Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 607: The end of the show, decision, parting, and return...

Outside the Giant Beasts Forest, the main campsite…


There are a lot of tents here, commensurate with the number of people who came and departed from this temporary relay base.


If one took to the sky and looked down, they would see a lot of black dots which are actually tents in this campsite. Standing at a hill and looking diagonally down, one would see a vast expanse of tents that gave everyone an ominous feeling.


In one of these tents, a salacious situation that belied the cold exterior of the tent is currently ongoing inside the tent.


Lying on top of a blanket, the trio slept in a very intimate fashion, they are all practically glued to each other. One man and two women are in their birthday suits as they slept, presumably after a very intense night together.


Wu Yan woke up in bliss. he opened his eyes and he saw Kurumi’s face just inches below his. Her black hair scattered messily on his chest, her long twintails provided a perfect contrast with her porcelain white skin. This gave him an intense stimulation.


By his side, Shokuhou Misaki is also buck-naked as she wrapped his arm around her body, using his pectoral muscle as her pillow. Her fragrant breath assaulted his neck constantly as her golden locks stuck to his arm with the help of dubious liquid. As compensation for using his arm as a pillow, he wrapped around her tighter with his hands on one of her bountiful mountains.


Wu Yan Jr reported to captain horny brains with a jolt of dopamine. He closed his eyes and he allowed the pleasure to take him. He finally noticed that his holy spear is still pounding on Kurumi’s baby room energetically.


He looked at Kurumi who was riding on top of him and he looked at Shokuhou Misaki who he is currently embracing with an arm. Vivid scenes from last night came to his mind.


Yukari was right. The case of Tokisaki v Shokuhou ended with Wu Yan’s complete victory.


Wu Yan originally intended to distance the two in fear that they would start fighting with each other. He didn’t think it would turn out with him getting massive rewards from both of them. Not only did he get a lot of privileges from Kurumi, Shokuhou Misaki also showed on him with glorious offerings. Who is he to question divine providence? He only needed to accept it and he did.


Shokuhou Misaki’s personality is one where she would normally find the thought of serving Wu Yan in bed with other girls completely unthinkable. She actually offered to join Wu Yan and Kurumi in an FFM Threesome. That just goes to show how threatened she felt when Kurumi came onto the scene.


Kurumi didn’t mind it. For her, her feelings for Wu Yan is the only tether she had to this world after she gave up her previous dream. She’s probably the most open-minded girl in his harem. How else would one explain her willingness to bump uglies with Wu Yan despite being in the presence of someone she verbally exchanged knives with.


These two had similar personalities but they also had unique differences which led to a certain wolf getting laid big time last night.


Recalling how Shokuhou Misaki blushed while assertively assaulting him as well as how he made two incredibly beautiful ladies act out his lewd requests, pitting them against each other, he started grinning widely as memories from last night continued playing in his mind. He had a very complacent look that made others have the sudden urge to hit him.


He slightly adjusted his Excalibur and Kurumi moaned in both pain and pleasure. Her face contorted into a sexy mess as if someone disrupted her beautiful dream. She opened her eyes with a slightly angry look. She looked up and she saw Wu Yan who is grinning at her for some reason…


She was being hoisted up and down by a force not belonging to her own as electrical signals tickled her center for pleasure. It felt like every cell in her body responded to this indecent approach. She couldn’t help but let out a few whimpers here and there…


“Ara ara…”


Kurumi wheezed while enduring the waves of emotions inside her heart. She showed Wu Yan her blushing face.


“Hubby-sama, you’re… Nahh… very energetic, I thought you…Mnh… had your fill last night…”


Wu Yan chuckled and he let go of Shokuhou Misaki. He sat up and he grabbed a handful of her booty before he started a piston movement.


“My dear wife, are you looking down on your husband? That was last night.  It’s morning now and I am soft everywhere else except for one region on my body, do I have to tell you which part it is?…”


“Nn~ Hah~♡”


Letting out lovable groans while she bounced up and down, she squeezed out her thoughts in a very ineffective manner.


“Ugh~I am already… Hah~”


Licking his lips, Wu Yan grabbed another handful of her bubble butt. Increasing his pace, he started working her like there’s no tomorrow…


Shokuhou Misaki was awakened by the slapping noises beside her. She slowly revealed her starry eyes to the world and she came into consciousness.


When she saw the key-being-jammed-into-the-keyhole action beside her, she flinched in surprise and she closed her eyes immediately. A conservative estimate would say she closed her eyes 10 times faster than when she opened them. She put her whole effort into fake sleeping.


In case you forgot, Joou-sama didn’t put any points into strength or stamina. When Wu Yan pressed her against the ground and made a woman out of her, he basically drained all her stamina.


This is not tantamount to surrender, I am just resting between matches…


Joou-sama tried to tell herself that while Kurumi’s moving moans echoed inside the tent.



It’s not until some time between 7 am and 11 am that the three of them finally emerged from the tent. Wu Yan came out with a very bright sheen on his face. His wide grin could probably compete with the hippotamus’ wide mouthes.


Meanwhile, Shokuhou Misaki and Kurumi walked very slowly and gingerly. They are all smiling as elegantly as they did yesterday. But, one could see that they are walking in a very funny gait.


They saw Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the other girls who are busy chatting in front of their tents and they made a beeline for them.


“Yo, good morning everyone!”


The other ladies all rolled their eyes at Wu Yan. They pointed at the sky to remind this bastard that his greeting didn’t correctly reflect the time.


“Good morning…”


Yukari greeted him with her parasol in hand. She’s still yawning as she greeted Wu Yan.


In a way, Wu Yan and Yukari had the same bad habit of liking sleep a little bit too much. It probably had something to do with them being either a True Ancestor vampire and the other one being a Youkai, both are nocturnal creatures…


Wu Yan scanned over everyone and he continued.


“Everyone’s here so I am going to say this out loud. We are going to return to Silvaria World Institute today…”


“We are?”


The other girls stopped and they all looked at him with slight shock.


“Yan, are we going back already?”


Hinagiku asked and Wu Yan nodded.


“The matter inside the Giant Beasts Forest should be settled for now. The Beast King is no longer our concerns so we don’t have any reason to stay here…”


The other girls understood his point, only Mikoto frowned.


“Are we really going home?”


Mikoto said with a protesting undertone. They were taken by surprise.


“What’s the matter?”


Wu Yan asked her.


“Do you not want to return?”


“It’s not that…”


Mikoto continued with a worried look.


“I feel bad leaving the sisters here when the Giant Beasts Forest is still in such a messy state. Will they really be fine if we let them stay here?…”


Wu Yan furrowed his eyebrows.


“You’re right. It’s very worrying for the sisters to continue staying here…”


Mikoto thought about it and she continued with a resolute tone.


“Yan, how about if I stayed here with the other sisters?”




Wu Yan asked.


“With just you? I am not sure about that…”


“I will stay too!”


Takitsubou Rikou raised her hand.


“My abilities can be put to great effect when supporting the sisters, it’s perfectly fine for me to stay with them!”


“In the end, Takitsubou Rikou (super) stayed so we are also going to (super) stay here with them!”


Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda said.


“I am going to stay behind too…”


Shokuhou Misaki chuckled.


“I am sure you wouldn’t calm down with only them here…”


“You girls…”


Wu Yan shook his head while bitterly laughing. He shrugged at them after giving Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou a look.


“Okay, but remember to stay in touch!”


The girls nodded.

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