Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 608: Bye, Yukari…


Silvaria World Institute, the region for villas.


Today marks the third day they returned to Silvaria World Institute from the Giant Beasts Forest.


Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou stayed behind while Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea, Flandre-chan, Yukari, Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, and Yoshino returned to the institute.


They created a scene when they registered the spirits and Yukari since they were registered as special students with infinite potential. They fought their way through the crowd to return to their home sweet home.


Without Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou, Astrea felt lonely staying over at her original home so she moved into Wu Yan’s villa. Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, and Yoshino lived with Wu Yan when they were all in Date A Live’s universe, they decided to keep the status quo. Yukari also moved into the villa with Wu Yan. Excluding Mikoto who had stayed behind, the villa became even livelier due to the influx of residents.


Wu Yan removed the sealing bracelets of Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka. Without puny humans walking around and AST members breathing down their necks, they can let loose in this world of cultivation and magic. They can use their full-power and no one would bat an eye or treat them as monsters.


This delighted the spirits greatly. They no longer need to worry about blending in with society. They can walk around in their Astral suits if they want to. It’s like someone removed the tethers binding them and they have been so excited before.


Granted, Yoshino’s sealing bracelet wasn’t released because she preferred it this way. She just wanted to live her own life, free from fear of harm towards herself and others. The power is just icing on the cake for her.


Flandre-chan also shared the same notion. It was probably a good idea that these two juvenile kids (Their real ages aside) stayed in their sealed form. The reason was because these two played hard, even harder than Kotori, Kurumi, and Tohka, of course, Flandre-chan was the ringleader….


Kotori’s spirit power rampage also got cured with items bought from the System. Wu Yan unsealed them because the sealing bracelets lost their main function the moment the spirits entered this world.


Without social conventions and human logic to bind their actions, the spirits toured the entire school with intrigue, led by Yukari, they went through all the places inside Silvaria World Institute. They even went to the Arena Tower so it wasn’t odd that they created another wave of sensation with their overpowering skills. There were rumors of “New monsters in students’ clothing” but the rumors of their bewitching appearances flooded the entire school more than the former news.



It wasn’t hard to imagine what happened. Kotori, Kurumi, and Tohka are individuals with over 70 levels beneath their belt. They are all near peak tier 8 students, the student body would be hard-pressed to find anyone who can match their skills and abilities. As for Yukari, well, forget the school, there is probably no one in this world who could do anything against her.


Yukari was very ecstatic when she got her student ID. She wore her special student uniform and she toured the school like she’s on a fancy vacation. When she met an area someone told her she’s forbidden from entering, she snorted and she opened a portal to trespass the place like Area 51’s worst nightmare.


According to her, this is all part of enjoying an interesting world, intriguing academy, and seizing the day.


Wu Yan had a more personal opinion. He reckoned that she’s excited because she gets to act out her fantasy of being a “forever 17-year-old” student.


The past 3 days had been a very fun experience for the newcomers. Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, Yoshino, and Yukari all had a blast. They lived with meaning and they enjoyed every second of it.



Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Kurumi sat down in the living room of their villa. Ikaros served Wu Yan by the side with a teapot in her hands. She also looked after Flandre-chan and Yoshino who are playing games on the floor. Meanwhile, Astrea is grumbling about something with Tohka.


She kept looking at him with a disgruntled look, Tohka also joined in on this action but Wu Yan didn’t care, he amused himself with their antics.


Well, it’s understandable that he fell out of favor with Astrea. He beat her up earlier, after all…


She’s the number one ranker in the whole school. Wu Yan still had to complete the quest “Ranking up”. He had to fight her if he wanted to complete his mission.


Astrea is already level 79, one more level and she’s going to hit tier 9. Wu Yan had to take her down before that happened.


Not just that, Wu Yan also pushed all the way up to the eighth floor of the Arena Tower with his newfound power. He heard the guardian of the ninth floor is an elder sitting on the Board. His Red Jewel Mode also couldn’t last long enough to win the battle. If he had enough time, he would have been the first student to complete all the floors of the arena tower.


After conquering the eighth floor and taking first place in the student rankings, he caused another stir which is also the reason why he’s hiding from all the commotion outside by staying quietly in his home.


He shook his head while ignoring Astrea’s hatred towards him. Then, a graceful figure came down from the stairs, no, she floated down…




Yukari looked half-asleep as she floated her way down.


“I’m hungry, go make me some food.”


After spending a week here, Yukari who ate Wu Yan’s food fell for his cooking and now she couldn’t live without his food.




Wu Yan bitterly laughed.


“I am not the fox spirit you have at home. Don’t tell me what to do just because you feel like it…”


“Aiya, Ran can cook but I am very sure she’s not as good as you when it comes to making miracles of out ordinary food ingredients…”


Yukari floated her way over to his side and she rubbed herself against him like an affectionate cat.


“Make some food for me?”


“You’re not Yuyuko either so don’t try to use moe on me!”


Wu Yan still stood up to prepare himself for a battle against the ingredients in his storage. Yukari chuckled at his funny reaction.




Yukari’s expression changed. Her figure started turning invisible.




Wu Yan jumped in shock as did the other girls.


“What’s going on?!”


“Ara ara…”


Her puzzled look disappeared and she grinned like it’s a small matter. She looked a bit helpless though.


“It seems the power of boundaries can only delay the inevitable for so long…”




The others dimmed down when they saw her disappearing body.


It’s only been a week since they started living together. But, a week is enough for the girls to become emotionally invested in Yukari.


Nobody wanted to see her return.


Yukari continued smiling but she looked very warm and peaceful.


Although she didn’t express it with words, she probably felt the same towards them.


This one week was spent leisurely doing whatever she wanted, in the company of people she liked. She didn’t have to worry about Gensokyo, the Great Barrier, calamities, or anything like that. She treated Wu Yan and his retinues like trusted comrades, she categorized her familiarity with them on the same level as Reimu, Yuyuko, Ran, and Chen.


Yukari found this parting undesirable…


“Yan-kun, everyone…”


She waved her hand towards them while giving them a very charming smile.


“See you all the next time!”


“Bye, Yukari!”


Yukari nodded and she disappeared on the spot.

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