Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 594: One-sided battle, Yakumo Yukari



The beast king uttered subconsciously. He couldn’t calm down when he saw the scene of someone destroying his dirt-yellow domain with just a flick of the wrist.


At his current tier, it’s very hard to rile up his emotions. Wu Yan’s tricks and ploys forced his emotions to come out. However, he already forgot the last time he’s this emotional.


Compared to his previous skills and techniques which were used to toy with Wu Yan, the gravity domain is something the beast king used to survive inside the harsh Giant Beasts Forest. Although he didn’t use his full power with the domain, it was unquestionable that he pulled out a portion of his real abilities.


But, this young lady who came out of nowhere demolished his ultimate skill with ease. The beast king finds it hard to believe no matter how hard he tried to digest the information he received.


The others were also completely astounded by her performance. They forgot to close their mouths due to their shock.


The gravity field that suppressed them was easily dispelled just like that?


“Who the hell are you?”


The beast king returned to his composed state, no matter how hard he tried to hide it, he looked grim.




With the fan hiding the lower half of her face, her wise eyes flashed with a sharp glint.


“Yakumo Yukari…”


“Yakumo Yukari?…”


The beast king lowered his head as he tried to find anything related to her name in his mind. However, he failed after sifting through the memories in his mind.


Not surprising since she’s not a being of Silvaria world, she’s a denizen of Gensokyo.


A youkai denizen to be more accurate.




Character: Yakumo Yukari

Abilities: Boundaries manipulation, Gap, Spell cards, Youkai Bloodline

Strength: S

Durability: S

Agility: S

Intelligence: S

Equipment: None

Level: 95


“Youkai Sage, Yakumo Yukari…”


Wu Yan who is already up on his feet grinned when he saw Yakumo’s figure in the air.


Only he knew about the weight carried by the name Yakumo Yukari.


He grabbed Flandre-chan’s hand and he turned around to distance himself from them.


“Where are you going?”


The beast king said with a slight mocking in his voice.


“You think you can escape? Rest that thought, as long as you don’t have my permission, none shall leave.”




Wu Yan didn’t even turn back.


“I don’t think there’s a need for that though?”


His comrades were stunned.


Wu Yan’s words stunned everyone here.


Wu Yan chuckled and he continued walking.


“Hinagiku, Mikoto, we should probably move away from here…”


“Move away?”


Hinagiku ran to stop Wu Yan after she exchanged a look with the other girls.


“Yan, what do you think you’re doing? We should go help her!”




Wu Yan almost laughed out loud. He replied with a nonchalant tone like he’s sure what would happen.


“There’s no need for that. This will end shortly…”


The beast king showed him a malicious and cold look.


“You’re saying I will lose?”




Wu Yan laughed.


“That’s the best-case scenario, realistically though you should think about how to get out of this alive!”


The beast king had a disdainful grin. He said nothing because Wu Yan would not be able to leave without his permission anyway.


More importantly, the beast king’s job right now is to destroy the last ray of hope for Wu Yan & co, then he would thoroughly enjoy their looks of despair.




Yakumo Yukari gasped and she beamed at him.


“You trust me that much? Looks like I have to properly do my job or I will be betraying this handsome young man’s expectations…”


“You are very confident…”


Being treated like he’s an extra here for the last time, the beast king is furious. He tried to appear indifferent as he growled.


“Looks like you’re very strong but do you think you can win against me in my home turf?…”


The beast king didn’t continue any further than that. He lightly stomped the ground and the whole fortress started shaking.


Yakumo Yukari expressed a bit of surprise as she scanned the area around her.


“Looks like it’s quite a nice place…”


The beast king stopped his movement and he glared up at her.


“I didn’t think you would catch on so quickly…”




Yakumo Yukari adjusted her posture.


“You learn a thing or two when you’re governing a large domain…”


She turned her parasol and she slowly descended towards the ground while swinging her fan.


“Come, let us enjoy what little time we have left of our battle. I don’t have a lot of time in this world, you see…”


The ground shook much to the beast king’s shock. This is his shell, how did it escape his control?


Yakumo Yukari pointed her fan at him.


Boundary of light and darkness!”


A loud explosion came. Shocked by this sudden stimuli, the beast king stepped back only to find a bunch of light orbs glowing with the aura of death behind him. The light orbs slowly came for his spine.


The orbs traveled so slowly it looked like a job but the beast king instinctively knew he wouldn’t be able to dodge them.


Bone shield!


The beast king desperately swung his arms at the light orbs, forming bone shields to intercept the orbs.


Boundary of existence and void!”


His bone shields got deleted from the plane of existence as if he never summoned them in the first place.




Shocked by this turn of events, he couldn’t react in time and the light orbs continued coming for him.


With a panicked look, he stomped hard and he turned into a blurry figure that ran far far away.


He stood his ground without moving an inch when he fought Wu Yan & co. It didn’t take Yakumo Yukari more than a few seconds to force the beast king into retreating away from her.


The beast king curbed his own arrogance. Those attacks were all made by Yakumo Yukari, she must be a demigod tier being then!


“A demigod…”


The beast king appeared away from Yakumo Yukari who is smiling for some reason.


“She’s a demigod!”


Yakumo Yukari tilted her head at him with a playful smile spreading across her face.


“I don’t think you have much leeway to be looking away though?…”


When her words entered his ear, he felt ominous aura behind him and he turned around in a hurry only to see miniature blackhole-esque black balls devouring everything that stood between the beast king and it. Judging from the ferocity of this attack, getting hit by it would be the same as getting sucked in by actual black holes.


The beast king wanted to do something about it but his danger perception told him to look up. When he did, the light orbs he thought he had dodged appeared again.


Light and darkness formed a perfect contrast as they came together for a pincer attack. The attacks were enough to give the beast king a suffocating feeling. He didn’t even hesitate to bring out all his power.




He condensed his aura into his fists and he struck the orbs of light and darkness with his fist strikes. He’s completely sure that he can blast the attacks away.


Her soft voice rang in his ears again!


Boundary between swiftness and slowness!


His fist beams were immediately extinguished, leaving his bare fists exposed to the danger. There isn’t even enough time for him to come up with additional measures, much less move his body.


And so, the orbs of darkness and light struck him.


Boom boom boom


Plumes of smoke came from the beast king’s body as he unleashed roars of anguish and agony. He endured it and he charged straight out of the smoke.


A hand slowly landed on the beast king’s shoulder.


“Didn’t I say it? There’s no time for you to be concerned about anything else…”


The beast king’s fur started standing on its ends!

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