Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 613: Picking a fight? Trouble out of nowhere...

The hotel was originally designed as a place for players to kill time. It’s a place for intel exchange and discussion. The rooms are purely decorative since no one would actually sleep inside a game.


With SAO transformed into a death game, the inn became a very important part of a player’s life. There are a lot of houses available for purchase but nobody could possibly buy a house after spending just a day inside a game.


Wu Yan is one of those who came to this town before the others left the Town of Beginnings. When he went into dreamland, the inn wasn’t even filled, there were only him and his quiet room.


The next day, when Wu Yan came out of his room, he was greeted with the scene of a busy hallway instead of a quiet one.


Wu Yan stopped to observe them before he went downstairs.


More players are beginning to accept their situations, within the span of a single night, the traffic to this town exploded.


The ground floor is designed like a mix of a restaurant and a pub. There are chairs and tables here, the NPC waiters are also busy handling the players. It’s more crowded downstairs than upstairs. Most of them are still anxious about this whole thing.


It’s going to take more than just a few days to cope with a game world where death is a very real possibility.


The majority of the players here had loved ones waiting for them outside of this death game.


Wu Yan’s appearance downstairs silenced the whole place.


They can’t help but notice his luxurious attire. They subconsciously lowered their voice as they were absolutely blasted silly by Wu Yan’s advanced equipment.


Wu Yan sat down at one of the tables here as he leisurely poured himself a free alcoholic drink. Then, he started drinking without minding the attention everyone’s putting on him.


His actions shocked everyone here.


“Who is he? His equipment looks really high-grade…”


“With that equipment set, I think his level should be very high, it’s an expert player for sure!”


“No way! SAO just came online, it’s not even a day yet, how can anyone get his hands on such good equipment, his luck must be really good, that’s all!”


“Hmph, there’s also another possibility. He’s a dirty beta tester who used his game knowledge to get himself good equipment, that has to be it…”


The other players went quiet again. They kept gossiping and pointing fingers at him. It didn’t take long for hostile gazes to fall upon him. There are also looks of jealousy and unfair animosity directed at him.


Beta testers are players who played when this game was still in its Beta phase.


A bunch of players played this game a month ago when it was only in Beta, the game was only a demo at that point. There are also players who cleared a lot of floors, these Beta players had a tremendous advantage over everyone else.


Fast-forward a month later, the game is now a death game where players have to fight to stay alive. This game turned from a sweet game into a nightmare in moments. For the vast majority of players, Beta players looked like unfair players who wielded an advantage over everyone.


Today is the day after the game turned into a death game. Some of the beta players are already using their prior knowledge of this game to quickly and efficiently level themselves up while gearing up greatly.


These beta players knew where to find the quest givers, where to get good drops, the movesets, and the weaknesses of monsters. They are kinda like the people in reincarnation light novels where they can use knowledge of another world or the future to their advantage. These beta players are most likely going to become apex players in the near future, lording over everyone else.


well, that is the pros of being a beta player, there are cons as well…


The novice players didn’t appreciate their fast ascension into the higher echelons with their advanced knowledge. They viewed the beta players with envy and hatred.


They aren’t too happy with their advantages and how they are more likely than the novice to survive this cruel world when compared to them.


Humans are also inherently greedy. These beta testers, the majority of them anyway, started hoarding their knowledge and resources, leaving the novice unaided. This is also the biggest reason the beta testers are hated in general.


Yeah, some of them started getting jealous and irked when they assumed Wu Yan’s a beta tester.


Being treated with such hostility, Wu Yan finally frowned and his expression darkened.


He sincerely couldn’t appreciate why these players are so angry with him. Forget whether or not he’s a beta tester, so what if he was one?


Do beta testers inherently had the duty to babysit them? Who made that rule up?


What he saw wasn’t the hostile looks of the other players, he saw the ugliness of humanity when driven into a corner.


He lowered the cup in his hand. He looked back at the ones staring at him with his cold-red eyes. He used his pressure and intent to intimidate the players. The more spineless ones replaced their ugly looks of hostility with looks of fear. They lowered their heads because they didn’t have the guts to look him in the eyes.


Of course, there are other people who aren’t afraid of death.


“Hey, brat…”


A macho man with 6 underlings surrounded Wu Yan. He glared at Wu Yan with disdain and animosity, he’s obviously not here to make friends with him.


Wu Yan gave him a perfunctory look and then he ignored him while drinking his liquor. The macho man’s veins started bulging in anger.




He slammed his palm on the table, shaking it violently.


“Brat! I am talking to you! Are you deaf or something?!”


Wu Yan lifted his head and he nonchalantly replied to the muscle man like he’s just another scrub from the streets.


“What do you want?”


“Oh, I want a lot of stuff…”


The macho man looked at his equipment.


“You look very rich. I am sure you wouldn’t mind sparing a few Cors to help poor players like us, right?”




Wu Yan shook his head.


“You mean you want to rob me?”


“Oh, what’s the big deal…”


The macho man snorted at him.


“You dirty beta testers can make that money back in no time, I am sure.”


Wu Yan pursed his lips and he chugged another drink.


“Sorry pal, I am not a beta tester…”


“You’re not a beta tester?…”


The macho man laughed out loud. Then, he whipped his fingers out and he pointed at Wu Yan’s equipment.


“Tell me, who else but a beta tester can rack up such an impressive set of equipment within a single night? Stop giving me that BS!”


“You’re implying that I’m a liar.”


Wu Yan continued with a tilted head.


“That would imply there’s a need to lie to you, I find that very confusing though?”




Enraged by his words, his lackeys started barking at him.


“Brat! You better watch your mouth! Just because you have better equipment doesn’t mean you are stronger than us!”


Wu Yan laughed out loud.


“Very well worded, nice!”


Wu Yan scanned the people around him.


“Just because you’re meaner than the rest doesn’t mean you’re not a maggot!”


“You asshole!”


The macho man tried to grab his collar but an invisible barrier stopped him.


Towns in this game are neutral zones, players couldn’t harm another player inside towns, this included actions that would mentally harm players as well. For instance, sexual harassment like pinching butts is impossible here.


Collar grabs are derogatory so they aren’t allowed as well.


The macho man yelled out loud after failing to grab him.


“Brat! Step outside and duel with me!”


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