Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 592: Emergency protocol, 10 minutes of hope!



Not far away, Shokuhou Misaki squeezed out a sentence with all her ability.


“Don’t worry… We… can’t permanently stay dead…”


If Wu Yan stays alive, they can be revived at any time so long as he has the summoning points for it.


Wu Yan is a True Ancestor, death can’t touch him. If the beast king imprisoned him, he can just endure until such a time that he is freed. At that point, he can gather the points to revive them.


Shokuhou Misaki’s thought process was somewhere along this line. Shokuhou Misaki knew Wu Yan got the gist of her message even if she didn’t completely voice her thought out.


“Yes… Yan…”


Hinagiku struggled to speak as well.


“Most importantly, you…”


The other girls didn’t say anything but they feel the same as well. Even the one who is easily frightened, Frenda, felt the same way as well.


Wu Yan bit down on his lips when he heard the girls. He is being crushed by his own guilt and frustration.


Is he going to watch Hinagiku and the others die just like this? Then, maybe he should wait for a chance to revive them while he lived with their deaths weighing down on him?


In that case, he would rather die than watch them die before him!


With his arms against the ground, his arms bulged and trembled like the skin of an earthworm. The power he is putting into his arms is enough to snap a normal human arm. He refused to give up here.


Wu Yan’s action didn’t escape the ladies’ eyes. They couldn’t bear to see him struggle so hard like this.


A rational plan against one based on feelings, they were never on the same page.


If they were in his shoes, living after watching the demise of their loved ones would be torture worse than death.


Even if the 10 of them made it out of this affair alive, Fei Fei, Sylph, Bing Ling, wouldn’t be so lucky. Their deaths would probably scar them for life.


They are on the verge of falling into despair. Their eyes started going blank except for Sylph. She’s feeling very frustrated for her unsightly self.


She has always been an absolute and unapproachable genius in everyone’s eyes. To think there would be a day where she would have to rely on another person to stay alive.


Sylph felt resentful towards herself. Who could blame her? In this chaotic battle, she is a magician who needs to chant her magic for them to work.


The stronger the spell, the longer the chanting duration. She’s also in over her head in this battle, with the battleground shaking and trembling ever so often, she can’t even properly chant, much less cast a spell.


Quick spells won’t help in this situation.


From the start, she is the combatant with the least amount of contribution.


If the enemy is a tier 9 monster, she might have been of some use. However, given that the foe is a demigod, the modicum of help she could have offered got negated because she’s inside the demigod’s body.


She can only watch the battle unfold with a Gold Armament in her hands.


Sylph’s morose grew further…


She turned her icy blue eyes towards Wu Yan. She felt frustrated over the fact that she couldn’t report Wu Yan’s possession of the ring.


Each second ticked on in a grim manner. Inside this dirt-yellow domain, Wu Yan lost count of the times he tried to stand only to fall down the next instant.


The beast king sat on his throne of bones and he examined everyone. Specifically, he’s gauging the light shining on everybody.


The light signifying the effect of the Resplendent Breath slowly faded along with the passage of time. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before the potions wore off.


The beast king ignored them. He gazed at Wu Yan who is trying to climb up with trouble. His nonchalant expression is like when someone is watching an ant trying to move food dozens of times larger than it, the food he personally placed to tease him.


Wu Yan’s anxiety rose as time went on. His expression started distorting as he squirmed for the nth time to get up only to fail again.


He thought of everything, he tried to use every trump card he had but the beast king foiled him each and every time. The Gate of Babylon that only need his thought to open portals failed because the beast king would demolish the portals the moment they form. He also couldn’t use the Red Jewel Mode because there is no chance to use it.


Wu Yan is close to going crazy at this point. He expressed his boundless frustration through stronger and stronger resistance. The beast king started wondering where this man got his willpower and energy from.


The light dimmed further as it is now close to 3 hours since they chugged the invulnerability potion.


Wu Yan’s rage and craziness slowly died down.


Calm down, calm yourself down, only a serene mind can come up with a solution…


A way out…


5 minutes left before the effect expires!


There has got to be a way…


4 minutes left…


Think damn it, what can I do?…


3 minutes left…


There must be something he still had not considered…


2 minutes left…


Think think…


1 minute left…




His brain is working like it has never worked before. He mentally browsed through everything in the System.


An equipment? Ability? Summon? Item?


There are items to resist this gravity manipulation but that still wouldn’t solve the issue at hand, the beast king!


The beast king is the final boss here!


Surely, there must be something inside the four tabs of the System that can help him!


Suddenly, Wu Yan stopped.




Yes! The System!


“System! Give me a way to deal with the Beast king!”


Wu Yan didn’t give a damn anymore, he’s going to use whatever method he can to get them all out of here.


His gamble paid off.


The familiar mechanical voice which he would usually hate seemed like a voice from the heavens. He felt joy surging up within him.


“There are 536 solutions to deal with the Beast king according to the System’s analysis.”


Holy crap, 536?! This System can do anything, huh!


“Quick, give me the most effective solution!”


Wu Yan mentally yelled.


“It is recommended that the user summon a character that can defeat the beast king.”


Wu Yan almost cursed at the System, he didn’t have the time for this crap.


“I don’t have the Summoning Points to summon a character like that!”


The voice replied after a brief delay as if it was processing Wu Yan’s internal turmoil.


“Due to the user’s present pressing circumstances, emergency protocols have been initiated.”


Choose: a free 10-minutes summon after which the summoned character will be recalled, the user also has to compensate by doing a compulsory mission given by the System, do you accept? Y/N”


Wu Yan didn’t even think about it, he accepted it right away and the summoning tab opened inside his mind. Wu Yan went over it quickly and he chose the character.


At this moment, the light shrouding everyone started fading into nothingness.


The beast king sitting upon his throne opened his eyes.


“Finally, your time is up…”


“No, it isn’t over yet!”


Wu Yan roared and he clicked the summon button in his mind.


The next moment, the light of a summoning exploded into existence.

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