Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 600: Current status, movements, thanks, and stumped


After the beast king got hurt badly, the monster army became a chaotic bunch that was easy to mop up. They reverted to their original behavior of the strong preying on the weak.


It was business as usual for the Giant Beasts Forest.


However, an astute individual would be able to notice a sinister silence in the Giant Beasts Forest. It felt like a beast that was waiting for the perfect chance to make a comeback.


The beast king ran away but he should still be in the Giant Beasts Forest. As such, they didn’t dismantle the camps outside of the Giant Beasts Forest. They fortified their defenses on a daily basis. It’s clear that they are trying to make fortresses to combat the threat of the monster army in the future.


It is very smart for them to prepare while they still can. When the beast king is successfully slain while he is still recovering, this base would lose its meaning. But, if the beast king was to recover first then this base would be a permanent forward operating base for this side of the empire.


Also, Baruba Empire and Feya Empire started building their bases around the same time as the Ailu empire.


The Giant Beasts Forest is at the center of the three empires. It is economically important to all three empires. They built frontier supply towns to capitalize on this treasure trove of a forest. The other empires also had to deal with monster outbreaks.


The Board was originally founded by the leading experts of all three empires. They decided to collaborate and share information and strategies to deal with the crisis surrounding the Giant Beasts Forest. Just like the Ailu empire, they sent expedition teams into the Giant Beasts Forest to make a situational report on this matter.


Unlike the Ailu empire, they didn’t want to turn this into a show-off competition. They didn’t send their younger generations, they made proper teams and they sent them into the forest. The expedition team had at least thirty tier 8 and above individuals inside. Alas, they might be stronger as a whole but their efficiency couldn’t compare to the elite expedition team made of younger people.


For one, they lacked Wu Yan & co who basically carried the elite expedition team. They didn’t complete their mission objectives and had to return empty-handed. It was kinda ironic that a bad team managed to do something that the better team couldn’t.


The three empires regularly sent teams into the Giant Beasts Forest to locate the wounded Beast King. They also continuously added combatants to better their war efforts.


The beasts that lost their brain couldn’t function properly as a unit. They had an easier time wiping them up. Of course, they can only blame Lady Luck if they encountered a high tier monster.


After returning from this trip, Wu Yan & co can only sigh at their apparent bad luck, bad luck for them, others might have different opinions if they heard about their situations.


For one, there was the Beast king. Technically, Yukari defeated him so it should have been enough experience points to at least allow more of them to enter tier 9. Too bad for them, they didn’t get the experience points.


Maybe the System held it against Yukari for defying its will. It gave a tsundere reason like “Yakumo Yukari is a temporary summon so no EXP can be received by the party for the Beast king’s defeat.”


Boom, just like that, tons of EXP flew away from Wu Yan.


He almost collapsed from anger. He recovered after spending a long time calming himself down. Of course, he’s still grumbling from time to time but that’s about it.


After that, it was relatively smooth sailing for them. The beast king ran away so the other tier 9 monsters also ran away in fear of the being that squarely handed the beast king’s butt to him. They didn’t get the EXP but at least they were spared from annoying battles, not that they were confident with their own abilities to take down a dozen tier 9 monsters.


Yukari is also a constant headache for Wu Yan.


After coming out of the Giant Beasts Forest, she would go AWOL. If she so pleases, she would appear but he wouldn’t count on it. When he asked her what’s up, she only gave him a mysterious smile. Her cheeky behavior is starting to get on his nerves, he wanted to give her a good spanking as well.


Granted, he wouldn’t tap that ass even if he had x10,000 the courage he had. It would probably end up with him being curb-stomped and tore into pieces or sealed into her Gap…


With no other choice, he allowed her to go wherever she wanted. This world’s top experts ganging up on her would still end with her victory. Even if she somehow lost, she would be able to escape with her Gap.


Yukari also didn’t run amok. She would disappear for days but she would still show her face and her sassy attitude in front of him from time to time. He heaved a sigh of relief for her tactful behavior.


Yukari also blended in well with the other ladies in his company. She used just a few days to get onto first-name basis with the other girls. He’s not worried about her being ostracized by his comrades. She would laugh up a storm with the other ladies when they are chatting together, they are practically soul sisters at this point.


Wu Yan felt like her Yukari-nee-san title had something to do with how Astrea started calling her that from day one. Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Ikaros, didn’t call her like that but the others all started calling her and treating her like an elder sister.


According to someone who is apparently “Forever 17-years-old”, being called nee-san is a very good thing so her familiarity with the ladies was basically maxed out in the first few days. Of course, the real reason is only known to the ladies themselves.


Wu Yan is currently in his own tent. He also passed Ikaros over to Yukari’s company with the other girls like Hinagiku and Mikoto.


He sat alone on the rug laid out in his tent. He allowed his consciousness to enter the item ring on his hand. This item ring had literal mountains of monster corpses and demonic cores, there are also demonic beast eggs here.


A part of this came from the Misaka Sister who took turns grinding in the forest, they gathered the spoils and passed it to him through one of the Misaka clones.


Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi also gave him a ton of resources as thanks for Yukari saving their lives in the Giant Beasts Forest. Basically, they are repaying their debts of gratitude.


Truth be told, these items are only given to maintain a good relationship with Yukari. Since she had no use for them, she gave them to him so he inadvertently profited from this.


Wu Yan was quite satisfied with their offerings.


Demonic beast corpse can be sold for Item Points, magic cores and crystals could be sold for Ability Points. The eggs can be sold for Summoning Points.


His net worth should skyrocket with all of this.


Wu Yan paid full attention to the monster eggs in his possession. The most valuable commodity to him would be monster eggs, without a doubt.


Thinking about it, he reached out and he drew a line in the air to open the System’s interface. He entered the summoning tab and he looked around until…



Itsuka Kotori: A character inside [Date A Live], a person with multiple personas, she was originally human but she turned into the spirit known as Efreet after a certain encounter.
Summoning points required: 100,000


Tokisaki Kurumi: A character inside [Date A Live], A spirit of time with the title “Nightmare”.

Summoning points required: 95,000


Yatogami Tohka: A character inside [Date A Live], A sword-wielding spirit, titled “Princess”
Summoning points required: 100,000


Yoshino: A character inside [Date A Live], Spirit of Ice, she also created another persona known as Yoshinon, the two are inseparable, titled “Hermit”
Summoning points required: 85,000




Wu Yan was stumped.


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