Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 605: The victor has long been decided

After exchanging a single round of verbal artillery, Tokisaki Kurumi and Shokuhou Misaki continued eyeing each other. Although aura could not be seen, it’s unquestionable that the aura is real. It’s only natural for nemesis to meet, maybe this is fate’s work.


Finally, the two started treating each other like a real foe.


The two ended their preliminary probing. They more or less understood the other and now they are back to staring down at each other. However, their auras are still clashing and colliding in an intense manner.


The other girls finally caught up. Excluding, Astrea, Tohka, Yoshino, and Flandre-chan, the other ladies knew what this is all about…




Hinagiku laughed.


“I wonder why they started antagonizing each other…”




Mikoto’s lip twitched and she continued.


“I don’t know what Shokuhou Misaki is thinking about. I think it’s going to be the death of us if we try to pry into their minds and understand their wiring…”


Hinagiku and Mikoto didn’t know how far Tokisaki Kurumi wanted to take this. But, thinking about Shokuhou Misaki’s personality, they decided to stay clear and just watch the proceedings. These two are so similar in so many ways…


Their glaring similarities probably led to them starting a fight with each other.


The auras they are giving off only pushed the other ladies back a little. But, for Wu Yan, it’s like he’s staring down the belly of the beast.


Wu Yan gulped subconsciously.


They aren’t going to start tearing each other’s hair out, right?…


Wu Yan couldn’t keep calm at all. He would rather see them staying cool with each other despite how non-sensical that would look than the alternative where they try to rip each other’s throat out.


“Maa man, let’s leave the introductions at this. We still have more time to chat so you two don’t have to keep…’


Shokuhou Misaki and Tokisaki Kurumi started putting away their hostility towards each other. Starry eyes and deep-red eyes flashed with a hint of amusement.


“Yan-kun is right…”


Shokuhou Misaki concurred.


“We still have more time to do this bid…”


“Ara ara…”


Kurumi tilted her head and she revealed a devilish grin.


“With Shokuhou-san as my partner, I believe my days here will not be dull at all…”


“Tokisaki-san thinks so too?”


Shokuhou Misaki beamed back at her. Then, they turned their back towards each other and they stood just like the other ladies.


With both girls flanking him, Wu Yan had a very stiff smile on his face. He heard their rather ominous lines and he started sweating very hard.


He wondered if this was the karma of being too pious or doing too many bad deeds in his previous life.


Kurumi glanced between Wu Yan and Shokuhou Misaki. An idea came to her and she started grinning like an imp. She pranced over to Wu Yan like a lovestruck maiden. She hugged Wu Yan’s arm and she practically glued herself to Wu Yan’s side.


“Hey, Hubby-sama…”


Her sweet our froze Wu Yan up. Her words and tone are enough to set him on fire, burning with passion while his throat dried up…


Kurumi ignored his reaction. She continued hugging his arm tightly, pressing her jugs against his arm.


“Hubby-sama, since I just got here, I am afraid I am not familiar with this world. What if Hubby-sama brought me on a sightseeing trip?”


Wu Yan started laughing uncomfortably.


Hey wait, didn’t you pull this move on me back in Raizen High?


Wu Yan wanted to reply but a strange glint flashed in Shokuhou Misaki’s eyes and she narrowed her eyes. She’s evidently pissed off by this newcomer.


Kurumi nailed her acting. Shokuhou Misaki is a smart girl so she immediately treated this as an act of war by Kurumi.


Shokuhou Misaki stomped over to Wu Yan and she started hugging his other arm with a faint smile on her face.


“Tokisaki-san, you probably don’t know since you’re still wet behind the ears but Yan-kun is a very busy man, he needs to settle a lot of stuff with other factions of this world so he can’t really waste his time…”


Shokuhou Misaki started lecturing her.


“Tokisaki-san, when he’s busy moving the world, we should support him like proper ladies, we shouldn’t drag him back. Oh, I know, why don’t I show you around the world?”


Wu Yan’s heart started racing. He is flushing red but it’s not out of embarrassment, he’s feeling very suffocated right now.


Shokuhou Misaki bringing Kurumi to get to know the world?


If he allowed them to hang out with each other, they would probably start dueling in a secluded place somewhere else, right?


He started picturing two scenarios, both of which drained the blood away from his face.


Scenario 1: Shokuhou Misaki mind-controlling Tokisaki Kurumi


Scenario 2: Kurumi giving Shokuhou Misaki the tentacle treatment…




Wu Yan used a mosquito-like voice.


“I think it’s better if I…”


The place fell into a stasis-esque mood. Kurumi’s smile grew wider at the expense of Shokuhou Misaki’s. The other girls also sighed in disappointment…


“Ara, Yan-kun…”


Shokuhou Misaki used a very cheerful smile but Wu Yan still shivered from a bone-chilling cold that gripped him.


“I believe you still have other stuff to do…”


Shokuhou Misaki slowly voiced each words in her sentence. She sounded sweet and caring but the killing intent can still be felt very clearly emanating from her words. Wu Yan knew he is playing with fire right now.


Feeling the air escaping his lungs, he put on a very forced smile and he used a very hoarse voice to reply.


“I-it’s okay, other stuff is not as important as you girls, right? You girls are the world to me…”


Wu Yan accepted death.




Shokuhou Misaki said as she eyed Kurumi who grinned like the victor. She endured the urge to yell at her man. She lowered her head while silently cursing Wu Yan.




Kurumi chuckled while covering her mouth, she stood on tiptoes and she whispered something into Wu Yan’s ears.


“I have a very special gift for you tonight, my beloved hubby~sama~♡”


She also made sure to use the sexiest voice she has to finish Wu Yan off. At least he didn’t risk death for nothing, he got ‘privileges’ out of this.


Shokuhou Misaki raised her head with a swish and she clenched her teeth in anger. She bit the bullet and she started voicing his idea.




Shokuhou Misaki chuckled and she offered the same stuff.


“Lil ol’ Shokuhous has got something special planned for you too~♡”


Heaven and hell is only separated by a thin line. Wu Yan finally realized this concept.


Yukari shook her head and she turned it the other way as if she’s done with this.


“I see, the victor has been decided since the beginning, huh?…”


Today’s battle result:


Wu Yan’s flawless victory


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