling. That’s when it saw the fist coming for its face…


Silenced like a duck being choked, the boss stopped howling as the punch sent it back a few steps. Wu Yan’s punch visibly decreased the HP Bar on the boss.


Wait, can a punch do that much damage?


The players felt like their brains aren’t working fast enough to process what’s going on here…

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