Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 603: Are you teasing me? Am I being teased?

Wu Yan started questioning himself, did he have to freak out when he brought the ladies over to introduce them to each other?…


With Kotori’s personality, if she didn’t have to then she wouldn’t go butt head with another person. Sure, she’s a tsundere just like Hinagiku and Mikoto but she’s different in that she doesn’t get easily envious of others. An exception would be when someone threatened her hallowed spot as the precious imouto. Outside of those rare occasions, she’s the most reliable imouto you can count on for a lot of stuff…


Tohka can get jealous very easily, yeah, but, she must genuinely think the opponent is serious for her to get jealous. For instance, when Kurumi introduced herself as his fiance, Tohka immediately turned hostile. During normal period, the enemy has to basically make herself known to her to aggro her. Her bottomless pit antenna picked up Astrea’s signal and they immediately became best pals. Of course, maybe her airhead antenna also reacted to Astrea, who knows.


What about Yoshino, you say? Can’t you see? She’s already surrounded by the other girls who all have heart-shaped eyes.


Flandre-chan and Yoshino played with each other. Astrea and Tohka also started making some noise. Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Kotori started their conversations in another corner. Judging from the giggling and haha, they are probably doing fine. Meanwhile, Wu Yan started turning into dust.


“I feel… stupid…”


He inhaled and he put on a forced smile as he approached both Astrea and Tohka.


“Astrea, Tohka…”


Wu Yan opened his mouth when Astrea interrupted him.


“Really? You think grilled meat taste the best too?”


“Yes yes yes, I like eating grilled meat too. There are sweet, sour, tough, or tender ones. I like when you chomp down and the meat just melts in your mouth…”


“Erm, look, girls…”


“Oh! Me too me too! I like Master’s meat the most!” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


“Yeah! Yeah! Shido… no, Yan’s cooking is the best, he just cannot make bad-tasting food at all!”


“Yeah! Yeah!”


“Look, girls…”


“Once, Master cooked up something called the Manchu Han imperial feast, not to mention, it was literally a feast so I ate until I can’t go on any further…”


“Eh? Manchu Han Imperial feast? What’s that? How nice, I haven’t tried that one yet…”


“Let’s ask Master to make it for us!”




While the other girls are busy discussing cuisine, Wu Yan reached out to grab air. His smile froze up and he turned into a deeper shade of grey.


The two bottomless pits are still busy discussing food. He gave up the notion of talking to them. He turned his attention towards Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Kotori. He had a very stiff smile and he approached them.


“You girls…”


He wanted in on their conversations but Mikoto waved her hand in an annoyed manner.


“Go away, don’t interrupt us, go bother someone else…”


His smile froze up.


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Kotori continued talking much to Wu Yan’s suffering. He hid his pain and if one examined closer, it would appear that he’s very close to ash-grey right now. One light push and he might just shatter into a million pieces.


He endured the urge to sob. He looked around and he saw Flan and Yoshino who are playing with each other. He put on a business smile.


Surely, these two who are clingy wouldn’t reject me, right?



He braced himself up and he arrived by their sides. He got petrified when he saw a certain scene. His smile started distorting into a very pathetic smile.


Flan and Yoshino started getting excited. Flan, in a fit of elation, grabbed Yoshino’s hand and they started running towards Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou. When they passed him, they circled around him like he’s an obstacle, they also completely ignored him.


“Saiai Nee-san, Frenda Nee-san, Ri Nee-san! This is Yoshino, my imouto~~~”


“Oh? You girls are already sisters, that’s quick? It’s not that bad though since you are both very cute!”


“In the end, Yoshino is that rabbit in your hand a puppet?…”


“N-no, it’s… it’s Yoshinon…”


“Heya! Yoshinon’s Yoshinon! Yoshinon isn’t your normal puppet, you know?!”


“OMG! It talked!”


“Takitsubou Rikou, scream a little will ya, the freaking puppet just talked!”


“I am shocked, can’t you see?”


“No, we can’t!” x4


Countless invisible arrows pierced his already weakened heart. Crushing his will and spirit. When a breeze blew by, his body followed the wind as he crumbled into ashes.




Wu Yan fell to the floor in an “ORZ” pose. He looked like a tragic hero who lost everything. He started mumbling while wavey tears streamed down his cheeks.


“What on earth you doing?”


A confused voice came like an echo from heaven. He shot up and it was Yukari who made Ikaros tag along with her as they walked hand in hand.


Wu Yan regained hope and he finally lost control of his tears.




Wu Yan glomped her leg and he kept rubbing his face all over her foot. It’s like those aren’t the legs of a demigod but some common groceries he just bought.


Yukari was taken by surprise, he continued whimpering and wailing like a baby.


“Who did this to you? Why are you sniveling at my legs?…”


“Please, don’t bring it back up…”


Wu Yan choked up on his own words. He looked very pitiful right now.


Ikaros’ ear like accessories moved and she reached out to rub his head. She looked like Saint Mary who is showing divine grace to a follower lamb.


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Kotori finally stopped talking as they exchanged a look. Kotori is the first one to feel bad.


“Maybe… we are being a bit too cruel…”


“Kotori, you need to be harsher on him, don’t take pity on him so easily!”


Mikoto said with frustration.


“If you go easy on him then he’s going to behave even worse in the future!”




“Kotori, we have to do this!”


Hinagiku narrowed her eyes and she tried to persuade her.


“If we don’t teach him a lesson, he’s going to keep bringing girls back. Do you want to see him pulling in more girls, bringing them home like he’s trying to start a Playboy Mansion or something?”


Kotori frowned. She didn’t mind but truthfully she would prefer it if they don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tails wandering about.


Mikoto wanted to mold the steel while it’s still in the molten state.


“We have to teach him a lesson now or he will just keep doing it over and over again, what will become of our home?!”




Hinagiku and Kotori turned towards Mikoto with odd looks.


“Mikoto, I see, so you’re already thinking about ‘home’, huh?”


Hinagiku teased her, turning Mikoto’s face as red as a tomato.


“N-no, I didn’t mean it like that…”


“Now now, don’t deny it…”


Kotori chuckled when she saw the two messing around.


This feeling, it’s isn’t bad at all.

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