Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 618: Remember this, I can kill you anytime I want


Diavel was surprised somebody jumped out to say something. Diavel was stunned when he saw the sea-urchin hair come up on stage. This morningstar-looking player is obviously here to start trouble. He looked around with his squinty eyes that looked like a dirty rat’s. He pointed at himself like a smug prick.


“I’m Kibaou!”


He wasn’t afraid of making himself known in front of so many players. He addressed the audience with a prideful attitude.


“Before the boss fight, I have something I want to say…”


He pointed rudely at one of the audience members here. Whether or not it was intentional, he pointed at Wu Yan’s direction. He was also standing so he stood out from the crowd.


“Somebody needs to apologize for the deaths of 2000 players!”




The others looked at each other with confusion on their faces. Most of them, however, knew what Kibaou is prattling on about. They turned towards Wu Yan.


Wu Yan just looked down from the raised steps at Kibaou who is glaring at him. He wasn’t fazed by someone calling him out in front of so many other players. Heck, he even showed Kibaou a look of utter disdain.


Kirito started behaving like he was the one who Kibaou called out, he clenched his fists while Asuna flinched for just a brief moment before she calmed down.


“Kibaou-san, are you referring to the beta tester from before?”


“Of course, I am, dumbass.”


Kibaou didn’t care that he was standing in front of the host, he continued yelling like he owned the joint.


“Those beta testers disappeared the same day this death game started, they left us to our doom!”


Kibaou leered at Wu Yan. He’s obviously targeting Wu Yan with his words.


“They monopolized knowledge of good hunting grounds, quests, and they enriched themselves with unfair knowledge. They don’t give a shit about people like us!”


The other players were influenced by Kibaou’s words. They leaked out looks of envy and hatred.



Kirito went pale, he certainly did the things Kibaou said.


But, Kirito is more worried about Wu Yan who isn’t hiding his wealth or better equipment. Asuna also turned her attention towards Asuna.


Wu Yan poured cold water on their concern by showing a look of complete composure.


Kibaou knew he got the audience on his side so he started revealing his true motives. He yelled out loud.


“Beta tester, you better kneel down and apologize while giving up all your Cors and items. Otherwise, we just can’t entrust our lives to someone untrustworthy like you!”


The other players paused for a moment. Then, greed and jealousy gripped their hearts. They started coveting Wu Yan’s wealth and items.


And, he is without a doubt, the wealthiest of them all.


“This won’t end well…”


Kirito and Diavel shared the same inner thought. They were getting anxious on Wu Yan’s behalf.


Wu Yan opened his mouth.


“Comrades? Parties?”


He sneered while looking down at Kibaou.


“Hey, are you high or something?”


Wu Yan shocked everyone with his words.


“Yeah, I admit trust is very important when you have comrades fighting with you…”


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes and he snickered again.


“What makes you think you’re qualified to fight on the same level as me? Who died and made me your trustee for ‘lives’?”


“What was that?!”


Kibaou balled his palms into fists. Wu Yan disappeared from his spot and he landed lightly next to Kibaou. The words he was about to shout at Wu Yan got stuck in his throat.




He tried to back away but he tripped and fell on his butt. The loud thud was like a knock on everyone’s mind.


“Wh-when did he…”


The players sucked in a deep breath.


“So fast!”


Kirito and Asuna’s pupils shrunk as they watched the whole thing happen. They didn’t capture his movement at all!


“Kneeling and apologizing to you?”


Wu Yan slowly approached Kibaou with a menacing look on his tilted head. Kibaou kept shuffling his ass back with an unsightly crawl.


“Disregarding your claim of my beta tester identity, even if I was a beta tester, so what?”


Wu Yan grinned.


“Just because I got one month’s head-start I have to take care of players like you? I have to share my knowledge because I have them? Protect and nurture you like I am your nanny?”


“Kibaou, your name fits you (Fang King), you’ve got a nasty set of teeth that can sprout such an absurd amount of BS…”


He was looking down at Kibaou like an executioner, he emitted his killing intent.


“I can kill you anytime I want, you best believe that!”




Diavel, Kirito, and Asuna, as well as the other players all, cried out in astonishment.


“Yo-you want to kill me?”


Kibaou felt blood draining away from his face. He was expecting Wu Yan to cough up the money and equipment while begging for mercy. He didn’t think Wu Yan would be the one verbally curb-stomping him into oblivion.


“Y-you do know that’s illegal, right?”


He replied with a trembling voice and shivering body. Nobody believed he had the guts to stand up to Wu Yan right now.


Wu Yan shook his head with a grin on his face.


“Illegal, according to the rules of what world? Is murder illegal in SAO?”


Kibaou’s heart started thumping hard. Being killed is a concept he didn’t expect from another player.


Wu Yan turned around with disgust, he also continued handing verbal beatings to him.


“You bug, are you still in a dreamland where you’re the young master or lord?”


He told Kibaou with a cold voice.


Inside this place, everyone is fighting for survival in their own way. Stop struggling and death awaits you.”


“Beta testers are struggling as we speak, some have already died…”


“The newbies are struggling as we speak, with more than 2000 gone. You forgot to look at the 2000 that lived…”


“You’re nothing than a parasite who wants to vent your frustration and envy on someone unrelated. If that’s the case, killing a maggot like you is only going to benefit a lot of people!”




Kibaou is about as white as a sheet of paper right now. He didn’t look as tough as when he called Wu Yan out. Against an indomitable pressure and coldness coming from someone who isn’t afraid of killing, he could do nothing but yell in vain.


“Aren’t you afraid of being spat upon as public enemy no.1, you murderer?!”


“Spat on?”


Wu Yan laughed out loud.


“Let them spit on me, for all I care, they can curse we as well. I have killed thousands if not ten thousand already!”


The others can’t help but suck in a cold breath of air as panic and fear appeared in their eyes. Kibaou is already on the verge of fainting from shock.


Inside a relatively normal scientific world, killing or being killed is far from the minds of the people living in this world. How would they view someone who killed thousands?


Nobody thought Wu Yan was lying, his beast-like killing intent told them all they needed to know and that was a primal fear and desire to protect themselves…




Diavel approached him cautiously.


“Were you a murderer in the real world?…”


Wu Yan ignored him and he asked his own question.


“Could you give me the information you’ve got on the boss?”


Diavel subconsciously nodded. He gave him a copy of the information regarding the boss. After that, Wu Yan turned around and he left the place.


On the stairs, Asuna watched as Wu Yan took his leave. She lowered her head to ponder about things only she knew…

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