Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 595: Creation and destruction, godlike powers...

“Didn’t I say it? There’s no time for you to look anywhere else…”


Freezing up, cold sweat flowed down the side of the beast king’s head. He tensed up as he sensed the hand on his shoulder. The beast king gnashed his teeth and he punched at Yakumo Yukari’s direction.




The one who attacked first flew back with fresh blood coming out of his mouth. The beast king crashed hard unto the ground.


Wu Yan & his retinue looked on like wooden chickens. They stared wide-eyed at the dreamlike scenery in front of them.


“The beast king got sent flying…”


Bing Ling mumbled in shock.


“The demigod tier beast king got a free short-duration flight…”


“Yakumo Yukari…”


Bishi is also looking horrible right now.


“Another demigod being? A demigod that’s stronger than the beast king?…”


Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, and the others looked at each other as they bitterly laughed and shook their heads.


“Yakumo Yukari, she’s super strong…”


They kept their eyes on Yakumo Yukari.


The beast king pressed his chest with a pale look. His gait is unsteady much to his horror.


It took only one hit for him to start staggering.


The beast king growled at her with bloodshot eyes.


“How did you do it?”


His bone shields disappeared, his attacks were dulled, and her attacks that were slow but would inexplicably appear near him if he didn’t pay enough attention. She also looked like she just appeared behind him.


Seriously, how did she do it?


Yakumo Yukari raised her parasol and she gave him a smile.


“How should I put it? Come test it out yourself?”


He had a vicious look for a moment there but he steadied his breathing and he got into a stance.


Leaning forward a bit, he flashed like a lightning bolt as he arrived in front of Yakumo Yukari in the blink of an eye.


He swung a bone blade brimming with a terrible aura at Yakumo Yukari.


Against her, the beast king used all his power.


He’s in striking distance and the bone blade emanating corruption energy came for Yakumo Yukari’s neck, this is already a duel to the death.


“So fast!”


Hinagiku, Astrea, and Fei Fei can’t help but cry out in surprise. They are very familiar with sword techniques but they still couldn’t see the beast king’s sword swing.


The beast king faced the strongest adversary in his entire life and so he couldn’t pull any punches. He immediately used the strongest and fastest move he can use. The bone blade was augmented by his dirt-yellow qi, giving the sword more weight. This attack was also aimed at Yakumo Yukari’s neck while she appeared to be in a very vulnerable position, not intending to dodge at all.


Yakumo Yukari looked like she didn’t even treat this as a lethal attack. With an amicable smile on her face, she lightly swiped her fan and she blocked the heavy sword without letting it inch closer.


The beast king’s expression distorted. With his magic reinforcement and his full strength behind this sword strike, it should have been able to cleave apart an entire mountain. His enemy blocked this kind of attack with a harmless looking fan.




With a racing heart, he retreated backward. Immediately after that, he covered himself in the dirt-yellow aura, it looked like he’s projecting his aura outwards.




Wu Yan & co yelled with grave looks.


That’s the same gravity domain light that would suppress anything covered by the light.


However, this gravity domain is at least ten times stronger than the one before. Clearly, the beast king wanted to throw everything he has at her.


Yakumo Yukari’s eyes gleamed for a moment and she allowed the light to envelop her. She felt the parasol and fan’s weight increase and she praised him.


“Not bad…”


The beast king got mad that she praised him like this. Saying something like that in a battle like this meant that she’s not taking him seriously.


The beast king shot out at her once more. This time, he attacked with faster speed, leaving afterimages in his wake. Before he even arrived in front of Yakumo Yukari, he already shot out a dark sword beam at her.


Yakumo Yukari grinned when she saw the tyrannical sword beam. She raised an arm and the black sword beam disappeared. Her hand was up against the beast king’s blade.


Boundary of existence and void!


Her delayed sentence shook the beast king’s core. She trusted her parasol and dense energy fluctuations came in the form of dozens of lasers.


The beast king clenched his teeth and he somehow managed to pull away his sword. He struck the lasers with his blade only to scatter them into smaller light rays that enveloped the beast king.


The light rays looked like persistent creatures that wouldn’t give up before they landed on him. The beast king could only retreat in a haggard manner. Yakumo Yukari made her move at this juncture in time.


Boundary of swiftness and slowness!”


His speed immediately dropped a few magnitudes. He’s still fast but the light rays are faster and the tiny lasers finally struck him.




The tiny lasers bore holes into his durable body. Bleeding like a fountain, plumes of smoke rose up as the stench of charred meat entered his nostrils.




The beast kneeled on the ground, the bone blade became his crutch, without it, he would have fallen to the ground. His eyes are now completely red, it’s not caused by his wounds but rather his immense anger.


Struggling to lift his head, he looked at Yakumo Yukari who stood no further than 1 meter away from him as he moaned in pain.


“How… how did you do it?…”


Yakumo Yukari stopped smiling and she replied in an indifferent tone.


“Boundary manipulation, that’s my power…’


Her purple eyes fell upon the kneeling beast king.


Paying even more energy to lift his head, he is far from being mortally wounded but it’s already enough to affect his combat power. Unlike when Flandre-chan harmed him, this time, the wounds were deep enough that he can feel agonizing pain coming from all over his body.


The strongest being amongst monsters, his durable body, none of that prevented bloody holes from appearing on his body.




The beast king mustered up a bit of strength.


“What’s that?…”


Yakumo Yukari glanced at him and she replied.


“Objects are defined by boundaries. Without the surface, a lake would not exist, the mountain and the sky could not be separated without the horizon. If boundaries didn’t exist then everything would be in complete chaos…”


“Thus, boundaries define all things…”


Yakumo Yukari shook her head and she swung her fan.


“I just took control of these boundaries for a little while…”


“Boundary… manipulation…”


The beast king lost his bloody eyes, he continued in a stunned blank gaze.


“That is to say…”




Yakumo Yukari read his mind and she finished his sentence with a confident look, unleashing her aura without hiding anything back.


“I can create new things just as easily as I can wipe already existing things from existence.”


“The power of creation and destruction…”


His eyes shook and he revealed a very bitter smile.


“I have no regrets over my defeat…”

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