Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 601: Summoning, the 4 person spirit group descends

Honestly, Wu Yan wanted to summon Kurumi, Kotori, Tohka, and Yoshino as soon as possible. He missed them, but, more importantly, he wanted to introduce the girls to his spirit partners.


Yes, he admits that it is very shameless for him to keep adding members to his harem. But, they are all very important girls and they are all integral to his life. Since they are probably going to spend the rest of eternity with each other then it would be better if they are all cool hanging out with each other, isn’t that critical in the end? It wouldn’t be good if they are at each other’s throat most of the time, right?


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Shokuhou Misaki understood his intention and they already told him that night back in the Giant Beasts Forest that they wouldn’t start catfight due to their jealousy. They also weren’t interested in starting troubles for him.


Now that he got the verbal green light from the girls, it’s time to introduce them to each other.


The Giant Beasts Forest wasn’t the right place to summon them and he had insufficient Summoning Points to summon the spirit girls so he had to delay it until now.


With the Giant Beasts Forest crisis put on hold, he had enough points to summon after accounting for the generous donations from Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi. Now, with all factors blowing in his favor, it’s time for him to blow the horn.


He’s unsure how Kotori and the others will react to his huge “support” party. This is also why he dragged his feet until now.


Time didn’t wait for him, the seconds ticked on into minutes as he stood there with hesitation in his heart.


finally, he shook his head and he slapped his cheeks, psyching himself up for the summoning.


Kotori is being ambiguous with him but she did offer her help when he went about conquering the hearts of spirits. With a bit of coaxing, she would probably calm down after a day or two. Yoshino is okay since she’s an innocent loli, not that she would be able to strike him down with a kitchen knife anyway. As for Kurumi, she’s probably someone who would help him sow more wild oats in a game only she knows.


Tohka is probably going to be the biggest trouble. As an airhead bottomless pit, her jealousy meter is very easy to fill up. But, Wu Yan is confident that he can somehow manage with his expert skills.


Wu Yan stopped dilly-dallying and he sold all the corpses, magic crystals, and demonic beast eggs in his item ring. He easily emptied the item ring after selling all his stuff.



Wu Yan
True Ancestor, Eternal Arms Mastery, Knight of Owner, Electromaster (Lv5)
Gate of Babylon (Rank B)
Misaka Mikoto, Katsura Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea, Flandre Scarlet, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou, Misaka Sisters (all 20,000 of them)
Equipment Points
Item Points
Ability Points
Summoning Points

To summon all four spirits, he would need to spend 380,000 Summoning Points. After selling the demonic beast eggs in the item ring, he gathered enough points to summon the spirits.


Opening the summons tab of the System, he quickly located all four spirits and he paid the required amount of Summoning Points.


The light associated with summoning sprang forth from the interface and it lit up Wu Yan’s vision as well as the area he is currently in. Rings of light started spreading outwards as Wu Yan balled his palms into fists. He’s very ecstatic right now.


Four figures started forming from the rings of light, they had different heights and curviness but one could tell that these figures definitely looked feminine. Inside his cold tent, it’s like somebody drew them into existence. As expected of System, even when it concerned the summoning of four individuals, it is still very efficient and quick in the execution of this summoning. Soon, he could see their faces.


Her ponytails flaring like undulating flames, ripples of power could be detected as Itsuka Kotori descended wearing white collar shirt and a pink skirt.


Smooth black hair tied in the form two impossibly long twintails that ran down the front of her torso. she wore a princess dress that made her look like a noble black rose. Tokisaki Kurumi has been summoned.


Dark-purplish hair blooming like beautiful flowers, with an exquisite butterfly hair tie adding to her beauty, Yatogami Tohka was summoned with her Pink T-shirt and jeans.


Azure-blue hair, a petite stature, she wore a white sunhat and one-piece dress. Yoshino was summoned with a white puppet rabbit on her hand.


Four spirit girls who are all beautiful in their unique way looked simply divine as their faces were brightened by the light of summoning. Elegance, beauty, cuteness blended together in harmony. Their eyes were shut tight, like the previous summoning, memories and information regarding the System were being inserted into their minds.


After a short while, 4 strings of light pierced Wu Yan’s heart. He tried to touch the light but he failed to come into contact with it. However, he could feel the girls’ heartbeat from the strings of light.


After synchronization, the strings of light turned into 4 light orbs that got absorbed by Wu Yan’s body.


Wu Yan can feel their lives being intertwined inextricably with his own life-force. Overjoyed with their arrivals, he gazed at them with an excited look.


The four spirits opened their eyes at the same time as if they heard his silent thoughts. They saw Wu Yan beaming at them and they all cried out with joy as well.


“Shido (onii-san)!”x4


Wu Yan spread his arms wide and he let Tohka glomp him as hard as she could, he hugged her tightly back as payback. Her fragrance shook his mind but his happiness overwhelmed his basal instincts.




She just wanted to glomp him but she didn’t think he would strike back. Tohka started giving off steam as she turned deep red, her eyes also started whirling around.


Although Wu Yan has been away for days, to the four of them, he’s only been out of sight for just a short while, after the breakfast they had. They weren’t as overjoyed as Wu Yan was at this reunion.




Kurumi tilted her head. She grinned at him with a pair of intoxicating red eyes.


“Shido is such a brute…”


“That’s so b-bold…”


Yoshino looked at Yoshinon who was giggling like a villain.




Kotori turned her head the other way. Somebody would have to beat her to death if they wanted her to say that she admired Tohka’s treatment.


“Hehe, what are you going to about it? That’s just my style…”


Wu Yan laughed and he opened his arms to welcome Kurumi.


“Kurumi, come and get some of this!”


Kurumi jolted in surprise but she accepted his invite anyway. She hugged Wu Yan and he reciprocated her action.


Wu Yan turned towards Yoshino after giving Kurumi a tight hug. He squatted down.


“Come, Yoshino, give Onii-chan a big hug!”




Yoshino looked around and she somehow mustered up the courage to glomp Wu Yan.


Wu Yan turned his lewd (perceived by Kotori) gaze towards Kotori. She backed away while blushing.


However, her vision blurred as a black figure subdued her in a warm hug…

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