Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 593: A strong pressure, the girl with the parasol

The light coming from the summoning dyed the dirt-yellow domain with a different hue. It seemed strangely mesmerizing.


Everyone other than Wu Yan was stunned by this spectacle. They looked at the source of this light. Those who were summoned recognized this light and they showed different expressions.


Compared to the gravity domain, the light of this summoning didn’t cover a large area, the light isn’t exactly blindingly bright, it lit up the place like a giant light bulb in the sky. The beast king’s expression was one for the ages.


Another event happened outside of his control.




The beast king swiped his arm and a dark energy wave slammed itself against the ball of light. Wu Yan & co gasped in shock.




The attack dispersed without being able to harm the orb of light in the slightest. It looked like the dark energy wave was the egg that foolishly smashed itself against a hard rock. The beast king got enraged while Wu Yan and his retinue heaved a sigh of relief. Fei Fei and her company still couldn’t fathom what’s going on here.


The beast king narrowed his bestial eyes at the surprise. He’s frankly a bit pissed off that Wu Yan reserved another surprise for him. He glared at the summoning light and he continued.


“I want to see just how much further you people can drag this matter out?!”


Wu Yan ignored the beast king. He stared at the summoning with sweaty palms.


The orb of light is about a human’s average height tall. A fantasy-like show of light happened inside the dull yellow region. A humanoid figure started forming inside the orb of light, that’s the vague figure they can make out at the moment…


“Another human?”


The beast king, Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, and Bishi yelled out in surprise. They didn’t think a human would materialize inside the ball of light.


“Is this some kind of summoning magic?”


The squad leaders guessed. The beast king looked rather ugly right now.


Inside his body, humans couldn’t use their trump cards to escape. It’s also impossible for anyone to trespass into his domain without his agreement, summoning magic included.


This is also the reason why the beast king can detect them even when they used aura-hiding stones and the cloak of invisibility to achieve nigh-perfect invisibility. In a way, he allowed them to get close. He could have started attacking the moment they entered his domain.


“This guy…”


The beast king’s eyes showed a bit of fear.


“What is he? How is he doing all of this?…”


A girl that looked absolutely flawless appeared in the center of everyone’s sight.


A princess-esque dress with pinkish-white and purple patterns fluttered in the wind. Her golden locks also danced with her dress. She wore a white mob cap that had a red ribbon tied into a butterfly knot on it. Her cap gave the noble-looking lady cuteness. She had another flap in front of her pink dress, it’s adorned with a Bagua motif which added a mystical feel to her noble and cute air.


This odd dress blended well with her, it’s like both the dress and individual are made for each other. Her beauty looked impossible for a human, no matter what she wore, it would suit her. This outfit magnified her uniqueness.


If the world lacked her existence, the world would be lacking colors, that’s the kind of aura she’s giving off.


Red ribbons tied into butterfly knots decorated the ends of her long blond hair. She also had a parasol in one of her hands. With her eyes shut, she looked like a noble beauty deep in peaceful slumber.


When everyone saw her appearance, they were flabbergasted by her. Fei Fei & co even forgot about their desperate situation. She took away all of their attention. Wu Yan maintained his composure and he revealed a joyful look.


A light shot out from her heart and it linked up with Wu Yan who is still on the ground. Their heartbeats synchronized slowly.


The beast king couldn’t react in time. This has gone beyond his expectations. It all happened too fast for anyone to process, anyone not a part of Wu Yan’s retinue, that is. They were all excited about the newcomer.


They wondered if this newcomer would be able to break them out of their jam.


When their heartbeats finally synchronized, the light broke apart to form an orb of light which then entered Wu Yan’s body.


The light coming from the summoning also dimmed down, leaving only the blond lady floating in the sky. She continued to draw away the breaths of anyone who looked at her.


The beast king raised an eyebrow at the girl floating in the sky. The beast king couldn’t help but clutch his own heart when he saw this lady who should be far from being a normal human girl. The fact that she’s not giving off any apparent aura is enough to intimidate the beast king but he still growled at her.


“You, how long are you going to float in the sky?”


The beast king neglected the fact that this girl ignored the gravitational laws of his domain.


The beast king’s words fell on deaf ears, she looked like she’s dead asleep and the mood got tense between them.


The beast king frowned.


“Are you ignoring this royal one’s existence?”


The girl didn’t reply. Wu Yan started getting anxious.


The beast king shot out a dark laser at the girl floating in the sky with a gloomy expression.




Wu Yan gasped.


When the laser came for the girl, a weird noise rang and the black laser got torn devoured by a portal that opened out of nowhere.


“Ara, that’s rude of you…”


A sweet voice came from the lady’s mouth. She shattered the silence and she opened her eyes to reveal a pair of charming purple eyes. She swung her parasol, opening it, she placed the parasol upon her shoulders as she touched her lower lip with a pink fan she took out of nowhere.


“It’s rare for me to encounter mysterious events, I wanted to enjoy the memories forcefully inserted inside my mind by that something-something-System…”




The beast king knitted his brows.


The lady beamed at him and she proceeded to ignore him. It’s like she’s dealing with an unrelated pedestrian that struck up a conversation with her.


She directed her sight towards Wu Yan who had an excited look. She batted her eyes at him with intrigue, her radiant smile curved her eyes into crescent moon shapes.


“To forcefully take my life into your hands without my permission, you ruffian…”


Wu Yan laughed awkwardly and the other girls laughed at him.


“Fine, you don’t disgust me, you pass, just barely anyway…”


The lady turned away and she glanced around her. With a light flick of her wrist and her fan…




The gravity domain brought about by this weird dirt-yellow light shattered apart like fragile glass.




The beast king yelled in shock.

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