Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 597: Sooner or later I will let you summon me...

Wu Yan might appear familiar with Yukari but he’s secretly very amazed by her.


Wu Yan has been abiding the rules set by the System, if he wants an item he has to pay for it with item points, if he wants to enter transcript worlds then he has to do the quests that came with it. Even the special item required to unseal the Mysterious Crystals needed to System to help with the refining process


Meanwhile, Yukari just resisted the System with her own power.


She only extended the duration of summoning but that is already an eye-opening feat for Wu Yan. Subconsciously, Wu Yan has always treated the System like an omnipotent thing.


Yukari basically schooled Wu Yan with her actions. She showed him that the System can be resisted.


He also recalled how their return-to-town scrolls failed when he needed it the most. Wu Yan started thinking that maybe the System is just that, a highly-sophisticated system.


Yukari took in Wu Yan’s every expression. Her eyes had a weird glint and she suddenly said.


“The System is actually very inscrutable to me.”


He turned back in shock. Was it that easy to read? How come both Shokuhou Misaki and Yakumo Yukari can read him like a book?


Yukari chuckled, with a jovial smile, she revealed a grace that shocked Bing Ling and Bishi who are both terrified of her.


“I had my fair share of annoying people and troubling events in Gensokyo. However, I have never seen something that can make equipment out of nothing, give people powers, spawn countless wondrous items, and even seize people’s life and forcefully merge them to another being.”


Yukari eyed Wu Yan and she continued.


“Really, my life feels like it’s not mine anymore, if the System had slipped up and omitted details pertaining to you or the System then I might have pegged you as the mastermind and dissected you upon summoning, I don’t like being played like a chesspiece on someone else’s board.”


Wu Yan shivered and he instantly put a distance of 3 meters between him and Yukari. Her words chilled his heart.


Holy crap, as expected of the Youkai Sage. She’s pretty but she’s also someone who threw the word dissect out like it’s part of her daily vocabulary or something. Wait, you’re actually the one who likes playing with people’s lives, wasn’t it?


She placed the parasol on her shoulder.


“Ara, Yan-kun, don’t be afraid, with my small life merged with yours, I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you…”


Wu Yan awkwardly laughed. Yakumo Yukari adopted a lowly tone whenever she wanted to pull one over the other person. She’s only serious when she drops her respectful tone.


Since she used a more serious tone when she said the stuff about dissecting him, it would be wise for him to treat her previous sentence with a more serious attitude.


“Hey, Yukari…”


Wu Yan asked her with a serious look.


“What do you think about the System?”


She narrowed her pretty eyes and she examined his expression. It’s like she’s reading his thought with her vision, he felt exposed in her gaze.


With such a long life, she probably accumulated an insane amount of wisdom, monstrous even. Her sage title isn’t wasted on her. Even Shokuhou Misaki would seem like a toddler if she tried to plot in front of this terrifying lady. Wu Yan didn’t believe he would be able to hide anything from her.


Wu Yan had no intention to omit anything from her. Her summoning time is still limited but since her life is one with him, he reckons that he can place his trust in her.


Wu Yan did this despite meeting her for the first time today.


They stared at each other, it’s like the pair of red eyes and purple eyes can transmit telepathic messages with each other.


Yukari hid the lower half of her face with her fan. Her gaze revealed her satisfaction with his resolve.


“The System, I have no clue as to its origins. I also don’t know how it came to be or the causality that led it to you…”


Yukari turned around and her voice echoed in his ears.


“But, from what I saw, it’s already completely merged with your soul. I can guarantee that it’s harmless to you. In the end, the System with all its power is only an item, a tool…”


Yukari continued as she walked away.


“A tool that I am convinced would be yours to command when you’re sufficiently strong enough to do so, sooner or later …”


Yukari faded from his view but her words never stopped reverberating inside his mind.


Mine to command in due time…


He thought about the literal mountains of equipment, abilities, tools, and characters inside the System and a wide grin started spreading across his face.


Indeed, it’s only a matter of time until I can control System.


Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi approached Wu Yan.


Awed by Wu Yan, she said.


“Yan, with the matters here settled for now, we should report out findings as soon as possible!”


Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi agreed with a nod. They can’t wait to get out of the Giant Beasts Forest, they wanted to write reports about the beast king so they can submit it to the persons in charge.


Doing that would allow the Board to decide how best to use time and search the beast king out in order to slay the beast king, cutting the roots of this incident and preventing further incidents.


Wu Yan can follow their train of thought. However, he didn’t think it would be as easy as they think. A thin camel on the verge of starvation can run faster than a horse. He didn’t think the beast king would be so weak as to be killed while he’s recuperating from his wounds.


Wu Yan didn’t object.


“Okay, with beast king gone, no one can stop us from leaving.”


Wu Yan agreed with them.


Yukari is talking with Flandre-chan while the other girls surrounded her to bombard her with their questions. Wu Yan turned away and he looked at the beast king’s ginormous body.


When he found out about this body and the restriction it placed upon their escape routes, Wu Yan already had an idea about what to do with it. Since it’s technically the corpse of a monster, he should be able to sell it.


The System prevented him from selling it because the beast king still had control over his shell. With the person gone, there should be no restriction anymore.


He decided to test it out and he swung his arm.


The skeleton fortress disappeared in front of a shocked crowd. They shook for a moment and sunlight started raining down upon them, Wu Yan had to squint to limit the intense light entering his eyes.


Obtained 1,000,000 Item Points


Wu Yan laughed like a villain. He paid a large amount of Item Points to purchase tools and gadgets for this trip. With this, he recovered more than half of his expenditure.


Fei Fei and other squad leaders gawked at where the skeleton fortress once stood but they couldn’t find the words to say anything, instead, they stayed silent.


They are already a bit used to Wu Yan’s antics given his stellar performance up to this point. Yes, they are already blase to it now.

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