Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 612: Automatic job-change? Why am I a cook even after entering this game?



He caused another wolf to turn into a fiery explosion of data crystals as he slowly turned around to examine his loot.


Unlike the other players who are still panicking or denying reality, the concept of death never registered itself in Wu Yan’s mind. He watched Kayaba Akihiko’s show by blending into the audience. Then, like someone who was done with a movie, he went towards the plains outside the Town of Beginnings to start grinding.


Wu Yan knows that when the other players come to grip with their situations, grinding spots will be few and limited due to too many players and too little hunting grounds available.


In order to survive in this death game, everyone will have to grow stronger in their own ways. Beating monsters, upgrading equipment, and buying items would be necessary. Anything that can increase the chance of survival would be valued highly. To do that, they would have to kill monsters.


The monsters roaming here would look like delicious loot banks ready for the taking. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that people would fight each other to get some loot.


Wu Yan wanted to use this limited opportunity to quickly increase his levels. This world is as foreign as the real world he logged in from. He needed to quickly adjust himself to this new operating environment.


It’s now well over half a day since Kayaba declared this game as one where they had to fight for their survival.


He looked around and he could hear screams and hollers coming from some distance away from him. There are also flashes characteristic of skills being used. This meant that a part of the player base is already on the hunting grounds, grinding just like him, facing a reality they never asked for.


“That should be enough for now…”


He said as he looked into the distance where a town bigger than the Town of Beginnings stood. The structure released a unique luster in this dark night that would attract anyone’s attention.


Wu Yan already leveled up several times. He stood at the top percentile of all the players. He used his combat experience and first-mover advantage to quickly pile on kills after kills. He also fought for several hours straight, suffice to say he’s not worried about his levels for now.


“I wonder what is Kirito’s level right now?”


Wu Yan mused to himself as he made his way over to the distant town in his vision.


With the sole exception of a few beta players, the other players are still all stuck in the Town of Beginnings. It wasn’t enough time for the players to grasp the game’s mechanics or understand enough about the mob monster’s skill set to do anything effectively.


When he arrived at this town, there are other players around but they are all irrelevant to him.


With proper lighting, this town looked like a city of stars with the night enhancing its inherent beauty. He quickly found the shop he was looking for.


“Here, I want to sell all of these!”


Wu Yan wasted no time with the NPC. He sold all the loot he got from his mob hunts. He sold hides, some low-level equipment, and a lot of food materials.


Ingredients for food are rare drops but somehow, Wu Yan got more food materials than he did normal loot. He wasn’t sure if he should be glad or mad with his luck.


He thought the NPC is just a simple one that did as he ordered. However, the NPC spoke up after assessing his items.


“Dear customer, it seems like you have a lot of ingredients on your hand, did you get them from monster loot drops?”


Wu Yan nodded after being stunned for a second. The NPC then expressed his helplessness.


“Your luck with rare food drops is simply absurd. If you were a chef, these ingredients would definitely be put to good use…”


Wu Yan pursed his lips. With his culinary skills, it wouldn’t be hard to become a chef. However, Wu Yan didn’t want to sign up for that crap.


Side-jobs included armorsmith, weaponsmith, potion brewers, and the like. These three will become very important jobs soon. Being a cook is the only side-job that didn’t have anything to do with combat.


Those who became chefs either did it out of fun or they wanted to find a niche market for themselves, or maybe they wanted to get some good food in themselves.


He’s good at cooking, sure, but he’s just not interested in becoming a chef. With his combat ability, it won’t be hard to make tons of Cors.


Wu Yan would rather eat his own food but that can wait. He can also buy player-made food from other people, there was no need to become a chef.


Wu Yan wanted to say something but a notice stopped him in place.


Due to the NPC’s recommendation, you have received a special path out of sheer luck, job automatically changed to — Chef.


Mmm, Wu Yan had a very interesting look on his face when he saw this.


Auto job-change? Out of sheer luck, you say? Special path?!


Fuck!!! Your sister should be so lucky if I visit her at night!!!


He is fed up. Where did this system get off, telling him that he should be a cook when already worked shifts cooking for his wives. What about the human right of freedom to pursue happiness?!


The display disappeared and he looked at the NPC with utter hatred. If he could cut the NPC up with knives, he totally would. Heck, he would even bite the NPC if he could. However, the NPC is just as invulnerable as how he didn’t give a rat’s furry ass what Wu Yan thought.


He snatched his bag of Cors and he walked out of the store in a huff without turning back.


Now that he’s a chef, he needs to get himself a set of cooking knives.


He used the rest of the time he spent in the town touring various shops, buying stuff he needed, checking for quests, and, of course, he bought his fucking knives as well…


He also bought recovery potions and equipment to replace his novice equipment.


After exiting a clothing store, he looked completely different than before.


Decked out with a trendy looking black coat, he hid his underlying equipment beneath. The attire also made him look very cool and aloof what with the dangling ribbons decorating his arm, waist, and legs.


He also had a standard gauntlet to cover his hands, a giant black sword on his back. The sword went well with his black coat, differentiating him from the other players around him. The blade is about half as wide as an adult’s palm, close to a standard sword in comparison. But, the length is about 1.7 meters in total, it easily spanned the distance between his shoulders and his ankle. Suffice to say it’s a very long sword.


He didn’t buy this sword from the NPC stores. This huge sword was a drop from one of the monsters he hunted. Not to mention, the NPC shops didn’t sell abnormal blades like this. Moreover, this sword was leagues apart in terms of quality when compared to store-bought swords.


This sword’s name is Heaven Gazer.


Its quality and stat can carry him up to Lvl 30+ at least.


This was Wu Yan’s assessment, a monster in human skin, if it’s anyone else, they would probably still use this sword even if they hit Lvl 40+,


The chances of something of this quality dropping isn’t 0 but the probability is infinitesimally close that’s for sure. His karma is good so far.


Combined with the armor he’s wearing underneath his coat, his stats skyrocketed.


He’s plenty satisfied with his attire as he smiled.


“Yes, with this, I can increase my grinding speed…”


After this, Wu Yan started heading towards an inn.



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