Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 596: Was it a hero I summoned or is she a devil?

The boundary manipulation is a very fearsome ability to face in battle.


Just the creation and destruction aspect of this power alone is enough to give anyone a second thought about fighting her. She only needed this aspect to show everyone the possibilities she can create with a single thought.


In this battle, Yakumo Yukari only used a few types of boundary manipulation but it was already enough to play the beast king like a violin, a foe who is supposed to be on the same tier as her. Sure, levels meant a lot the higher one ascends. Even so, ignoring the fact that Yakumo Yukari is higher leveled than the beast king by 5 levels, her boundary manipulation allowed her to easily defeat the beast king in battle.


She can still win without her boundary manipulation technique but one thing’s for sure, she wouldn’t have won so easily and decisively. She would have to get serious and pull out her real abilities. At least, she wouldn’t be able to seriously wound the beast king with just a few flicks of the wrist.


This is why Wu Yan summoned her.


There are individuals in Gensokyo at a higher level than her. There are also stronger individuals that can be found in the nigh-infinite transcript worlds out there. If we are talking about boundary manipulation then she’s the only candidate for summoning since it’s an ability unique to her.


This is similar to how Flandre-chan can fight with peak tier 9 monsters since she has the Eye destruction ability, all while she’s still at level 83.


Although the gaps between levels are huge when one reaches the demigod tier, she can use her boundary manipulation skill to cheese her way through the fights she encounters in this league.


Granted, the enemy isn’t an OP freak like her…


Honestly, if she was born on Silvaria, without any competent god-tier beings around, she can easily rule this world that only had weak demigods sitting at the top of the food chain.


Alas, she’s a denizen of Gensokyo where impossibly strong characters lived. There are people with strange if not abstract powers that made them stronger than Yakumo Yukari.


“Today, I accept my defeat…”


The beast king turned calm. His eyes returned to the black color of his normal state. He turned towards Fei Fei & her entourage. He continued in a blatant tone.


“This is my loss, that I concede but this only means that the humans get to enjoy harvesting resources from the Giant Beasts Forest for a short while longer. When I recover…”


He didn’t finish his sentence, the ground distorted and he was swallowed by the ground before anyone can do anything about it. The beast king was gone in just the blink of an eye!


They came running while Fei Fei asked Yakumo Yukari with a worried look.


“Erm, Yakumo Yukari-sama, where’s the beast king?”


Yakumo Yukari frowned but she soon loosened her furrowed brows.


“He ran away…”


“Ran away?!”


Fei Fei, Bing Ling, Sylph, and Bishi flinched in shock, panic gripped them.


The beast king is wounded, it’s the perfect chance to kill him.


If he recovers then wouldn’t that make all their efforts go in vain?


Yakumo Yukari turned her parasol around and she spoke as if she saw through their thoughts. She gave them a wide smile.


“My attack isn’t a normal one. The injuries I inflicted should take him at least 1.5 years to recover…”


Fei Fei and the other squad leaders heaved a sigh of relief. Noticing her behavior, Fei Fei immediately bowed down in deference.


“Yakumo Yukari-sama, thank you for saving us!”


“Great and noble one! We thank you for saving our lives!”


Bing Ling and Bishi immediately used all their etiquette skills to the max. Even Sylph bowed down in front of this person. She’s a demigod who looks like she’s near the apex of this league, she even trounced the beast king with incredible ease. It’s unknown if there’s anyone in Silvaria that can match her. Although they didn’t know where she came from, in front of overwhelming power, they didn’t need anything more to take on  a respectful tone.


“No need to thank me…”


After living for so long, she couldn’t be bothered with the attitudes between the strong and the weak. She’s way past the point of who’s stronger or who’s weaker. In this manner, she looked very friendly. To garner her favor, however, isn’t as easy as it looks…


“It has been a while since I enjoyed a proper battle…”


Yakumo Yukari stretched her back like someone who just woke up from her nap. She purred in satisfaction.


“I can’t remember the last time I brawled without playing within the confines of the Spell Card Rules…”


“Spell Card Rules?…”


The four were naturally puzzled by this unknown term. They knew better than to pester an existence like her with their minor questions so they chose to stay mum.


Wu Yan’s lip twitched from Yakumo Yukari’s gaze. He shrugged and he tried to laugh it off.


“Erm, Yukari (First name), can you not stare at me like that? You’re scaring me…”


Surprised by how familiar Wu Yan is with her, she grinned with intrigue.




Yakumo Yukari giggled.


“You already seized control of my life, I would think letting me examine you with my eyes is a rather small concession to make, or am I wrong?”




Wu Yan didn’t know how to riff on her. She’s not wrong, his summoning takes the life of the character and merges it with his.





Yukari spotted Flandre-chan who was holding Wu Yan’s hand and she gasped.


“Flandre? What are you doing here…?”


Flandre-chan stared at her with a confused look.


“Have Flan seen you before? I don’t remember meeting you.”


“Well, you have never seen me but I have seen you, you just didn’t notice me…”


Yakumo Yukari’s words almost caused Wu Yan to retort. He knows that she’s probably alluding to her voyeur spying undertakings courtesy of her weird black lovecraftian-esque gaps in space.


Suddenly, Yakumo Yukari raised an eyebrow and her impeccable figure started disappearing in front of everyone.




Yukari didn’t reply. She scanned herself and she moved her fan while touching her upper torso with it.


The next instant, a formless power started acting on her physical body. This power stopped the fading process and she materialized once more in front of a very shocked Wu Yan.




Wu Yan pointed at Yakumo Yukari with an astounded look.


“How?! I thought the time was up? Did you…”


“What’s there to marvel at?…”


Yakumo Yukari explained.


“Boundaries define a lot of things. I have yet to grasp the existence you call System but in so far as the summoning time is defined by time, I just need to manipulate the boundary of time and voilà…”


Yakumo Yukari still sighed.


“However, System is truly something that exceeded the knowledge I have gathered. With all my powers of boundary manipulation, I can only extend the summoning time but it’s impossible to get rid of this restriction. What in the world is this System?”


“Wait, you’re saying…”


Wu Yan had an ecstatic look.


“Yukari, you’re staying in this world?…”


“You betcha!”


Yakumo Yukari folded her fan and she lifted her parasol.


“I never thought such an incredible event would transpire with me as the subject. I have got to thoroughly enjoy this experience. It’s not like Gensokyo would notice my disappearance since that universe is frozen in time anyway. I have got nothing to worry about…”


Yakumo Yukari grinned at him.


“Thus, I will be in your care from now on, Yan-kun…”


Wu Yan vaguely felt an invisible tail wagging behind Yakumo Yukari’s back, a devilish tail…

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